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Wednesday - January 19, 2011

Divinity II: FoV - Review @ GameShard

by Dhruin, 22:21

GameShard has a review of the Divinity II expansion, Flames of Vengeance. This is one of the few articles that focuses purely on the expansion and the result is a mixed 7/10.  Their main complaint is the lack of hand-holding and the limited use of the dragon form - both possibly positives for some readers:

That said, combat doesn't actually play as large a role in Flame of Vengeance as it did in Ego Draconis. The majority of quests require investigative or conversational skills; all about talking to the right people or working out the (sometimes fiendish) puzzles. This would be a lot easier, though, if the quest tracking system wasn't almost completely useless. Quest descriptions are all too often vague, with unhelpful objective markers, and whilst there's a lot to be said for working things out for yourself you do need something to go on. One of the main quests has you looking for five clues, but refuses to give you any idea where to look or even what to look for. Your quest log rather unhelpfully notes that "I need five clues to continue, but I don't know where they are, so I guess I better just look around." Brilliant, thanks for that.

The most crushing aspect of Flames of Vengeance, though, are the almost complete omission of two of Divinity II's most interesting mechanics. Firstly, the Battle Tower, which returns from the first game, is now all-but rendered useless. Yes, you can still visit the trainers and enchanters and storage boxes there, but you'll rarely have any cause to, since all of the above can be done within the confines of the city anyway, and with no new content around the Battle Tower its presences feels superficial at best. The lockdown of your ability to transform into a dragon is less forgivable, though: you're confined to the city because its under aerial siege, which is just about plausible as plot-related restrictions go, but there are no areas in the game - at all - where you can hop into dragon form for a bit of a fly around. Surely we could have had a cavernous dungeon somewhere under the city? Admittedly, the one time you do get to use your dragon form (no transformation, though, you're just teleported to the area and appear in dragon form in the sky) is absolutely fantastic; a dramatic assault on the airborne besiegers spearheaded by a large ship that you have to protect is both challenging, thrilling, and hugely cinematic - though the finale which follows isn't quite so dramatic.

Thursday - December 16, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - Patch 2 Beta

by Dhruin, 21:01

A second patch is available for Flames of Vengeance (those with just the addon, not the full DKS package).  Currently this is a beta, as explained below:


The following patch is a beta-version of patch 2. The purpose of making it available at this point is to help people who are facing difficulties with Flames Of Vengeance without having to wait until we finalized testing on it. So we assume the patch works, but we still need to validate it. Therefore, use of this patch is at your own risk.

Downloading this patch will add a launcher to your game which will download this and forthcoming patches automatically every time you start the game.

Currently, the patch contains:

- Compatibility fixes for various resolutions on TV
- Fix for the physics of the Hall of Echo entrance
- A number of minor fixes

Get the patch here:

Friday - December 10, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - Review @ IGN

by Dhruin, 23:22

IGN has a review that focuses on the Flames of Vengeance expansion, unlike most of the articles out there that centre on DKS where the reviewer probably didn't even get to the FoV part.  The score is a modest 6/10, although the reviewer comes from a different place than some of our readers.  The author hates that the focus isn't on the dragon part, saying "the total package feels like the opening half (i.e., the worse half)".  A bit on exploration and quest markers:

Worse still is the lack of quest markers, yet another problem carried over from the core game. Look, I'm all for exploration and discovery, but not everyone wants to go pixel-hunting in an action RPG. There is one particular main quest that tasks you with finding five buttons spread throughout the streets of Aleroth that you must press to continue the story. Never mind that the game doesn't bother to tell you that two cannot be accessed until much later—which in itself is annoying—but one button in particular is hidden behind a bush in a corner of one street that the camera has no reason to look at. You basically would only stumble on the button by exploring literally every inch of the city or having eyes like a hawk (and seeing a tiny red glow through the leaves of the bush). Good and great RPGs—Fallout: New Vegas, Fable 3, Dragon Age: Origins, and Mass Effect 2 just to name releases from the last year—reward players for exploring with special quests and unique loot, which is fine. However, forcing players to look in obscure spots with no help due to storyline quests with absolutely zero information is just overkill. (One main quest, which is divided into five parts, has the horrific description in the quest log of "I need five clues to continue, but I don't know where they are, so I guess I better just look around.") Perhaps some players like the "challenge," but many—the ones only interested in the story and not collect-aholics—have better things to do than waste time looking for glowing buttons.

