1. Vii Zafira

    Let's Opera with (the incredibly classy) Vii Zafira! Il Trovatore.

    Bonjour, trolls and trollettes watchers and watcherettes. Pleased to meet you. I am your incredibly slim, stylish, fashionable, charming, and irresistible Let's Opera! host, and while this lasts I'll also be your guide into incline, unrelenting incline. You can call me Kimagure Majo Yousei Vii...
  2. Crispy

    RPG Codex Refugee Thread

    Our beloved home is down for some reason right now. I suspect it may have been the deluge of new TES V threads popping up that sent DU over the edge, causing him to throw the server out his window. Anyway I need some place to hang my hat for a while until he fixes it, so you guys'll have to...
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