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Tuesday - October 15, 2019
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Tuesday - October 15, 2019

Divinity: Fallen Heroes - Put On Hold

by Myrthos, 14:49

It doesn't look like Divinity: Fallen Heroes is going to be released, as all development on the game has ceased.

It is with a profound sense of regret that today we announce Divinity: Fallen Heroes has been put on hold, as we fondly celebrate the work done so far. We’ve been working with Logic Artists for over a year since before the announcement on March 27, 2019. Though enthused by the reception of the announcement and the energy of our fans, we have taken many things into consideration over the course of the last few months, and today we’re ready to talk about its future.

Originally scheduled for a November 2019 release, it has become clear to everyone involved that the game will need far greater development time and resources than are available now to bring it to fruition, in a fun and sustainable way.

Going forward, we at Larian will continue to work on Baldur’s Gate 3 with news coming soon, and Logic Artists will be focusing on their own Expeditions games. As an independent developer ourselves, we understand and value the importance of a developer investing into their own IPs, and their own future.

We’re sorry for the players excited for Fallen Heroes, who will have to wait an unspecified period of time, but we strongly believe that bringing Fallen Heroes to fans should be done in a timeline that allows it to be developed soundly.

We value the work that everyone has put in to Fallen Heroes, and though we lament its status as of now, we all agree that there’s a great game in there that will sometime reach the players who await it.

Logic Artists shared the following statement: “It's always sad to put an exciting project on hold, but sometimes the realities of development and release schedules simply assert themselves in ways that are outside anyone's control. It's been an incredible honour to work with Larian on their Divinity IP, and everyone at Logic Artists has been blown away by how helpful and welcoming Larian has been throughout the project.

There's no doubt we've learned much that will benefit our own projects in the future, and we'll always be grateful for that experience. As our own team pivots to focus fully on the third installment of the Expeditions series and a new IP of our very own, we wish Larian the best of luck with Baldur's Gate 3. We can't wait to play it!”

Monday - July 01, 2019

Divinity: Fallen Heroes - Preview @ Gamesradar

by Hiddenx, 19:00

Gamesradar checked out the tactical RPG Divinity: Fallen Heroes:

Divinity: Fallen Heroes is a tactical RPG that blends the world of Divinity: Original Sin 2 with the action of XCOM

Larian Studios' follow-up to Original Sin 2 aims to carve out a space between two established genres

Larian Studios has been making Divinity RPGs for nearly two decades, since the tautologically titled Divine Divinity in 2002 up to its most recent instalment, the celebrated Divinity: Original Sin 2. With Fallen Heroes, though, it's hopping the fence into tactics games. But as producer Kieron Kelly points out, "the crossover of RPG, strategy and tactics is actually quite high". He’s talking specifically about the games that Larian's team like to play – alongside the RPGs you'd expect, he rattles off a list of tactics and strategy games:
XCOM, Into the Breach, Darkest Dungeon, Heroes of Might & Magic – but it applies to the building blocks of those genres. Turn-based combat, squad selection and skill trees are common refrains, they're just turned higher or lower in the mix depending on the genre.


Friday - May 10, 2019

Divinity: Fallen Heroes - Preview @ IGN

by Myrthos, 09:05

IGN has taken a look at Divinity: Fallen Heroes and the author of the article looks at it as a spiritual successor to Dragon Commander.

In Divinity: Original Sin 2, combat is one of many components that make up a sprawling role-playing epic. But in Divinity: Fallen Heroes, that very same combat system is firmly in the spotlight; the game, like XCOM, is a series of challenging combat missions featuring tactical objectives that must be achieved using the abilities and spells of a crack team of god-like heroes, amusingly known as the Apocalypse Squad (Divinity’s Terry Pratchett-like edge is definitely still here).

It’s a design that makes perfect sense; Original Sin 2 has the most intricate and ambitious combat system of any RPG you could care to name, and so to build a new game upon it seems only natural. If you’re unfamiliar with Divinity’s turn-based combat engine, it’s a complex, unforgiving tinder box of elements that are in constant war with each other. If you stab a soldier they’ll bleed, and that pool of blood can then be frozen into a slippery trap that’ll trip over anyone who steps across it, knocking them out cold. Amazingly, that’s just a simple example.

Monday - April 15, 2019

Divinity: Fallen Heroes - Previews

by Silver, 11:15

Twinfinite and GameReactor have previewed Divinity: Fallen Heroes.


Is the X-COM-style gameplay loop going to hold up over 60 missions? Or perhaps a better question is whether it will compare favorably to the Divinity games fans are used to?

That probably depends on how involved the story, characters, and decision-making is in the finished game. I wouldn’t bet against Larian Studios getting the balance right, as I’m certain they know just how important storytelling and role-playing agency is to the Divinity franchise.

Still, this has been designed as a combat-heavy Divinity experience targeted at those who relish strategic turn-based battles, and in that department, it looks like a real winner.


