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October 18, 2006
The sandbox RPG Streets of Fortuna has been announced:

Streets of Fortuna

Fortuna is the city of your dreams! Or it will be, if you can survive. Streets of Fortuna is a free-roaming megasim sandbox RPG with emergent chaos rather than a linear story. Use your wits to live as a thief, a blacksmith, a rebel, a priest, a smuggler, a lover, a cook, or just a street rat. Someday perhaps you can challenge the Overlord that rules over Fortuna with an iron fist.

You arrive in Fortuna as a hungry, tired nobody, without even a single coin to your name... your first step is going to be finding a meal and shelter, here in the wealthiest city in the world, where the guards don't take kindly to theft or street-sleeping. Befriend a fence to sell your stolen goods or an art collector to improve your resale prices. Observe the behaviours of the wealthy (and their entourage) to pull off the perfect heist. Experiment with forms and materials to create food, gear, or valuable objects to trade, without rigid recipe systems. Navigate the tides of faction alliances and conflicts if you dare, but beware drawing the intolerant eye of the Overlord and those who benefit from the status quo.

  • Freeform gameplay in a dense, seamless, generated city
  • No job or class system to constrain you, only heaps of skills to grow
  • Made in consultation with the creators of Dwarf Fortress to optimize for emergent player stories
  • Simulated people and communities for infinite hours of megasim gameplay
  • Focus on narrow escapes and heists rather than toe-to-toe combat
  • Original, richly textured world and lore, loosely inspired by Constantinople circa 500 AD
Ultimately, it's your sandbox, with your other life in this bustling city. It's up to you how you survive, and what ambitions you choose to pursue. This is not a game about quests and stories made by the developers. As in other megasims we love, we "just" make the world and its generation possibilities -- but it's a world shaped carefully to help you discover your own stories to tell. Go anywhere. Talk to anyone. Ask them for directions, or follow them home and see how their personalities and preferences affect their lifestyle.

Follow your heart, your whims, or your ambition. Whether you're the kind of player that likes to collect, explore, climb the ranks of power, or just cause chaos, Fortuna might be your new favorite city.

That's right! This game is bigger than anything Kitfox has done before, by far. We've been working on this game for two years already, but we also know we have a lot left to do before it's fully ready. Right now we have the city generating and a thousand NPCs simulating at a basic level, including having solved some thorny problems like seamless loading, modular architecture, character model generation, etc.

From the gameplay side we're focusing on supporting the actions and sandbox simulation necessary for a fun "thief" gameplay first, and everything associated with that, before focusing more in future on artisans, priests, politicians, and so on and so forth.

We've built a framework on which to update regularly, with even more regular communications and feedback cycles, and we intend for each new update to combine with existing game features to provide exponentially more intricate, complex, and fun outcomes. The engine provides a foundation on which we can quickly and frequently add new interesting improvements in both content and systems. We're learning from our collaborations with Dwarf Fortress and Caves of Qud about how to both deepen the gameplay systems with attention to detail, while also being able to update as frequently as humanly possible as we get community feedback and discovery of the unique issues these kinds of games create once they're out in the wild.

In short, we're looking forward to seeing how you play and what you choose to do in this truly open gameworld.
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Oct 18, 2006
It looks like a low-budget, isometric Assassin's Creed. I'm not big on the idea of AI generated game worlds, but this sounds like it could be interesting if they pull it off. I like the promise of different types of gameplay depending on your character's profession.
Oct 21, 2006
Florida, US
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