TwilightStar: Heart of Eir


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July 22, 2022
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Inspired by a love for classic JRPGs, Heart of Eir blends modern mechanics with nostalgic design. This is a story-driven game, under development for over four years by a small, independent team.

We started by creating a fantastical universe for this adventure. Shining Stryah crystals are turning dark and cold all across the world of Eathral. Outbreaks of chaos, vicious raiders, and corrupted wildlife turn the tranquil world upside down. The followers of a long-forgotten dark sect march from the shadows to sow mayhem in service to their insatiable god of disorder. They rampage unchecked, for the last great hero imbued with mystic blessings to protect the world was laid to rest twenty years ago.

Next, we built the game around a blend of features sure to please almost any player. In addition to the major points listed separately, Heart of Eir offers puzzles to solve and plenty of loot to upgrade your party. Despite the massive size of this project, everything you can see here and play in our publicly-available demo was built with a limited budget and dedicated team members. We leveraged the latest technologies in game development to do more with less, and we believe in staying close to our players. Join our Discord to ask us questions directly, and let us know what you think of the world we're building.

The World of Eathral is dying...

and the Stryah crystals that shine like starlight, imbuing the planet with powerful magic, are turning black; pockets of chaos now sprouting across the continent. The universe is thrown out of balance and the goddess, Clavarai, (kla-var-eye) must restore balance.

Living with her caretaker Maris, Eir leads a simple yet fulfilling life out in the forests of Eathral. That is until Eir witnesses a brutal tragedy at the hands of the Caelki(kale-Kai), a dark order in service to the insatiable god Anoch, long since forgotten to legend.

Taking refuge in the hands of her allies and the ancestral power that roots itself deep with her, Eir must learn to wield the power of the stars in this tale of magical discovery, betrayal, and adventure.
Heart Of Eir Features Highlights:

  • Traditional Storyline Progression with Side Quests
  • Party-based Dual Combat Systems (Choose between Turn-Based or Active Motion)
  • Dungeons with Complex puzzles
  • Character Skills like Weapon Enhancement, Cooking, Fishing
  • Mounts and Fast Travel Abilities
  • Semi Open-World Exploration
  • Realms CCG Card Game Minigame (Multiplayer coming)
  • Traditional jRPG Style Overworld Map Travel
  • Build your own unique House and Village in Sanctuary
Heart of Eir is a game that is sure to captivate you and keep you playing over and over again. While the story pulls you in with a deep and emotional tale, the rest of the game gives you a place to explore and be creative. From its array of extra Side quests and dungeons to a whole island where you can invite NPCs to join your village and the open ability to craft your very own home, collecting things from all over Eathral to decorate your house. The game offers New Game Plus features as well that carry over from your last playthrough so you not rebuilding your home all over again or dungeons that aren't available in the first playthrough because your Stryah Affinity isn't quite there yet. Each playthrough will be a unique experience, unlocking different areas. Travel with Eir and her companions and experience the magical world of Eathral in TwilightStar: Heart of Eir.

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Jul 22, 2022
On a Server
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