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Nival Interactive, Inc. is an international game developer of high quality computer, video and mobile games for consumers, and a proven development and asset outsourcing partner that combines U.S.-based creative and management resources with Eastern European-based development talent to deliver superior games in a low-cost, effective manner. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA USA, Nival is the largest developer in Eastern Europe with more than 300 overseas developers in 5 development studios around the world, including the Targem Studio in Ekaterinburg and its main development studio based in Moscow, Russia.

Nival was founded by Sergey Orlovskiy in 1996, and over the past nine years the company has developed 15 internationally successful PC games, including Blitzkrieg, Etherlords, Rage of Mages, Silent Storm series, Night Watch, and its recent title Heroes of Might and Magic V, developed for Ubisoft. Many of the company’s titles are critically acclaimed and have been awarded “Game of the Year” and “Game of the Month” honors. In addition, at the Russian Game Developers Conference in 2003 and 2005, Nival won the best developer award.

In 2006 the company made a strategic decision to expand beyond its highly regarded PC game capabilities into the development of video and mobile games that deliver world-class quality and have mass global appeal. To achieve their goals, the company moved its headquarters from Moscow to Los Angeles, California, and assembled an executive and creative management team of American video game experts headed by CEO Kevin Bachus, one of the creators of the Xbox video game system.

Under its new U.S. guidance, the company is utilizing an approach of ‘reverse outsourcing’ by procuring proven U.S. creative and management resources to guide its development teams which are located in lower cost locations, such as Russia. As such, the company is able to develop superior console, video and mobile games for its partners that are delivered on time and on budget but at a significantly lower cost than those produced in North America or Western Europe. With its multiple studios, the company also has the capacity to offer asset outsourcing work to its partners while simultaneously working on internal game development. Further, the company is planning the acquisition of additional leading developers and the opening of new development studios in Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere.

The company's majority shareholder is Ener1 Group, a privately held, diversified technology investment holding company with offices in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, New York and Moscow. The firm's assets include ownership in 11 portfolio companies in a variety of technology and technology-driven industries.

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