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Star Vault

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Star Vault is a newly started company with the goal to become the leading innovator in development of Massive(ly) multiplayer online role-playing games (MMO-RPG).

The founder and CEO, Henrik Nyström, is a true gamer with his heart on "the gamer's side" and the vision to develop a dramatically improved gaming experience. The team today consists of hand-picked developers and 3D-artists with the same goal as Henrik. Recent years Henrik has been developing the game plan, project name NOW, in which new features and experiences for the gamer is described in detail.

When the opportunity arised to be able to use Epic Games Inc. state of the art game engine - Unreal Engine 3, the idea to develop the best gaming experience for MMO-RPG came a lot closer.

Today the idea and the vision has materialized as the company Star Vault, a dedicated team, a firm plan for development of NOW, a board with experience to facilitate the financial and business development of Star Vault and access to the capital markets through the public listing on Aktietorget in Sweden.

After NOW there will be more games, new ideas that need to be put into action. We believe we have the capability and ambition to stay in this business for a long time.

Welcome to Star Vault!

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