What continent do you live on?

What continent do you live on?

  • North-America

    Votes: 49 36.3%
  • South-America

    Votes: 3 2.2%
  • Europe

    Votes: 73 54.1%
  • Asia

    Votes: 1 0.7%
  • Africa

    Votes: 2 1.5%
  • Australia/Oceania

    Votes: 7 5.2%

  • Total voters
Namibia, small country just north of South Africa. Family originally from Europe, Spain.

Cool, we're on the same continent ;-) Even roughly (to a few 1000 kms) the same geographic region :biggrin: I have only been through Windhoek airport, but have friends who have family in Nam (*)

* for people outside the region, Nam is 'Namibia' (or.... 'Nambia' ...as president Trump called it ;)...Not Vietnam!)
Aug 23, 2007
Cape Town, South Africa
Interesting poll. The results are very much in line with my expectations.

I mean, considering the relatively balanced tone of this place - it makes sense that it's sort of 50/50 Europe and America :)
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