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Oct 18, 2006
The Early Access version 0.73 of Startrail HD has been released:

Version 0.73, Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays dear Friends! On time for this great time of the year and a little late due to a Steam downtime we are proud to present Version 0.73! Big Highlight of this Version is the completely reworked and enhanced battles, from damage types to maneuvers and actions a lot was changed, extended, improved and fixed. Moreover, we included a little christmas tree search for you, we would be happy to see some screenshots from those you found!


  • The battle system has been changed to "Actions", at the moment everything costs 1 Action, but therefore allows for double the movement distance
  • All weapons now have a specific damage type (cut, thrust, blunt)
  • Some monsters no have resistance (half damage), immunity (no damage) or vulnerability (double damage) on specific damage types
  • Monsters can also cause specific damage types
  • Implemented the melee maneuver "relentless attack"
  • Implemented the ranged maneuver "targeted shot"
  • Melee and ranged attacks now display a chance of success as a tooltip
  • Added some buttons to make control of the battles easier
  • Improved lighting in some battle arenas
  • Added new simple weapons: club and wooden spear
  • The battle arena camera can now be tilted in a wider range and can also be tilted now via right mouse button dragging
  • Saving and loading is now also possible while in battle
  • Items can now modify the damage caused by weapons (e.g. fine arrows or magic items)
  • The battle order display (top left corner) was improved and also allows highlighting the next characters when hovering over the respective portrait
  • Weapon wear and tear has been reactivated
  • Ranged weapons are also subject to wear and tear
  • Encumbrance is now also correctly used in ranged battle
  • Ranged weapons are now twohanded because of the new bolt and arrow slots
  • We can now set specific starting positions for heroes and monsters, e.g. to create battles in narrow passageways
  • The witch can now enchant her witch kettle, similar to druids and magicians
  • there is an introductory text when entering the starting temple on game start
  • Help has been extended for current topics on battle actions, maneuvers and the like
  • The initial values for spells are more in line with the pen and paper rules
  • The avatar in the character screen is not cut off on top any more, should it be too big
  • The gameover text has been adapted
  • UI scaling can now be modified with the console (F9) command "uibasescane 100" (where 100 is the percentage of the base scaling). Moving this to the settings is on our todo
  • "Take all items" now uses the currently selected hero instead of the party leader as "first to try"
  • The spell categories have been reorganized and extended
  • All 8 possible companions have a unique avatar now
  • Some scripting commands have been added or extended
  • Save games can now be saved with only one letter filename length (before: 3)
  • The whetstone has been renamed to weapon care kit
  • Only useful spells can be selected as "free spells"
  • Captions of the keyword dialog window have been improved
  • In a new game, the main road through the svellt valley and its main cities are already known
  • The ferryman now has a more suitable goodbye
Towns and Cities
  • Santa Claus rode across the svellt valley and placed some trees, one per town and city. Who can find them all? ;)
  • The market assortments have been reworked
  • The keyword dialog for the market in Kvirasim has been improved
  • The way up into the settlement in Kvirasim has been improved
  • The keyword dialog for the market in Gashok has been improved
  • Gashok was a little optimized
  • Removed some quest spoilers in Gashok
  • Tiefhusen has been completely reworked (e.g. curbs, ground texture) and optimized
  • Tiefhusen's water has been improved
  • Tiefhusen will now load a lot faster
  • The map of Finsterkoppen has been resized
  • The gate guards in Finsterkoppen now also react to Elfs, Druids and Witches on the way out
  • In the Cellar vault there are now some "very cramped" battles
  • The socket riddle in the cellar vault has been made easier and more comfortable
  • A climbing riddle in the cellar vault received some more hints
  • The Ingerimm-Picture in the Finsterkoppenbinge is now better staged
  • A battl ein the Finsterkoppenbinge was improved so all monsters can actually reach the heroes
  • Some checks in the Finsterkoppenbinge have been adapted

  • The characters don't move way too far any more
  • The arena mountain-01 was repaired (e.g. Harpy battle)
  • Characters are now "correctly killed" from effect damage
  • A problem with the line of sight calculation has been fixed
  • Beneficial spells do not "kill" the receiving heroes any more
  • Characters should be visually killed correctly when they are supposed to
  • A problem with heroes not attacking in autobattle was fixed
  • Autobattle shouldn't cause characters to try to occupy the same fields any more
  • Harpys don't have money on them any more