Thursday - December 09, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - Patch 1 Released

by Dhruin, 12:37

If you have the Flames of Vengeance addon rather than the full DKS pack, the patch is now available:

  • Nightmare difficulty mode has been added
  • The graphic options have been extended
  • A number of balancing changes were included (overpowered enchantments, empty containers)
  • The interact button now also takes all items in a container
  • Compatibility fixes are present for various graphic cards (black screen problem)
  • A system fix was introduced that solves issues like invisible npc's and overpowered enemies
  • A number of minor fixes were done

Monday - November 29, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - Patch News

by Dhruin, 20:17

News from Lar about imminent patches for Flames of Vengeance and the Dragon Knight Saga (as well as a delay on demos):

Hello everybody,

I wanted to give you an update on where we stand with the patches - the bad news is that we won't be able to release them today as we still need to do one final round of QA on them, the good news is that we think they are final and it's been quite a lot of work getting them in place.

The main reason for the delay is that we had to recommence the patch creation process midway as we discovered some issues while testing the patch. We'll do our best to release the patches as fast as possible and are hopeful that they'll be ready next week. Because of the delay and because we don't want to keep you waiting too much, we'll release them as they come out of QA meaning that the patch release will be spread over some days, instead of releasing them all at the same time as was our original intention.

The major features of this patch are:

+Introduces nightmare difficulty mode
+Exposes the options within the configuration files within the graphic settings menu (eg. unlocking the frame rate)
+Solves the raze/invisible npcs bug
+Fix for the overpowered equipments and enchantments
+A number of minor fixes

The patch will be released for

-English retail PC DVD version of DKS
-French retail PC DVD version of DKS
-Spanish retail PC DVD version of DKS
-Italian retail PC DVD version of DKS
-German retail PC DVD version of DKS
-Polish retail PC DVD version of DKS
-English online PC version of DKS
-French online PC version of DKS
-Spanish online PC version of DKS
-Italian online PC version of DKS
-German retail PC FOV version
-English online PC FOV version
-French online PC FOV version
-Italian online PC FOV version
-Spanish online PC FOV version

An Xbox360 version for English/French/Italian Spanish and French/German will also be created but needs to be submitted to Microsoft before it can get released.

We have moved back the release of PC/Xbox360 demos to be able to get all these patches out of the door as fast as possible, but as you can see, it's quite a list and it's quite a big game to test.

Thursday - November 11, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - Hotfixes Available

by Myrthos, 10:24

Hotfixes for Flames of Vengeance and the Dark Knight Saga have been put online by Larian Studios.

The following is included in these hot fixes:

  • Allows you to change a number of parameters in your global_switches.xml and config.xml (including removing the 30 fps cap)
  • Various crash fixes
  • Fixed freeze during intro movie
  • Story fix: invalid items in Battle Tower platform operator interface screens removed
  • Prevented some infinite loading screens
  • Enhanced cut-scene flow
  • Fixed issues with subtitles during regionswaps
  • Foliage Shader Fix added
  • Specific cutscene animations fixed (added missing animations)
  • Removed issue with physics blockers
  • Savegame backwards-compatibility fixes

The hotfixes are only for the English PC versions of the games. A German version is in the making and should be released in a week or so. The hotfixes will not work on all digital distributions like Steam yet, because they have to make the hotfixes available themselves.

A hotfix for the Xbox 360 version is also in the making, but no date has been set for it at this moment.

Monday - November 08, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - Review @

by Dhruin, 20:27

Let's toss up another Flames of Divinity review, this time at Swiss site  The score is a modest 7/10 and the Google translation is hard to read but balance issues, performance and lack of anti-aliasing seem to be the main drawbacks.

Divinity II: FoV - Review @ RPG Game

by Myrthos, 17:31

RPGFrance rates Divinity 2: Flames of Vengeance with a 9/10. This is in French as well, so no quotes.

