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Oct 18, 2006
The Turn Based Lovers checked out Rise of Humanity:

Rise of Humanity - Hands-On

"It's the end of the world as we know it
and I feel fine"

- R.E.M.


Rise of Humanity Preview

When I was young (I mean REALLY young and not "young" like now), Terminator was one of the most iconic movies of my childhood. Made at a time when James Cameron was still able to produce great movies but with poor special effects. A feat that he managed to reverse with a spate of poor movies made with great special effects. But that's another story.

Back then when I just a teen the idea of humanity on the run in a world dominated by sentient robots was so damned cool. A notion that made it possible to imagine oneself as the muscled chosen one. Even though at that time, I had far more bone mass than muscles. Perhaps the cornerstone of that success was the need to demonstrate that we, the humans, could always be superior to our creations. The difference being humanity's courage and heart. Whatever the reason, Terminator became a clique of a dichotomic way of thinking: machines against muscles, heart against binary thinking.

Anyone wondering how this introduction and chit-chat relate to Rise of Humanity (RoH) will find clarity the first time the game they launch the game. For it almost impossible not to think to Sarah Connor and her "beloved" T-800. You can almost hear Schwarzenegger saying those immortal words "I'LL BE BACK" (maybe the best line he delivered from his eighteen movies!)

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