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Wednesday - March 25, 2020
Thursday - December 12, 2019
Saturday - August 10, 2019
Wednesday - June 26, 2019
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Wednesday - October 03, 2018
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Box Art

Wednesday - March 25, 2020

Deep Sky Derelicts - Definitive Edition

by Myrthos, 09:59

Yesterday the Definitive Edition of Deep Sky Derelicts has been made available.

Turn-Based Roguelike RPG, Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition, Launches Today on Consoles and PC

In space, no one can hear you scavenge!

Prague, Czech Republic - March 24, 2020 -1C Entertainment andSnowhound Games announce that the tactical rogue-like RPG with card combat Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition has launched today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game is available in digital stores for 24.99 USD / 24,99 EUR.

After a successful launch on PC, Deep Sky Derelicts is now making its debut on consoles. The Definitive Edition combines the overhauled base game with content from the two DLCs that were recently released on PC: New Prospects and Station Life. The included updates bring new gameplay features, character upgrades, home base improvements, monsters, missions, and a lot more!

Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition features an original board game-like turn-based combat system with a unique card mechanic that makes every battle encounter feel tactically diverse. The core RPG exploration gameplay is further enriched with rogue-like elements, while the distinctive hand-drawn inky art style, heavily inspired by retro-futuristic sci-fi comic books, creates a compelling gritty world of the dark dystopian future.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced base game and two DLC packs included
  • Fresh take on turn-based combat with cards
  • Distinctive sci-fi comic book look & feel
  • Endless customization options for characters and scavenging teams
  • High replay value thanks to procedurally generated content
  • Dozens of enthralling little stories of the outcast life in the grim Deep Sky universe
  • Two game modes: Story Campaign and Arena

Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition is developed by Snowhound Games and published by 1C Entertainment. The title is rated PEGI 12 – Violence and Bad Language.


Thursday - December 12, 2019

Deep Sky Derelicts - Station Life DLC

by Myrthos, 11:18

The second DLC for Deep Sky Derelicts, named Station Life, will be made available today.

Station Life DLC Brings New Facilities, Technologies, and Missions to Award Winning RPG Deep Sky Derelicts

Prague, Czech Republic, Dec 10, 2019 - 1C Entertainment and Snowhound Games announce their new DLC for the award-winning turn-based RPG Deep Sky Derelicts Station Life is coming on Steam, GOG and other digital stores. Station Life is priced at $6.99 / €6.99 (price varies by region) and will be available on December 12 at 10am Pacific Time.

Station Life is the second expansion to Deep Sky Derelicts focusing on turning the station, your scavenger home and safe haven, into a versatile scavenging operation. The overhauled station introduces new possibilities to further upgrade and customize your crew, challenging encounters and timed events that involve other station dwellers, and high-profile bounty contracts to pursue during derelict raids, as well as a new character class.

Station Life Features:

  • Give junk new life in the Crafting Workshop by turning old equipment into newer, more powerful gear
  • Character-augmenting Experimental Surgery Department and Neural Reprocessing Facility add-ons introduce more customization options for the party
  • Random station encounters like brawling with rival scavenger crews, bargaining with shady dealers, and fending off raidering intruders make exploration even more exciting
  • New side missions to complete and a bunch of new NPC encounters to discover and enjoy
  • A new playable class: Inventor - a sturdy, melee-combat oriented character that lacks shields but applies unique health regeneration abilities on the battlefield to compensate
  • Six nasty enemy types of varied power and nature 
  • New equipment, bounty contracts, station environments, and more!

Deep Sky Derelicts is developed by Snowhound Games and published by 1C Entertainment. The game was launched on PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam in September 26, 2018 for $19.99. The title is rated PEGI 12 – Violence and Bad Language


Saturday - August 10, 2019

Deep Sky Derelicts - Review

by Silver, 07:43

Player2 shared their impressions of Deep Sky Derelicts.

Additionally, the sub-quests don’t yield anything in the way of engaging stories, highlighted by one tone-deaf attempt at criticising bureaucracy. This particular sub-quest sees you chasing an individual who is avoiding officials due to not completing their paperwork. Ultimately, you discover they would rather harm themselves than be subjected to seemingly endless paperwork. The unfocused, glib writing almost makes it sound like the punchline is the vulnerable people affected by bureaucracy, as opposed to the actual problematic bureaucratic systems at play. Poor treatment of welfare recipients is a continuing topic of national debate in Australia, so what Deep Sky Derelicts attempts to convey is somewhat true. However, the fact that the intention of this sub-quest is confusingly unclear reflects the rough writing on display. Beyond this example, I honestly cannot recall any story beats of note – a bummer considering a solid narrative can elevate an otherwise unspectacular RPG.