Thursday - November 04, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - Larian Vault Launched, DKS and FoV Available

by Dhruin, 20:53

Larian has launched their Larian Vault online shop and you can now purchase both the Flames of Vengeance addon and the full Dragon Knight Saga combination.  Prices are in Euro, which might disadvantage some and work well for others.

In related news, Lar has confirmed there will be a full Ego Draconis+Flames of Vengeance = Dragon Knight Saga patch, but we don't know the timeline:

We will be creating a patch which brings ED+FOV to DKS. The only caveat will be that if you apply it, you won't be able to load existing ED savegames (which you can if just install FOV). I hope that clears things up.

Thursday - October 07, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - Status Updates

by Dhruin, 20:04

Lar has posted a couple of relevant things on the Divinity II forums over the last day, updating the status of Flames of Vengeance and the Dragon Knight Saga.  First, a general update:

This is the current status:

DKS Xbox360: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian versions are in submission at Microsoft and we are waiting for their approval. If they give the go ahead, then the november 5th date will be respected. As always, it's possible that games arrive in stores sooner.

DKS PC: We are doing final checks on the gold masters for English, French, German, Spanish and Italian versions and expect these to be ready in time. Actually, as it looks now manufacturing of at least the German version will probably start this friday.

FOV PC: English, French, German, Italian versions are being prepared and tested. These will be released digitally, and for the moment we have no reasons to assume the November 5th release dates won't be met.

Other languages are also in the works and we hope that by the end of October all versions will be finished.

So in other words, it might not be October 26th, but I think the week after that, The Dragon Knight Saga and Flames Of Vengeance should be available.

Note that FoV appears to be a digital-only release at this point.

In the same thread, Lar answers a question on the US version of DKS.  Still in the air, it seems:

Unfortunately I can't give you much more information on this yet - US release is still being discussed but we're doing our best.

On the Divinity II patch front, Lar confirms they are interested in a full D2 patch that brings everything to FoV level (minus the FoV content, of course) but confirms they still need publisher permission, which is still "in the air":

So our patch plans are the following:

-We ship DKS and FOV in all languages.

-For Germany, we bring out a FOV patch which brings it up to date with the international versions of FOV once FOV is released.

-For ED buyers, we're planning to bring out a free patch that turns ED into DKS minus the FOV content, but with the caveat that savegame compatibility will not be maintained due to the many changes in DKS content. However, we'll need the ok of the publishers of ED to release this patch, s that's still in the air. Due to the rules for patches on the X360, we won't be able to release this patch on X360 for ED since it's going to be very large.

Friday - October 01, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - Nov 5th for Europe, Canada, AU

by Dhruin, 23:04

Lar has posted an update on the Dragon Knight Saga and Flames of Vengeance.  Word is distribution agreements are in place for Europe, Canada and Australia but the US is still "up in the air".  Lar goes on to imply digital distribution should be available for those in the US who can't wait for the retail release.  I'm assuming the DKS and FoV releases are simultaneous, although that isn't entirely clear:

As you can notice from our limited presence here, we're in the rush to complete all versions. Many a late night have been spent on finalizing everything but it looks like we're getting there. So a quick update:

Yesterday we finished the English, French, German, Italian and Spanish Xbox360 versions and they are now at Microsoft for certification. That basically means that we can't find anything else anymore that needs to be fixed and Microsoft will now check if we overlooked something.

This weekend the hopefully final PC versions of DKS are being built and if final QA works out, we should be ready in time for a November 5th release. We've sorted out Pan-European distribution including Canada and Australia, but US distribution is still up in the air, so unfortunately we can't give you a US street date yet, but we'll make sure you can at least get the PC version via digital means.

Once we've built the DKS versions, we'll make all the FOV versions and then it will finally be done ! And we can take a break \:\)

To answer the X360 questions above - yesterday we did a presentation to a number of journalists switching between PC & X360 - one of the things we did was showing side by side comparisons of Ego Draconis and The Dragon Knight Saga. It's really quite a big difference. It's not only the camera, the textures, the shading and the lighting, it's also the gameplay and the UI that make for a big improvement. We're really pretty curious what you all will think of it when it comes out.