  • When selling, Items past position 21 now appear correctly in the sell list
  • The intro music now correctly respects music volume
  • The hero portrait can be changed correctly again
  • The avatar in the character generator is correctly and always changeable now
  • A remark to Blade of Destiny has been removed
  • Temple cannot be left with empty party any more
  • The Wanderer-Set in the Character editor was fixed
  • Arrows and bolts are now correctly placed in their respective equipment slots
  • The Buy-dialog can now be left without buying anything
  • The minimap is now in the correct location regardless of resolution
  • All items can now be correctly thrown away
  • All items can now be correctly equipped via button
  • The gameover-scene now has the correct music
  • An overlapping error in the diary has been fixed
  • The damage display can now be correctly set
  • The take note-Button in the keyword dialogue window now has its correct size
  • The gameover screens isn't overlayed by travel routes any more
  • The gameover screen will not display the "continue journey" dialogue any more
  • Junctions on the map change their colors correctly
  • Events on travels now respect the 35 inventory slots
Towns and Cities
  • Jittery NPCs on the roads are fixed
  • A stray candle flame in Kvirasim was fixed
  • NPCs know their way around Kvirasim again
  • More graphical glitches in Kvirasim have been corrected
  • Entering the "cellar" of a building when leaving it in Kvirasim was fixed
  • The mountainside of Finsterkoppen lost its acoustic birds
  • Missing doors in Finsterkoppen retrofitted
  • A flying tower in Finsterkoppen has been brought back down to earth
  • Barrels in Finsterkoppen are now correctly recognized as obstacles by the NPCs
  • "Flights" above Finsterkoppen shouldn't happen any more
  • A rooftop in Finsterkoppen was closed off
  • Several flying objects in Finsterkoppen were brought back down to earth
  • Two carts in Finsterkoppen are now correctly blocking
  • Female dwarfs don't have the occasional bald head any more
  • Houses in Finsterkoppen are now actually obstacles
  • Lighting in Tiefhusen has been improved
  • A flying tower in Tiefhusen was brought back down to earth
  • The optimizations in Gashok should prevent further crashes
  • A dead end on a Gashok Quest was removed
  • Small graphical glitches in Taverns were fixed
  • Lighting of the Rahja temple has been reworked
  • Events in Dungeons only trigger once on exit any more
  • The party marker in dungeons now always has the correct size
  • Wrong colors on the color box riddle in the Cellar vault were fixed
  • A secret door in the Cellar vault is now easier to find
  • An XP-Exploit at the socket riddle in the Cellar vault was fixed
  • Deactivated bolt traps in the Finsterkoppenbinge are now only reported once
  • Many jumpy elements in the Finsterkoppenbinge were fixed
  • Texture glitches in the Finsterkoppenbinge were fixed
  • Some inaccessable areas in the Finsterkoppenbinge were better fenced off
  • Some collision bugs in the Finsterkoppenbinge were fixed
  • Some graphical glitches in the Finsterkoppenbinge were fixed
  • A chest in the Finsterkoppenbinge was turned around
  • A dialog in the Finsterkoppenbinge was fixed

Unfortunately there is a little downside to this really long list: we were unable to get all the new texts translated in time, so you might encounter several "untranslated codes" instead of texts. We are sorry for this inconvenience and will try hard to get this down first thing in January and issue a patch as soon as it is done!

The whole team wishes you happy holidays and a happy new year! The next major Patch will be coming up around the 20th of January.
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Oct 18, 2006


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Feb 23, 2014
Ferdok in Aventuria (Europe)
A flying tower in Tiefhusen was brought back down to earth

Aventuria is really magical world like no other. :)

BTW Happy New Year for all.
Feb 23, 2014
Ferdok in Aventuria (Europe)


Jan 22, 2011
Ynys Afallach
I bought it. 19.99 is a good price to support a valiant effort to revitalize one of my favorite CRPG series and to feel a bit of nostalgia on the New Year's holiday. I admire their persistence and am treating this like a Kickstarter-type donation (i.e., keeping fingers crossed and hoping for the best).

Game definitely has bugs (as expected) and polish/optimization will be required along the way (again, as expected) but hitting the open road with a party of six with that travel music playing brought back a lot of fond memories.
Jan 22, 2011
Ynys Afallach
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