Kerbal Space Program


Aug 29, 2020
Good old Europe

It's great game to get kids into. What do we have to figure out in order to make it to the moon and back? Obviously it's a simplified model, but the concepts are there.

Yeah, it's a fun and accessible way to learn. It's simplified but it still has many concepts, it seems. I hope they kept a similar formula for the 2nd game. I saw a few videos on it and they seem to have done enough research and talked with scientists to get it right, for ex. regarding sci-fi elements like engines that are not really in production or even non-existent.

The game is more accessible than Reentry (more pics on Steam), which is a simulator. This one is pure madness, it even includes the original manuals from the Gemini, Mercury and Apollo programmes. It looks very well done too, but it's a completely different approach and there's no building involved.
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