Thanks Farflame!

Wednesday - June 26, 2019

Deep Sky Derelicts - Review

by Silver, 05:22

Culture of Gaming reviewed Deep Sky Derelicts.

The Art of Scavenging

Deep Sky Derelict’s core gameplay loop is fairly simple. You begin on a space station, which serves as your hub world. From there, you explore progressively harder derelict vessels, with each piece of data retrieved revealing more. Aside from the central data retrieval, there are numerous more conventional quests available from the station itself. Collecting X number of worm intestines, or delivering energy cells, just to name a few.

The more interesting quests are generally found on the derelicts themselves, be it aiding ravenous garbage disposal units or curing a robot’s schizophrenia. They don’t offer anything new mechanically; generally they’re the same type of fetch quest, or wandering between two NPCs. But the framing is done well enough to make them feel distinct.


Thanks Farflame!

Thursday - May 30, 2019

Deep Sky Derelicts - New Prospects DLC

by Myrthos, 09:54

Deep Sky Derelicts is going to be expanded with the addition of the New Prospects DLC.

Deep Sky Derelicts expands with New Prospects, a brand new DLC Coming May 30, 2019

Prague, Czech Republic, May 29, 2019 - 1C Entertainment and Snowhound Games announce that the award-winning turn-based RPG Deep Sky Derelicts, is expanding its horizons with a brand new DLC, New Prospects. The first expansion to Deep Sky Derelicts will be available starting from tomorrow May 30, 2019 for $6,99 (including a 10% launch discount for a limited amount of time) and will introduce a plethora of new features and upgrades! Making planetfalls, getting lost in blizzards and sandstorms, engaging with scavenger colonies and clearing out monster lairs - not only does the New Prospects expansion give a hefty boost to the variety of scenery and diversity of encounters out there, it also makes exploration even more exciting, tense and suspenseful than ever before.
Deep Sky Derelicts: New Prospects DLC expands the game with new locations to visit, more varied environmental conditions, new exploration mechanics, a bunch of new exotic enemies, a dozen new missions, a brand-new character class - the Miner, and a lot more!
Key Features:
  • New character class - the Miner - including a custom look, ability tree and exclusive new heavy ranged weapon.
  • New exploration mechanics such as stealth, ambushing enemies or camping.
  • A wide range of new environmental conditions: dynamic gravity, ghost ship, radiation waves, quantum teleportation, tourist trap, etc., along with hazardous planetary conditions such as blizzards and sandstorms, and more.
  • New locations to visit apart from the derelicts: ice and desert planets.
  • Settlements: confined, guarded areas that belong to various factions, such as scavenger colonies, pirate forts and scourge nests.
  • New environmental combat actions that can be used in exchange for energy during fights, as an alternative to playing regular cards.
  • 10 new enemies, including deadly new variations on the Cobra and Skink.
  • A dozen compelling new missions to accomplish on planet surfaces and on board of derelicts.
  • New equipment offering exciting new options for gearing up your scavengers.
  • Numerous UI updates and improvements: left-side consumables menu, new buttons for Normal and Focused scans, exploration stance selector button, and more!


Wednesday - October 03, 2018

Deep Sky Derelicts - Review @ Gamespew

by Hiddenx, 13:40

Gamespew checked out Deep Sky Derelicts:

Deep Sky Derelicts Review

It would be easy, but incorrect, to dismiss Deep Sky Derelicts from Snowhound Games as a Darkest Dungeon clone.

When I first saw the comic-style artwork, the turn-based combat, and heard rumours of the nail-biting difficulty, I was ready to review this game unfavourably, slamming it for simply regurgitating another game’s trademark formula. However, I must confess, within 20minutes of Deep Sky Derelicts I was hooked like a heroin addict. It learns from Darkest Dungeon, XCOM and even CCGs such as Hearthstone and Fable Fortune, but somehow builds them all into a reliable and unique framework that is a joy to play.

