Sacred 2: Fallen Angel


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Jul 22, 2022
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Contorted and twisted, honourable and valiant, heroism has many faces. In a time where hopes and dreams rest upon the mighty and the powerful, the energetic magic of the Priesthood continues to sap and destroy, leaving decay in its wake.
It is time to choose your destiny, whether to be the shining hero or to go your own way, searching for endless power. However hero's decision affects the lives of many. Journey alone or with friends and undertake hundreds of quests along your chosen road. In a land without limits, you will be surrounded by a miraculous and never before-seen level of depth and detail. Step into the seamless 3D terrain during the era of Ancaria and discover a vast and varied world of fantasy role-playing action and adventure. Battle against hordes of monsters and unleash breathtaking moves, combining special attacks and dealing death in a myriad of magical effects and abilities. Each character has their own mythical mount, including white tigers, hellhounds and lizards, from which to perform all manner of combat manoeuvres and spell-casting.
Dryad or Seraphim, High Elf Adept or Inquisitor, Temple Guardian or Shadow Warrior, you must now take up your steel, recite your spells and prepare yourself for the harrowing conflict ahead. For good or for ill, the gods are watching as a new dawn approaches.

Huge, seamless world without loading between level borders (streaming in
background instead).
* Two Campaigns: "Light" and "Shadow".
* Six Unique Characters.
* Modifiable Martial Arts: The player will be able to modify any combat art three times
during the development of his character.
* Unrestricted Battle from Individual Mounts: Each character will be able to ride various
mounts. Melee and ranged fights as well as using combat arts will be possible without
any restrictions while the character is mounted.
* Sacred2 offers six different gods; the player will be able to choose one of these
deities. Each God will provide the player with a specific, very powerful combat art.
* Physics effects and rag dolls are used.
* Sacred 2 will feature a complex emotion system. These emotions consist of a mixture
of model animations and facial expressions.
* Real-World Simulation: The simulated world of Sacred 2 is controlled by a macro AI,
which permanently analyzes the current game situation to control the behaviour of
the AI.
* 2 Users on one Xbox 360 can play cooperative mode together (same screen, no split).
This can be combined with Live sessions.
* Fully support of Xbox Live, Leaderboard and Achievements. There will be one
Leaderboard for each game mode.
* Created characters can be used in all game modes. For example, a player can start a
story campaign, then join a free roaming multiplayer session, and then return to
continue the story afterwards.
* Intelligent hero facing adjustment in combat.
* Console-typical design of interface elements and interface navigation

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Jul 22, 2022
On a Server
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