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Francesco Segala

Hi there! My name’s Francesco Segala and I’m 23. Last March I graduated in Architectural Sciences BA in the University of RomaTre, but I always studied architecture in order to become a production designer. During the 3 yearsof the BA I started getting into the world of videogames concept art, and learning that what I wanted was to get into the world of creating worlds for videogames. Because of that I decided to move to UK to study that and now I’m studying a one year master if arts in Games Art at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield. The courses will start next week, so here I’ll write about what I’ll be doing during this year and what I’ve done so far. I’m also working as 2d artist for indie games that have not been released yet, so you’ll see a lot of stuff around here!


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Francesco Segala

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