Deep Sky Derelicts is set in a Star Wars-esque ‘old future’ with super-advanced technology such as space travel, forcefields, laser-weaponry, and much more. All of this technology has a kind of weathered look, as though it is something arcane dug out of an earlier epoch. There is also a host of intriguing alien lifeforms to be encountered, all of them characterful yet threatening. Some of these aliens are downright weird; others are Lovecraftian. It’s here the game shows its XCOM roots, because all of the aliens contribute to the creation of what is a surprisingly compelling sci-fi world that incorporates so many elements we already know and love, but just has enough of a different spin to keep you guessing.
Everything about Deep Sky Derelict seems to have been done right, from the synthwave soundtrack to the lore to the unusual combat system. It’s rare that a game with procedural elements holds my attention for long, and rarer still that an RPG can show me something new. Deep Sky Derelicts has managed to do both and pull it off with a certain ballsy panache. I can’t wait to discover what lies in the deepest depths of this game. And that evocation of child-awed wanderlust is a sign of its true success.

Score: 8/10

Wednesday - September 26, 2018

Deep Sky Derelicts - Released

by Hiddenx, 21:47

The tactical RPG Deep Sky Derelicts has been released today:

1.0 update is here! Full version of Deep Sky Derelicts is OUT NOW!

Hi Scavengers,

Today is the day! Deep Sky Derelicts is coming out of Early Access today and it brings with it a update of epic propositions called "Search for the Mothership"!

In the full version of the game you can finally experience the complete story mode that allows you to visit the fabled Mothership as well as brings a plethora of new content, fixes, tweaks and changes.

Among the most important changes are:

  • Endgame content, level 10 abilities, missions and the ending added.
  • Languages added: French, German, Polish, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.
  • Mac and Linux versions.
  • Steam achievements and trading cards.
  • Soundtrack and artbook included.
  • More random encounters.
  • More character portraits.
  • New ship layouts.
  • A huge amount of balance changes to card and ability values, item prices, research upgrade costs, loot values and enemy stats.
  • New enemy types: Necrotic Cyborgs, Disciples and the Deathmorph

and much more!

We also prepared a new launch trailer to celebrate the full release:


Friday - December 29, 2017

Deep Sky Derelicts - Update 0.2

by Hiddenx, 10:12

The tactical RPG Deep Sky Derelicts got an Early Access update. The full game will be released in April 2018:

December Update is OUT! Russian translation added!

Hello scavengers!

We're super happy that we can give you an early Xmas gift - the new content update for Deep Sky Derelicts (0.2)

There's a bunch of new things to try, new missions to accomplish... and we believe that this update will make especially Russian players happy - it now features Russian localization!

The complete changelog is below:

Old saves may work, but you will likely encounter some problems.

NOTE ON BUGS: We would very much like to see the output_log.txt file when you bump into bugs. The log file is located in the C:\Users\<your account>\AppData\LocalLow\Snowhound\Deep Sky Derelicts directory. You can either upload it somewhere or email it to, preferably with a description of what happened. Thank you!


  • Character level 4 unlocked. Specializations are not yet open.
  • One level 4 ship added to starmap. Actual Tier 2 ships will come in a later update, but this is something to test and play with in the meantime.
  • Enemies can now move on the map - watch out!
  • The scanner now shows more information about map contents when you hover over a room.
  • 2 new main missions, 2 new side missions, a new contract and a few other new random encounters added.
  • Unique lore datapads may be found in the derelicts.
  • New room backgrounds and character portraits added.
  • Added a Sell All Junk button to the station shop.
  • Arena updated with 4 new encounters, rebalanced loot drops, removed empty tiles on the map (now just combat after combat) and puncture possibility in Arena minimized from enemies (only Knife with Piercing strike and spawned wurmlings occasionally proc puncture). Overall, it should be more challenging.
  • A lot of card fixes and balance updates, for example:
  • puncture chances have been lowered across the board
  • critical hit damage bonus is now 1.5x instead of 2x
  • almost all enemies and player characters have received an increase in health and shield amounts and the damage output on early levels has been slightly reduced
  • We have more changes in mind for puncture, as well as balance in general.
  • Localization support implemented and Russian translation added. More languages to follow.. Note: We are aware of some issues with the Russian localization and will update it later.
  • Added sounds for Cobra, Necroguard, Skink, Juggernaut/Buddynaut and level 4 class abilities
  • A lot of the extensions now can spawn with 0 cards while the number of cards and the chance of spawning higher number of cards on weapon cores has been increased.

New Equipment:

  • Power Generators and Field Scanners can be purchased from the shop (if available) and deployed on a ship from the Actions menu:
  • Generators power up rooms in an area. Actions cost no energy in powered rooms, with the exception of emergency boost in combat.
  • Scanners keep map tiles in an area visible and reveal enemy movement.

