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Oct 18, 2006
We Got This Covered checked out Digimon Survive:

Digimon Survive is the best visual novel experience that fans didn't ask for

For those who grew up in the '90s and early '00s, Digimon was always seen as a sort of rival to the Pokémon franchise. While today it is clear which of the two won out, at the time, Digimon was a real contender. From multiple anime shows, manga adaptations, virtual pet toys, trading card games, and movies to video game series, the Digimon fan base was thriving.

Ultimately, Pokémon was the popular choice as the cute creature-taming and fighting franchise scene in Japan (and the world really), leaving Digimon in its dust. These days, the Digimon series has steered more towards the visual novel turn-based RPG, leaving the attempts at pseudo-Pokémon games behind. This has been a slow transition of formula, with Digimon Survive removing all trace of the previous games behind, forging a possible new path for the franchise.


While Digimon Survive is certainly not the Digimon game that the fans have eagerly been awaiting, it is a strong contender on its own merits. The evolution of the horror to the isekai experience is well overdue and a welcome change in the monster battle RPG genre. Those who prefer the more mainstream, battle-heavy JRPG experience should give it a pass, while players who genuinely enjoy the Digimon franchise and are willing to try a new, more mature game should definitely give it a go. While it is lacking in gameplay and could use a rework in terms of explaining some of the more intricate elements, on the whole, Digimon Survive is an interesting and unique addition to the franchise that won't soon be forgotten.
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