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Arkane Studios

Description from its website:

Arkane Studios is based in Lyon , France . With the ambitious goal to create very high-quality, innovative games offering players maximum freedom and complete immersion in powerful and believable universes.

With significant experience in first-person games, our team is now determined to explore the possibilities offered by online and new-generation-console games and express ourselves while meeting some new challenges.

In August, 2010 Arkane Studios was aquired by Zenimax. It is rumored they are helping to create Skyrim.



Arkane Studios is started in Lyon in France , by a few experienced developers, coming mainly from Electronic Arts and Atari.


Arkane Studios creates – self-funded – a demo for Arx Fatalis, which enables the company to find a publisher for a worldwide distribution.


Arkane Studios releases first PC CD-ROM game, Arx Fatalis. Published by Jowood, this medieval-fantasy role-playing game received many awards and nominations as well as an excellent reception by the European and American media.


Arx Fatalis is published for Xbox by Dreamcatcher.

Arkane Studios meets with Valve Software. Valve provides their new technology, the Source Engine TM, used by Half-Life 2 TM.


Arkane Studios signs with UbiSoft to develop a title under the Might and Magic TM brand.


Arkane Studios continues work on new "Might and Magic" game.


Dark Messiah of Might and Magic TM is expected to be released during 2006, published by Ubisoft: this first-person action game/role playing game is developed with Half-Life 2 (Source Engine TM) technology and with the support of Valve Software.

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