Inventory UI Improvements:

  • You can filter items based on the equipment type.
  • There is now a toggle for keeping the inventory sorted by item type.
  • Clicking an equipment slot shows items that are compatible with that slot. Click again to restore normal inventory view.
  • Clicking an equipment mod slot shows mods that are compatible with the equipped weapon.
  • While dragging an item, hovering over the next or previous page button changes the page.

Thursday - November 16, 2017

Deep Sky Derelicts - Goes Early Access

by Myrthos, 09:57

Deep Sky Derelicts is now available as an Early Access game on both Steam and Good Old Games.

Deep Sky Derelicts is coming to Early Access!

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, 15 November 2017 - 1C is proud to announce that Deep Sky Derelicts, an original combination of turn-based strategy and RPG, enriched with tactical card combat and popular rogue-like elements, will be released in Early Access on SteamTM and later today, together with a new trailer and a batch of screenshots from the latest build. Release of the full, finalized game is scheduled for the end of Q1 2018.

After being successfully presented at Gamescom 2017, as well as nominated for a Best Indie Gamescom Award, development of Deep Sky Derelicts has been concentrated on delivering an appropriately polished build for the Early Access version of the game. With a good deal of content to get players engaged within the Deep Sky Sector for hours, the Early Access version will be a great starting point for all those interested in playing a part in the development of this indie title. Apart from being able to watch the game grow and mature into the final polished version, they can also report bugs, submit suggestions for development and get exclusive first-row access to any new, additional content. The most active fans will also have a chance to win cool prizes and even become a part of Deep Sky Derelicts forever!

The universe of Deep Sky Derelicts offers vast possibilities, even with its Early Access build. The Story Mode, though capped at Character Level 3 (out of a current max. of 10), and as yet unfinished, still offers several hours of exciting gameplay with high replay value, thanks to existing content variety and the procedural generation of levels and gear. The Early Access release also includes 6 character classes to build your squad from, 13 core equipment types and 17 extension types, which make for countless variations of actual weapons and tools to equip, over 70 different playable cards those pieces of gear can contain, and 12 missions to spice things up and give you a taste of DSD's story. And if that's not enough, there's always the Arena Mode, which provides a great way for players to test their tactical thinking, various weapons and attacks, as well as their luck during this battle-survival mode.


About the game

  "They drift in the void. Desolate but not empty."
In a grim dystopian future, where mankind has scattered across the galaxy and the human society has split into two distinct classes, you are a poor stateless outcast forced to live off scraps from derelict alien stations and ships in the outer space, yet you dream of becoming a privileged citizen and living on the surface of a habitable planet, enjoying non-synthetic air, water and food. A fabled alien derelict ship somewhere within the Deep Sky sector of space is your voucher for a citizenship and a promise of cozy life on a hospitable planet.

Hire and control a squad of up to three mercenary characters and set on to explore derelict ships within your reach from the scavenger's base. Searching the derelicts for loot and clues, you come across many friendly inhabitants and traders, but more often - various enemies. Challenge and defeat them in tactical turn-based fights, where randomly-drawn cards form your changing arsenal of combat actions, gain experience for yourself and your crew, loot dead bodies, resupply and upgrade once back at your base. The scavenger's home ship gives you the opportunity to heal and level-up your mercenaries, equip them, upgrade their gear or recharge energy for life support during missions.



  • Fresh take on turn-based combat with cards
  • Refined sci-fi comic book look & feel
  • Endless customization options for characters and scavenging teams
  • High replay value thanks to procedural generation of content
  • Story of the human society divided within a dystopian universe
  • Two game modes: story and arena


Here is the latest trailer of the game.


Wednesday - September 06, 2017

RPGWatch @ Gamescom - Deep Sky Derelicts

by Myrthos, 21:30

In case you haven't heard yet about Deep Sky Derelicts, this is an opportunity to learn more about the game from our Gamescom article.

Deep Sky Derelicts is a game about the exploration of derelict space ships and takes place in the distant future with people scattered all over the universe and the society split into rich and poor. The rich people live as citizens on the surface of habitable planets and the poor have a lot worse housing arrangements. Derelict space scavengers like you, live of the scrap they can find on derelict space ships. Everybody who isn't yet, dreams to become a citizen one day to live on a planet's surface. That would normally be very difficult to accomplish but you will be offered the chance to Achieve this. You will receive a contract where you have to search for a special derelict spaceship, which nobody has been able to find yet and that is very important for the one handing you the contract.  Near the end of the game you will finally be able to locate the exact position of this fabled derelict spaceship.

Information about

Deep Sky Derelicts

Developer: Snowhound Games

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Sci-Fi
Genre: Action-RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· Released: 2018-09-26
· Publisher: 1C Company