CivCraft - The Game Lore, Part 1


Cave Canem
August 30, 2006
The Kickstarter for Civcraft has almost achieved its goal and still has some 30+ days to go. In today's update they bring us the first information on the lore of the game.

Kael’s heart raced. Footstep after footstep fell crunching dead weeds and dirt as he climbed the steep incline. He hadn’t slept very well the night before but whether that was due to anxiousness or anticipation he did not know. His arms and legs burned but he was filled with the adrenaline that came with battle. He savored it as it filled his blood. Bow in hand, he charged up the hill.

The first one jumped towards him, massive two-handed sword raised like some crazed reaver flying through the air. Kael drew and loosed an arrow that punched through the attacker’s armor, dropping him mid-flight. He slung his bow and drew his sword as another jumped at him. Kael met him with a shoulder before he could bring his blade down, knocking him to his back. He slid the point of his blade through the warrior’s neck and looked up the hill at the rest of his attackers.

This hill held a crucial vantage point overlooking the entire pass and the movements of both armies. The warriors who had taken the hill had done so in the dead of night, evading detection by Kael’s own scouts. There was only one faction left that had the skill to take such a valuable position without raising an alarm, the royal scouts from the Amerdan clan. They were well trained, but Kael was the king, trained from birth in the fine arts of magic and combat.

Kael noticed their sigil sewn on the outside of their cloaks. This would explain why his army had encountered a well-calculated catapult barrage early in the battle. The precision of the attack took Kael by surprise at first, but, having studied the battlefield thoroughly, he was able to figure out where the attacks were coming from and launch his own counter attack, smashing the enemy to splinters. He then organized a party comprised of his best warriors to retake the hill while the army met the rest of the Amerdan clan on the battlefield.

The band of royal scouts on the hill was dwindling. With renewed confidence, and his warriors at his back, Kael pressed on. He met his final enemy at the top of the cliff that overlooked the battlefield; with his worn armor and faded cloak, he had the look of a seasoned officer. Kael met him with a viscous overhand swing, locking his blade with the scout’s falchion. Both warriors made an effort to wrench their weapons away but the effort ended with sword and falchion clattering to the ground . The scout drew a dagger from his sleeve. Kael side-stepped his first lunge and grabbed his arm. For a moment they struggled over the knife and Kael felt his arms quiver as his enemy pushed. He saw the man smirk triumphantly as if he knew he had the upper hand. His enemy’s sudden smugness ignited Kael’s adrenaline and he threw his forehead into the man’s nose. He heard a crack of bone and the man reeled in a spurt of blood, holding his face. Kael leveled a shoulder sending him plummeting to the valley floor.
Thanls Christoph.

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Aug 30, 2006
The setting sounds incredibly generic, but ah well, hopefully the gameplay will be good!
Oct 18, 2006
Leuven, BE
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