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Oct 18, 2006
Like every month The Turn Based Lovers checked out the upcoming tactical / turn-based games:

On The Radar - December 2021 RPGs & Strategy Games Releases

Let's take a closer look at all the December 2021 releases in terms of turn-based RPGs and Strategy Games

"Dear Santa Claus...

I've been very good this year. Ok, to be honest, maybe not so nice, maybe even naughty sometimes, but I can explain, there are many good justifications, I... I... I'm innocent!
Wait, let's calm down, I'll start all over again...

Dear Santa Claus,
I have been good some of the time. Yes, it's true, you are right, I've killed a lot of creatures, maybe thousands of them, but you have to consider that they were just zombies and, like everybody knows, zombies, as well as jellyfishes and lawyers, don't even have a heart (yeah, I love Gumball...)!
Besides, when, some months ago, you saw me stealing all those cars, you know, I was just practicing for the next chapter of GTA! It has always been my secret dream to build a business and if stealing cars it's not allowed, then maybe I should engage to the business of smuggling, capisc'?
You have to be understanding, the real life is hard, after all, it kills you! Life, for you, is quite simple, you don't have to worry about your clothes, about your big belly or about your gray beard, I mean... no, wait I'm not saying that you are just a sloppy, fat, old man, I... I... What the fork, Andrea, shut up!

That been said, established that I am a good guy, I would be very happy if you could bring me these nice games:

1) Divinity: Original SIn 5
2) X-Com 9
3) Stoneshard (!)

And if you still have some doubts about my behavior, you are allowed to look into my heart.
What you say? I'm a lawyer so I don't have a heart. You're right, old boy, you are right....

Love and hugs to the reindeer!


ARCHONS OF DOOM - 1st December
WARTALES - 1st December (E.A.)
SONUCIDO: THE MAGE - 2nd December
MECHAJAMMER - 2nd December
THE CAPTAIN - 3rd December
WOLFSTRIDE - 7th December
INDIES' LIES - 21st December
OLD SALT - 24th December
SEA WOLF: TACTICS - 27th December
CLASH OF COMMAND: CAMPAIGN OF 1863 - 31st December

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Oct 18, 2006
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