Wednesday - September 08, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - vs Dragon Knight Saga

by Dhruin, 21:07

Swen Vincke explains the differences between Divinity II + Flames of Vengeance versus the Dragon Knight Saga on the Larian forums.  The addon will get you engine improvements in the original game but you'll still miss out on changes to enemies, loot and the flying fortress unless you get the combined DKS:

Flames of Vengeance retroactively applies many changes which are introduced in DKS also to Ego Draconis. Most engine changes for instance are immediately present in Ego Draconis. To maintain compatibility with existing savegames however, there are a number of things which aren't changed when you install FOV. These are:

Enemy placement and balancing (massive overhaul)
Loot and set-items (complete overhaul)
Story and scripting changes (e.g. in DKS flying fortress gameplay is very different to ED)
Art changes in Ego Draconis (though you do get the advantage of better lighting & shading)

In general, if you played or finished Ego Draconis and don't want to start over again, get FOV.

If you don't mind starting over again, get DKS, in which the total gameplay experience is in my opinion much more stream-lined.

There's no big differences between the FOV content in DKS and the FOV content applied to ED.

Wednesday - September 01, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - Status Update

by Dhruin, 22:34

Lar has a new update on the Flames of Vengeance forums.  The X360 improvements, possible demo and patches for Divinity 2 are addressed:

Hello all,

To my shame, I once again realize that the pressures of everyday life at Larian stopped me from posting more regular status updates, something I had decided to do some time ago. Quick update about what's keeping us busy:

Submission of the Xbox360 version of The Dragon Knight Saga: Honestly, you won't recognize the game if you played it previously on Xbox360. It's much much smoother, the user interfaces have changed significantly, the camera has changed completely, it's been balanced specifically for the X360 this time and above all it's much more fun. It's also very very big, as the content of Flames of Vengeance together with the revised Ego Draconis content make for a very big game. I'm too biased to make an objective judgement, but I hope that when you get it in your hands, you'll have as much fun with it as the testers seem to have.

Polish, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, English, German versions: We love localization, yes we do ! My god, what a job - with the FOV content now added to it, just verifying if a language integration worked out well has become a huge logistical operation.

Monkey Labs 2 & 3: Lots of commotion here in Belgium about educational games with the start of the new school year, and our Monkey Labs games are getting quite some attention, especially now that the government seems to take an interest. We've got two more slated for release end of September, and then there's another two coming a bit later, so those too are keeping me busy.

Next games: In the midst of the rush of releasing the 18 versions, there's still our next projects to take care of too, as more and more team members are ready with their jobs on our current productions. Up to now we've been fooling around with ideas and concepts, but pretty soon decisions will need to be taken about how these will materialize, though I fear it will take some time before we'll be able to talk about them.

Demos: Lots of pressure on our shoulders to come up with demos for The Dragon Knight Saga so that's probably going to take some of our time too very soon.

Patches: When all versions will finally be finished, we'll be able to lift the existing released content to the level of the latest builds, which will be about time. I regret tremendously that we couldn't release any patches before, but it was out of our hands, something we'll not allow to happen again.

That's all I have time for now, I'll try to give a longer one next time round.



Tuesday - August 31, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - Screens @ Official Site

Wednesday - August 25, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - International Reviews

by Dhruin, 22:49

The Larian site has been updated with some international reviews for Flames of Vengeance.  Head over for links and translated snippets, or hit the bullet-point list below:

Monday - August 23, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - October International Release Date

by Dhruin, 21:14

Lynn Vanbesian from Larian has answered a question about the international releases of Flames of Vengeance on their forums, saying the website hasn't been updated but it should be out in October:


Thank you for your interest in Divinity II - Flames of Vengeance.
As Raze already said, only the German PC version for the game has been released, on 30 July.
The initial plan was to release the game on 20 August, but that has been changed. Only hasn't it been adapted at the website ( and I have warned the publisher about that.

The official website for Flames of Vengeance can be found here.

The other PC language versions of Flames of Vengeance and the Dragon Knight's Saga on Xbox360 are scheduled to be released in October 2010.

Hope this helps you.

