Hogwarts Legacy - Delayed Until February 2023



I don't think I've ever seen more delays for big games than in these past 12-18 months.

Maybe CP2077 really did some good for the industry afterall.

As for this one, I was mildly curious - but also sceptical about it.

Not a huge Harry Potter fan, but I like some of the universe - and the school itself is quite a charming place.

A Fable-type game set in that world could be a great thing, but there's nothing about the videos that make me particularly confident in the gameplay or mechanics of the game.

It looks like a mainstream sort of experience that's meant to appeal as wide as possible - which is rarely my thing.

Still, we'll see.


Dec 13, 2010
Yep it's been delayed for years and that right there sounds ominous. As games delayed this much usually means there is something wrong with the game or developer. :nod:
The problem isn't in the delays, it's the weird trend nowadays to announce release dates WAY too early.
The delays are the bandaids in that situation.

Another reason might be that developers slowly but surely wake up to the fact that being in permanent crunch mude is kinda shitty and want some more normal work hours - but those who do the planning might still be in the decade-old "sure, we'll get it done" mindset resulting in projections that are terribly wrong.

But either way, it's true that a delay not always leads to a great game. Some games are just messed up from conception (such as no amount of patching could ever possibly make Cyberpunk better than "okay").

But still, in which world is it better to not delay a game and release it in a crappier, buggier state instead?
Too much FOMO? :LOL:
Dec 13, 2010
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