Death Trash - Update 0.7.33


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Oct 18, 2006
Death Trash got an update:

Update 0.7.33

Update Notes

  • added more player character portraits
  • updated some dialogue
  • fixed effects from infection potentially permanently stuck on player character
  • added some props for the target practicing bots in Godhunters Prison and fixed some visual issues with the bots
  • fixed a few situations of logic triggers potentially not getting executed, and specifically for unlocking world map progress on Crossroads and The Maw
  • fixed a few bugs when switching UI while equip or unequip of implants is in progress
  • fixed not naming specific inventory on being full when looting from container
  • updated UI for player messages
  • fixed a few UI actions (e.g. looting) triggering multiple sounds
What we're working on...

Partial victory this week: I still had to take care of lots of technical issues, but I began working on the dialogue of the game. I think I made progress in understanding where some of the current dialogue falls short and how it can be improved.

Chris is working on new enemy types. They'll need some testing, visuals and audio, too, so not sure yet when they will make it into the current game.

As usual, a few bug fixes. Specifically switching to another inventory window in the short timeframe when an implant is equipped seems to have caused a few problems in the past that were reported but where I couldn't identify the root cause. This is one of those bugs that feels really good to fix.

Happy Holidays! (if that applies to you)

Death Trash is on sale, by the way, until January 5th:

And if you played the game already, consider sharing your opinion by writing a Steam review. It's helpful for us, reading them, but it also helps a lot in giving this game more visibility towards other people on Steam.

Have a nice weekend!
And if you're celebrating seasonal holidays: Happy Holidays! :)

I'll have some days off, but I'll probably here again with a new update next week.

- Stephan
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Oct 18, 2006
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