All the best,

Thursday - August 05, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - Status Update

by Dhruin, 20:59

Lar has penned another lengthy staus update on the Larian forums for Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.  Having signed off on the Gold Master, Lar explains his trepidation at returning from holidays to the early public response (which is very positive so far), the work ahead of them getting international versions ready for October 15th and, eventually, a bit of a rant at the current developer-publisher relationship.  A sample on the work ahead:

Warm feelings ensued and lasted for some time until cold reality knocked at the door when we started looking at the workload ahead of us – 6 other language versions of Flames of Vengeance need to be created and tested, three spoken languages together with two subtitled languages need to be crammed on one Xbox360 DVD, 7 different language versions of the Dragon Knight’s Saga need to be created, the Dragon Knight’s Saga itself needs to be finished, and we also have 4 Monkey Labs titles coming out later this year. Or in the games industry lingo, we have 18 SKU’s to deliver between here and Christmas as well as some patches, as well as plenty of PR and marketing materials. Probably we’ll have to cram in some demos in there too.

Thanks, Alrik.

While we're on FoV, Focus has released new screenshots and the Larian home page has coverage of some of the German reviews.

Wednesday - August 04, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - Video Interview

by Dhruin, 22:25

The Larian site is pointing out a video interview and Flames of Vengeance footage from, taken at the Larian offices.  Despite being a German site the conversation is in English, given the two different nationalities.  This video is a couple of weeks old but if you've been following FoV, there's some over-the-shoulder action on offer and comments from studio head Swen Vincke.

Monday - August 02, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - First German Review

by Dhruin, 20:50

Well, the first one we know of, anyway. has reviewed the freshly released (in German territories) Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.  The Google translation is particularly ordinary in spots for this one, but they say FoV successfully rehabilitates the ending of the original game and provides some entertaining quests.  The score score is 86% and a "Gold Award".

Thanks, Alrik!

Friday - July 23, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - Release Date, Screenshots and Trailer

by Myrthos, 21:03

A DTP press release states that the release date for the German speaking countries has been set to the 30th of July. This date is actually earlier than the dates mentioned before. How often does that happen...

In addition there is a new (German) trailer to be found on the web, like on youtube and some fresh new screenshots that you can find in our gallery.

Sunday - June 27, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - German Version Finished

by Myrthos, 20:35

In a new status update Swen "Lar" Vincke states that the German version is done (if nothing pops up). In this update he mentions the reason why the German version is released first (again!!).

I can hear our non-German fans sigh - why once again the German version first ?

The sigh is warranted as we didn't expect it to turn out that way, and actually hoped that we were going to have a simultaneous release, but unfortunately it turned out that way, though I have to say in the same breath that there are some fortunate bits in there too. The reason for a split release is pretty simple - different distributors in different territories were signed at different dates and have different marketing approaches and probably also different target audiences. I know we haven't announced yet who'll be doing the publishing and distribution of the other language versions, but that'll change pretty soon. We actually just signed the deals last week, so PR/Marketing need some time to warm up.

In addition he gives some background information about Divine Divinity and that even though they tried to delay the game as it had too many issues, it did not help. An interesting read.

Thanks Alrik for the information.

Tuesday - June 15, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - Video Interview

by Dhruin, 23:24

The Larian forums have noticed a video on Youtube showing off some Flames of Vengeance footage.  The video comes from a German TV gaming show and features dtp's Claas Wolter demoing the game; fortunately, there are English subtitles.  The clip was posted recently but I'm not sure how old it is, because Claas mentions an X360 Live release, which we now know is a problem.

Tuesday - June 08, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - Status Update

by Dhruin, 22:08

Thanks to Alrik for pointing out this status update at the Larian forums, with studio head Swen Vincke saying Flames of Vengeance is done.  Here's a partial sip from his lengthy post:

Quite a lot happened since last I gave a bit of a status update here: Divinity 2: Ego Draconis got released, and we’ve basically already completed Divinity 2: Flames of Vengeance already, so the last you can accuse me of, is being present here too much ;\)
One of the reasons I’m idle is that for once and for the moment, everything seems to be running smoothly. This is probably the first time that my team is so relaxed before a major release (which Flames of Vengeance is to us) and the reason is very simple: the game is actually ready.

Over the last couple of days I played it through, with a big book in my hand and a fresh pencil, ready to be merciless, but at the end of the ride, I hadn’t even filled a single page with things that drop-dead-needed-to-be-done-now-or-we-can’t-ship. I jotted down some things about legal lines, installer texts, middleware logos, but actual gameplay things, almost none. Compare that with the release of Divinity 2 where the day we shipped I had almost a book full of things that I still wanted to be done but couldn’t as the pressure to release was so high. Very big difference and quite a nice feeling actually. But still strange – never happened before. Maybe we’re actually learning after all this time how to do this.

