Solasta - Future Adventures Survey


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Nov 8, 2014
Posts were deleted because I asked nicely, twice, for this line of discussion to be dropped in this thread.

I usually try not to over-police petty antagonism between posters, but when I get complaints from other members I have to take a look, and try to get things back on track in a friendly way. If it continues after that, I'll put a stop to it.


Jun 23, 2021
Solasta was mediocre to start with, and you can see they're struggling to find inspiration or guidance.

Asking random people will surely improve the situation.

I think you are so wrong. What do you imagine to be better than mediocre for your perfect game? I'm not an expert in combat strategic mechanics, but when it comes to storytelling, characters, I can say if I like them atleast, what kind of feeling I get and they were better than mediocre for me for sure. Ofcourse it depends on comparison, but there is not much of comparison if majority of similar games are not voiced or animated and their graphic design is very basic, but if you compare them lets say to Path of Exile, they will feel mediocre, because that studio does have the best of best artist not only for coding, but also for character design, graphic design, voice acting, but that is the level not many studios can afford. But it doesn't mean they were not proud what they have accomplished and they should't be proud about it.
Why are they asking for direction? Maybe they have more routes before them or they are just curious? If I would create a game I would do that survey from time to time aswell, just to ensure myself that I'm correct in my assumptions.


Cave Canem
Aug 30, 2006
For me asking people for something in a poll comes of as having a lack of vision. That is, if you consider games to be an art form. If you consider it to be a product like any other product, such as a TV, it does make sense, as you are looking for ways to make something that pleases a large group of people and sells as much as possible of that product. Knowing what people want is the best way to achieve that. And there is nothing wrong with that if that is your business model.
It might result in making more of the same though and it might turn out to be just an average game, just like fan catered movies in general are not so great in my opinion.
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