Quite how deep the story goes remains to be seen, and we'll need to see careful use of the characters if they're going to remain as relevant in Fallen Heroes as they were in Original Sin II. That said, all of the characters we know and love are still very much present so prepare to fight alongside Fane, The Red Prince, Lohse, Sebille, Ifan Ben-Mezd, and Beast in this tactical twist on the series. There's huge potential for this one given its rock-solid origins, although there's a way to go if it's going to live up to the standards set by Original Sin II.

Thanks Farflame!

Monday - April 08, 2019

Divinity: Fallen Heroes - Preview

by Silver, 06:14

Fansided has previewed Divinity: Fallen Heroes.

The game is certainly challenging, and if past experiences are anything to go on, Divinity: Fallen Heroes will likely include a number of different difficulty options. There is definite potential for replayability as well.  I was told the final version of the game would include over 60 missions. Considering I couldn’t complete one mission in half an hour, Fallen Heroes is shaping up to still be quite a time sink. Not to mention the added optional objectives and challenges that will be included in the final version of the game.


Thanks Farflame!

Monday - April 01, 2019

Divinity: Fallen Heroes - Has Rocket Jumping

by Silver, 10:13

PC Gamer reports that Divinity: Fallen Heroes will have rocket jumping due to its new surface.

Sulphurium is a volatile, explosive resource that, when spilled on the battlefield, presents both a deadly obstacle and a very handy tool. 

"It's triggered by kinetic energy, and it causes an explosion with a shockwave," Larian's Swen Vincke explains. "So if you shoot a crossbow at it while you're on top of it, you can rocket jump. And if you time it right you can jump across multiple surfaces. If an enemy is nearby they'll be thrown back by the impact as you jump. It's a really cool systemic addition to the combat." 


Thursday - March 28, 2019

Divinity: Fallen Heroes - Sort of XCOM

by Hiddenx, 19:22

Rock Paper Shotgun thinks Divinty: Fallen Heroes is a sort of XCOM for the series:

Divinity: Fallen Heroes is sort of XCOM for Divinity: Original Sin 2, but doesn't have its guns yet

“Hot diggity daffodil,” says I, reading a GDC email two weeks ago. “A ‘new and unannounced Divinity: Original Sin 2 title’, what a day!” Eagle eyed readers will have already spotted that the email did not in fact say ‘hot new in-depth RPG Divinity: Original Sin 3 revealed’, and Divinity: Fallen Heroes is indeed not that.
I got a hands on with an early alpha build, and what it is, is sort of XCOM but for Divinity. Or, to put it another way: did you like the combat from Divinity: Original Sin 2?

The combat in OS2 wasn’t my favourite part, because as you probably know I lean towards story and elf-bothering, but it’s good, and was highly praised. Making a standalone game about it seems like a good move. There’s a bit more to it than that, but that’s the main cut, thrust, stab, explosion, knockback, poison-applied of it. Fallen Heroes is set post OS2, but there is still adventuring to be done and a world to save. You become the captain of the flying battleship Lady Vengeance, and from there send a squad of four (three basic types e.g. archer or healer, and one familiar heroic face from OS2), out on various missions for complex turn-based murder.


Thanks henriquejr!


Wednesday - March 27, 2019

Divinity: Fallen Heroes - Announcement Trailer

by Silver, 18:34

A new game collaboration between Logic Artists and Larian has produced a new tactical game Divinity: Fallen Heroes which is set after Divinity: Original Sin 2.

We’re so happy to announce this one.

Divinity: Fallen Heroes is a game we’ve wanted to make for a long time. Ever since Dragon Commander, we toyed with the idea of mixing D:OS tactical turn-based combat with Dragon Commander’s decision-making elements. We thought there was a very cool game hiding in there, but we never had the resources to make it. Since then, the idea remained unexplored.

Until now.


Last year, we gave the D:OS2 engine to Danish studio Logic Artists and asked them to see where it’d take them. Their brief was to develop a game in which your narrative choices affect which missions you can play-- and where your performance during these missions would affect subsequent narrative options.   

The result was truly awesome. Thus, some time later this year, there will be a new stand-alone Divinity game featuring all our favourite characters, tactical turn-based combat, and plenty of difficult decisions to make. There’s tons of new combos to discover, tons of combat enhancements and… you can play with a friend in co-op! 

The story will see you take on the role of commanders in the Divine Order, charged with arresting the half-demon Malady for stealing the Order's doomsday weapons. Before you know it, you’ll be engaged in a high-stakes play for global domination against none other than the Lord of Chaos himself. Together with the former Godwoken and the unreliable half-demon, you’ll engage in a grand adventure that’ll see you become the last hope of the free world. 

To get a first taste of Divinity: Fallen Heroes, check out our brand new shiny trailer. And if you’re lucky enough to attend PAX East, come to our booth and try out the game yourself. We’re demoing an early build to collect feedback.

It’s still early days and we have plenty of work left to do, but do let us know your thoughts and what you would hope to see in Divinity: Fallen Heroes. We’re listening, and as always, your feedback will help us make the game better. 

Oh! And check out the game's brand new site:

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