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Crate Entertainment

Description from its website:

Crate Entertainment is an independent development studio founded by the former design and art leads of Iron Lore Entertainment. Our mission is to continue developing original titles that feature deep, addictive gameplay and high production values.


We have acquired the rights to use Iron Lore's technology on all future projects; the same engine and toolset used to create Titan Quest. Crate is currently developing a new action-RPG for PC: Grim Dawn. This new game is set in a dark fictional world where humanity is assailed by two otherworldly invaders, one harvesting bodies; the other intent on extermination. Grim Dawn will carry forward the best elements of arpg gameplay while introducing a few improvements and innovations of our own.


Crate has also acquired the rights to two other original properties that were being developed at Iron Lore before the studio closed.

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Crate Entertainment

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