1. Redglyph

    Encased updates

    I'll create a thread for bits of news on Encased, rather than using past news' threads :) Here's the game page on RPGWatch. Dark Crystal Games have released Patch 5 hotfix for their Early Access. It's a 2.18-GB download, available both on GOG and Steam...
  2. Zloth

    Gujian 3 Anyone heard of this one? Reviews are fairly good and the screenshots are gorgeous. The trailer made the animations look a bit robotic and it's very much an action game. Also, how are we supposed to classify this!? From what I've seen it's...
  3. C

    Veil of Entropy: Norfolk Warriors Kickstarter

    Veil of Entropy: Norfolk Warriors Kickstarter My Kickstarter campaign is currently at 40%, with 14 days left to go before it closes. The first installment, A Priest of Titan, follows the story of Kit Standing Bear. Kit's destiny is to serve as a Priest of Titan, but you can choose to put her...
  4. O

    Odd Gods - a low fantasy 90's style cRPG about the 1990s (pre-alpha)

    G'day! Team from Odd Gods here. Odd Gods is a 90s-style RPG about the 1990s. An isometric tactical role playing game about subcultures, music, spacetime travel, and facing your pop culture demons. We saw the news thread at - we're just...
  5. O

    Lurking RPG

    Hello. This is developer OKLABSOFT. Wanted to put the word out about our first effort, Lurking RPG, which is available for free download on Itch. Lurking is a cRPG in the early Ultima style. Some strengths of the game include full party creation for up to five characters, a classless...
  6. daveyd

    Exp:Viking What future installments of Expeditions would you like to see?

    As we're going to be waiting a bit longer for Viking to come out, I've been thinking about what other historical periods / areas I'd love to see Logic Artists take on in the future. There American Frontier aka "Wild West"- (mid 1800's USA) There's barely any Wild West RPGs, yet the setting...
  7. S

    CRPG Podcasts?

    I was just wondering if there are any podcast about CRPGs or have a good amount of episodes about them... I have not found any yet
  8. T

    FO: Other Van Buren: A Fallout Adventure (Q&A and Information)

    This is straight from their page on Moddb Their Facebook: "Van Buren: A Fallout RPG Adventure is a remake of Interplay's canceled Fallout 3 by fans. You are the Prisoner in this - the biggest ever - Fallout game. We...
  9. T

    Fallout Fallout 1 Retrospective (Tribute)

    5sImV92PP4Q If you cant see the video then the link is here: Fallout is a game that needs no introduction on these forums, On my quest to play as many great CRPGS as I possibly can Fallout popped up on everyone's list, I have heard of the first 2...
  10. HiddenX

    Retrogamers Paradise (DOSbox, WinUAE, SNES9X, …)

    Please post about your experiences with old cRPGs here; how to get them running on modern machines. Best Emulator settings, windows compatibility settings, best in-game settings,… Here is an example: Albion: System: Win7 64 Bit Game-Version: 1.3.8 (Dos game) Emulator: Dosbox: 0.74 Game...
  11. T

    Oblivion The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Retrospective Opinions on Oblivion?.. My favorite TES was morrowind with daggerfall at 2nd place
  12. T

    Knights Of The Old Republic Retrospective. IMO a classic game, what are your thoughts?
  13. C

    Grimoire Kickstarter

  14. Zloth

    Bethesda Teaching Japan About Western RPGs

    Fallout 3 for Free! Well, it's free if you know Japanese and if you don't mind taking a... noticable graphics hit.... It seems Bethesda is trying to teach Japan's RPG'ers about open world RPGs. See GameSpot's coverage here.
  15. Gokyabgu

    Top 10 CRPGs of all time

    I just want to open a message board here about this topic. I will be pleased if you list your top ten RPGs with your reason why you like them. Here is my list: 1) Baldurs Gate 2&TOB: Best RPG have ever walked the Earth. Epic story, vast game world, balanced and challenging difficulty setting...
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