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Balcony Team

Balcony Team - Balrum’s Development Story
After meeting on an IT Engineering course at The University of Debrecen, Hungarians Attila Zborai and György SzÅ‘ke bonded over their love of video games. Quickly becoming best friends, the two students spent their time playing with gaming technologies such as pathfinding and OpenGL, which rapidly lead to the realisation they could make a full game. Inspired by György’s childhood adventures in England’s Yorkshire countryside, Balrum was their very first project. In the early days of development, they were so amazed they found the skills to create a game that the project was codenamed ‘INT’, for ‘It’s Not True’.
In the summer of 2013, having both graduated from university and with many friends thinking their games development plans were ‘totally crazy’, Attila and György turned to the flourishing world of crowdfunding to see whether other gamers shared their enthusiasm for old-school RPGs.

Balrum was Kickstarted with enormous support from the community, the two young
developers couldn’t believe their continued luck. Work developing Balrum then began full time; the very first job for them both. To make the development official the pair decided to form a studio in the second half of 2013. They always felt their best ideas arose whilst chatting over cold beers on the balcony of the apartment they shared in Debrecen, Hungary. Balcony Team became official in August 2013.

With beta arriving in March of 2014 the two-man team was inundated with fantastic feedback from the community. Two years later, and with countless updates under their belts, Balrum was released on Steam in March 2016.

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