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Ocean Drive Studio

A brand new indie game development studio focused on creating PC video games! Our first project #LostEidolons is a western fantasy tactical turn-based RPG!

"...the vision for the studio is making FUN games by working with the community (SINCERITY, COMMUNICATION). With these three pillars, the founding team’s goal is to build a studio that focuses on developing a series of games that can cultivate fans for the studio. The focus is making an everlasting game development studio, building a strong community.

To share the scenario how this vision would work, let’s say the first game didn’t do well as we hoped, we will review overall feedback on the game and the make decision – 1) if the game still has potential, we would be making improvements until the game gets better or, 2) if the game has issues with its core gameplay or key systems which cannot be easily fixed, we will work on the sequel based off the learning from the first game. For both scenarios, we will be working with the community to make the right decisions, and we will be working on the same genre of the games until we have a great game."

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Ocean Drive Studio

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