1. Ergonpandilus

    Risen 2 Risen 2: Enhanced Experience

    [Release] Risen 2: Enhanced Experience Like many other Piranha Bytes games, Risen 2 is a flawed gem which needs some polishing. I've collected multiple mods plus included some my own balancing tweaks for gameplay and graphics performance to make the experience as good as possible. Graphics...
  2. Iggy_Dreamatrix

    The new, huge Wave of Darkness update is live + release date

    Hey all It's Igor from Dreamatrix Game Studios. We have just released the biggest update for Wave of Darkness yet, and have announced the release date (out of Early Access). Also, we have mentioned RPGWatch in the text for the update, and you'll see why :-) It's quite a long read, but we...
  3. Ergonpandilus

    Gothic 3 Community Patch v1.74 Changelog

    CP v1.74: - ATI/AMD driver bug: Workaround for missing shadows on Radeon 4000/5000 series graphics cards. + Improved specular light. - Shadow problem at ambience mushrooms in Nordmar on 7xxx nVidia graphics cards fixed. - Problem in czech installer version fixed. - Quest "Debt and debility" with...
  4. Ergonpandilus

    Gothic 3 Community Patch v1.73 is out!

    Gothic Community just released new patch v1.73 for Gothic III. Here's changelog: Framework - Texture/Shadow/Light flickering eliminated (occured on ATI 4xxx serie cards). - Bug corrected where audio system always cached out sound even if property said "no". - Some minor bug fixes and...
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