Shattered Hourglass


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Jul 22, 2022
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Shattered Hourglass is a challenging Turn-based JRPG with freedom of choice. Your choices along the journey shape your story as well as your party members. There will be many difficult choices where you have to make and all of them has consequences. Levelling up your party members will unlock new skills and Job Classes that will help you in your long journey. Also, did I mention there are over 60 bosses to fight? Yes, that many.


  • 40+ hours of content with 10 different endings
  • Story-driven gameplay filled with many optional activities and dungeons
  • Four different story routes to take. Each decision you make changes the story, permanently
  • 5 character party system with 9 playable and 6 temporary characters to join your journey
  • All party members have unique Job Classes and skills to fulfil every role
  • Over 280 Items, 260 Armors, 240 Monsters, 130 Weapons and 70 Bosses to find
  • Unique side quests, bounty missions, easter eggs, puzzles, riddles and quizzes
  • Arena Battles: Rank up in the arena by defeating bosses and get rewards
  • Identify Book: Stores all of your Item, Weapon, Armour and Monster data
  • Karma System: Any critical decision you make gets saved into 'Karma Book' like a diary
  • Housing: Upgrade your house with parts, decorations, animals and crops
  • Fishing: A huge fishing journey to catch 48 unique fishes from all over the world
In the peaceful mage town, Habon, every kind of mage you can imagine lived there, carefreely.
Everything was in serenity for them, but not for the one kind of mage who can do wonders.
A unique mage that can shape the future and can change the tides of fate, called Time Mage.

If any mage can change the tides of fate by altering history, that alone makes them a threat.
It's against the world's flow and must be stopped. Time mages are no different than criminals to one person known as the Mage Slayer. One way or another, all Time Mages are going to commit that crime, someday. Are you going to resist your fate or be prey for that slayer?
Only time will tell.

Prepare to get lost, save the people you care about, meet the most opposite party members, explore the new worlds, fight against the most fearsome creatures and travel in time!

Set your goal and change everything you want.
Be good, bad, neutral or be the great housekeeper!
It's your choice. the world spins around you.
But never forget, you are the Hourglass that can be Shattered.

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Jul 22, 2022
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