Thursday - June 03, 2010

Divinity II: FoV - Official Site Launched

by Dhruin, 22:38

Larian has launched for their upcoming Divinity II addon.  There are comparison screens, a FAQ and other infos and new forums have been launched at Larian.  According to the FAQ, the engine improvements will be released as a patch for the base game.  The addon itself will run to around 20 hours, though the X360 version might be delayed because it's too large as a DLC, so other distribution methods are being investigated.

Thursday - March 04, 2010

Div2: Flames of Vengeance - Official PR

by Dhruin, 11:09

Well, the official PR finally got here. It doesn't say much we didn't already know, other than an August date. Here we go:

Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance – dtp entertainment and Larian Studios announce Add On for PC and Xbox LIVE

Hamburg/Germany, March 04th, 2010 – Aleroth, once a war-torn city, now holds the next challenges for computer role playing gamers. Rivellon, the world of Divinity II: Ego Draconis, is still not safe. In Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance, the game’s official add on, players must face the evil once more.

Soon they’ll recognize that many of the characters they met in the main game aren’t who they pretended to be. Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance continues where Divinity II: Ego Draconis left off. "In Flames of Vengeance, the player picks up the story of the Dragon knight and guides him to his ultimate destiny. Along the way several accounts are settled, and the answers to many questions in the Divinity universe revealed. We've also taken the opportunity to give the engine a solid overhaul, improving performance and graphics quality along the way", Swen Vincke, Creative Director and CEO of the development team Larian Studios, explains.
Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance, the official add on to Divinity II: Draconis, offers more than 30 quests and about 15 hours of gameplay.

dtp entertainment and Larian Studios will publish Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance for PC and on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft in August 2010.

“Divinity II genuinely surprised me”, “” stated on Divinity II: Ego Draconis.  “I had an absolute blast playing through Divinity 2: Ego Draconis”, said the reviewer of “Zeitgeist Game Reviews”. German magazine “GameStar” stated the game was “the RPG surprise of 2009 so far” and honored it with an award for special “quest quality”.

Wednesday - March 03, 2010

Div2: Flames of Vengeance - Call for Play Testers

by Dhruin, 21:11

We haven't seen that official dtp announcement for Flames of Vengeance but Larian needs play-testers, anyway.  You'll need to live close by, as Larian always tests at their offices:

We are conducting invitation only play tests. If you live in the neighbourhood of Gent and want to spend some hours trying out our next RPG, please send an email to Please include what days you think you might be available in April 2010. These are gameplay and focus tests, so you will be sent a small questionnaire. This will allow us to establish what type of gamer you are and fit you in the right group of players.

Please take into account that you will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement (also known as a non disclosure agreement).

You will not receive any compensation for participating in these tests, but you might enjoy the experience as we think you might have fun.

Monday - March 01, 2010

Divinity 2: Flames of Vengeance - New Add-on

by Myrthos, 21:57

If all goes well a new expansion to Divinity 2 named Flames of Vengeance will be announced tomorrow by DTP. Larian Studios CEO Swen Vincke confirmed the announcement and the expansion at their forums.

As mentioned in their forums some information and screenshots can be found and on All information is in the Russian language, so I don't have a clue what it says but apparently this is a list of features:

  • 15 hours of gameplay
  • many optional quests
  • mindreading is more important and is needed to complete at least some quests
  • interesting non-combat oriented quests (e.g. in one quest you're supposed to give a theatrical performance)
  • better interface
  • better AI
  • better graphics (DirectX 11 support)
  • you will be able to export your character from the original Divinity 2 or start a new one
  • skill trees will be expanded

Information about

Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance

Developer: Larian Studios

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Combat: Pausable Real-time
Play-time: 10-20 hours
Voice-acting: Full

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· Released: 2010-11-05
· Publisher: dtp

Germany, Austria & Switzerland
· Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance
· Platform: PC
· Released: 2010-07-01
· Publisher: dtp