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Nov 13, 2006
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Hello. So I had played this for around 20 hours when it came out, but it was quite buggy and also had some quest issues, so I decided to stop my playthrough.
I was playing as a smart spearman and whilst I was having fun, I decided to try something slightly different for my new playthrough.

I will be playing as a smart archer with a tiny bit of skill in knife fighting and shields.
My goal this time it to focus mostly on power and build up an army to invade England.

My stats are as follows:
- Strength : 1
- Endurance : 4
- Finesse : 5
- Perception : 10
- Sense: 9

I have put two points into archery, two points into diplomacy and a point into Leadership.

I got through the starting fights today and plan to play more next week (As I am travelling for work this week).

Anyone else finish this game and have hints/tips ?


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Apr 9, 2013
I finished a couple playthroughs but not with archer as my main character. Obvious suggestion would be to take the "Low Profile" skill so they'll be less likely to be targeted by enemies. Keen eye is a great one for any character with high enough pereception. And of course there's a whole set of archery specific skills to take, too like walk your shots, quick shot, etc..

In case you didn't know (& assuming you don't just disable the time limits)… the time limit in Denmark does not affect / carry over to the 2nd Act of the game so there's no point in rushing that segment. You can use all of that time to accumulate resources, build up your town's power, etc. However, I'm not sure you actually need to do this…

My main criticism of the game was that combat becomes too easy at a certain point but I believe they've done some difficulty tweaks since my last playthrough so the highest difficulty is supposed to actually be somewhat challenging now.


I haven't played as an archer as well but generally agree with daveyd's recommendations.

I never beat the game by gaining 100 power (I won by prosperity) but IIRC power is more difficult to gain than prosperity. Make sure you ONLY focus on homestead upgrade that gives you power. Try to also finish as much quest as possible, otherwise, you may miss the ones that reward you power. Also, you need to make sure to keep certain potential ally alive or you won't be able to win the game.

From what I've read, max power you can get is 109, while prosperity is 122.
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