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Robert Boyd (AKA Rainbow Despair, AKA R. W. Boyd, AKA Borthog the Destroyer, AKA Werezompire) spends most of his time playing video games and discussing video games. When he is not doing either of those things he is thinking about playing and discussing video games. Oh and he designs, programs, and writes the stories for games too. He has four daughters and lives in Southern California.

Bill Stiernberg (AKA slash000, the Patient, Patient Man) has been a gamer most of his life.  As an artist, there are few things that brings him more joy than producing artwork, animation, and levels for videogames.  He enjoys almost every game genre, and his favorite games include Super Mario Bros., Super Metroid, Chrono Trigger, Street Fighter, and Quake 3.  Bill follows the videogame industry with an almost obsessive passion, and will talk your ears off about it if you want.  He’s also an attorney at law, and while he works full time on game development, it certainly comes in handy.

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