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Neon Giant

We are on a mission to help the game industry become an even better place to work. Our ambitious goal is to, with a small team, create world-class action games that will stand proud and tall with the giants. To achieve this, we’re creating a culture which encourages every team member to embrace their passions and empowers them to have a large impact not only on the games we make, but also on the studio. We can only achieve this by working with the right people – people who can contribute with their expertise and personalities – people who can be a part of helping all of us get there by doing what they do best.

Neon Giant is located in Uppsala; Sweden’s fourth biggest city and just 30min away from the capital. Uppsala has a very high standard of living and is able to provide both a lively city environment and nature with the City Park, the Botanical Gardens, a myriad of trails and walking paths as well as rivers. Uppsala has been a hotbed of scientific innovation for a long time and hosts one of the nations best hospitals. Give it a Google!

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Country: Sweden