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Deep Labyrinth

One summer afternoon, Shawn goes for a drive with his quarreling parents and his beloved dog, Ace... but the trip quickly turns sour when the family car suffers a flat tire in front of a seemingly abandonded mansion. Ace is clearly upset by something inside the mansion, and leaps out of the car to investigate. Shawn's parents follow Ace, but don't return. As a worried Shawn tentatively approaches the dilapidated structure, the entrance door swings open, and he's drawn into a magical vortex. Now, with Ace at his side, Shawn must embark on the greatest adventure of his life... into the dark heart of the Deep Labyrinth.

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Information about

Deep Labyrinth

Developer: Interactive Brains

SP/MP: Unknown
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

Regions & platforms
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· Platform: Handheld
· Released: 2006-08-15
· Publisher: Atlus