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October 18, 2006
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Wet Sematary

The Sinking City Review

So hold on to your fedora for a second, because things are going to get a little meta.

OK. So back in the early 1980s RPGs were pretty much solely people getting together in small groups with pencils and dice, pretending to be elves and wizards. Then, suddenly, inexplicably, a tabletop game came along where people played 1920s flappers and private eyes, and fought monsters they couldn't beat. And for some weird reason that I still can't fully understand, it was wildly popular.

Oh, I mean, I understand very well why it was FUN. There was this strong investigative thread where your characters hung around in dusty newspaper archives looking up things that had happened in the past in an attempt to understand whatever the mystery of the week was. It was interesting to see the real world cast through a new, strange lens. Not that it was actually new, of course - the world of H.P. Lovecraft dated back as far as the turn of the Twentieth Century - but it was certainly a new way to play RPGs. And while it was fun to a certain class of studious, history-minded nerds (like me), like I said I'm still a little mystified as to its continued success.


The Sinking City is deeply evocative in its oppressive dourness, and stays true to the investigative backbone of Cthulhu. We are presented an open world of horror and suspense that HP Lovecraft surely would have enjoyed investigating.

  • evocative
  • intelligently written

  • poor stealth
  • fairly easy
  • limited number of maps
Score: 8.5

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Oct 18, 2006
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