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Box Art

Tuesday - May 12, 2020

Dungeon Kingdom - New Chapter - The Old Foundations

by Silver, 21:37

A new chapter for Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon has been released called "The Old Foundations".

Update 0.9.957 - New Chapter - The Old Foundations!

The Old Foundations chapter released!
Dear Adventurers,

I hope you are fine and healthy in these troubled times. The last “big” chapter before the final is now available. New secrets to discover, new creatures, items, and new puzzles!

Also note that a new secret can also be unlocked in a previous chapter, but you have to play the new one to see why :-)

Beyond the new chapter, this version includes some bug fixes and was built with a newer version of the rendering engine. I also changed the way the scrolls are handled: now, after reading a scroll related to the Meltor’s Quest and the Book of Ages, it will disappear, as the content is marked read and added to the adventure book, and accessible from there. We are thinking about extending it to all books/scrolls. That way players won’t struggle anymore about filling the inventory with scrolls already read. Once read, you never need to keep the item (scroll, book…), it’s added to the adventure book forever, and it also works for the Meltor’s Quest.

Several adjustments were also applied. As requested several times by some players, you can wear a bit more weight. I am thinking about removing the weight penalty for dead heroes (or reducing it). Let me know on the forum what you think about it.

The next chapter is much shorter and will be the conclusion of Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon. Level design is already complete and it won’t take too long to be released, so Stay tuned!

Thanks again for all the positive emails and comments and kind words on the networks. Thank you so much for your support it is always so much appreciated.

Ps: As usual, feedback about the new chapter are more than welcome, including the playtime. Thanks!

Wednesday - May 01, 2019

Dungeon Kingdom - New Chapter

by Silver, 12:05

A new chapter for Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon introduces the "Black Mage Quarter."

Update 0.9.950 - New Chapter!

Hello Happy adventurers!

It has been a long wait, but the "Black Mage Quarter" chapter is finally here for everyone!
As usual, feel free to send us feedback and any issues encountered!

We are very sorry for the delay, we totally missed our last schedule. However, there is good news: we are now ready for the return of more regular game updates and posts. We are getting very close to full content, the two last chapters level design and artworks are now done and we are finishing the gameplay integration.

We hope you will enjoy the Black Mage Quarter guys, time to take that portal :)

Black Mage Quarter

Wednesday - December 12, 2018

Dungeon Kingdom - Schedule Update

by Silver, 09:21

Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon has an updated schedule for its release plan.

Schedule Update

Hello happy adventurers!

A little update on our schedule: we are planning to release the three last chapters progressively for the Christmas holidays. Then, during one or two months we will work on a global balancing and improving ergonomy and feedbacks and then we’ll exit the early access (we expect it to happen during this winter).

Saturday - March 31, 2018

Dungeon Kingdom - New Chapter Released

by Silver, 11:12

Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon now has a new chapter called "The Storage".

Update 0.9.940

Warm Tears dear Adventurers!

After a long (too long!) waiting, we are very happy to be back with regular updates! And nothing better to celebrate it than a new chapter: "The Storage".

During this long time, we have fixed lot of issues, tweaked a lot of areas, and there is still a lot to update.

We also changed the end of the game a bit, including the content of the remaining chapters. The next one (required to leave "The Storage") is almost done and will be uploaded a few weeks later: we have to reflect a few changes regarding the story and the modifications we decided for the end of the game.

Until then, enjoy the new update! And, as usual, feel free to report any issues. More updates are coming shortly (including improvement of the AI system), so stay tuned, and have a great exploration time!

Ps: Please note that Mac and Linux versions will be uploaded during the weekend.

Ps2: Remember that updated only the English and French languages texts, we will work on other translations for the final release as this is quite time-consuming. We prefer focusing on content right now.

Ps3: We need you help to gather some informations related to the new chapter, please check


Monday - March 26, 2018

Dungeon Kingdom - New Chapter Coming Soon

by Silver, 00:17

Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon is getting a new chapter via an update March 30th.

Next Game Update this week!!!

Dear adventurers,

After a long and very busy period (and we are sorry for letting you wait so much), and a lot of hard work, the next update is ready!!! It will be available to the public this Friday 30th.

The new chapter is complex and very different from previous ones. Get ready for more Dungeon Exploration :-)

The builds for the three platforms are ready and are going to be uploaded and will be activated on Friday!

Friday - December 30, 2016

Dungeon Kingdom - Update 0.9.930

by Hiddenx, 12:05

The Early Access dungeon crawler Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon got some new features:

Update 0.9.930

  • The Saving system has been totally reworked, it’s better optimized, more flexible on the development side, and much more robust and easier to manage for players. Note that we included an “import all save games” button to convert saves from the old system to the new one. At runtime, all old save files are copied into a temporary directory and kept there, waiting to be imported.
  • The Autosave has been reworked to be less messy.
  • The amount of damage caused to an enemy is now displayed directly on them (this is optional, you can deactivate it). This also works for spell based damage such as the fireball.
  • An icon now appears on a character’s portrait when they gain a level.Click on this icon to directly open the character sheet and highlight the increased stats.
  • Points distribution: from time to time, you will get some bonus points after gaining a level, you can distribute them freely in the characteristics of your choice.
  • It’s now possible to SWITCH the hero's position. Simply drag and drop portraits to change their position. During the process, a small grid of portraits is displayed to show the current position of each heroes in the team (2x2 grid, with two heroes in the front, and two in back).
  • A permanent mini automap is shown in the corner (this can be disabled, which will display the compass instead.).
  • A fullscreen, detailed and scrollable automap (click on the mini map to open it) has been added. It includes an option to automatically add labels with names of rooms and places you’ve been to.
  • Primary gauges are now displayed while sleeping, so you can just stop sleeping when all of them are full.

Tuesday - June 21, 2016

Dungeon Kingdom - May Development Update

by Myrthos, 12:24

In the May development update for Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon, information is provided about the changes that have been made to the game.

It’s time for an update on Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon’s progress.
We have been adjusting a lot of the features in the game:

- First of all, we adjusted and in some cases simplified the core rules system to make character evolution clearer for players. All parts have been tweaked, such as character evolution, experience gain, damage, etc.

-Priest spell casting has changed: Now priests do not need Mana to cast a spell. Priest get their power from their devotion to Adwij. You can cast any spell if the hero has the right level to do it. Then, a cool down appears before you can cast that spell again.

-We now allow players to look around on the automap, it’s no longer locked in place.

-Health Points are now Body Points, and Mana is now Spirit/Mind Points. While Body Points don't really change the game, the notion of Spirit Points allows for some new mechanics such as a new kind of attack: the Psionic Attack. Any character with no Spirit Points will lose the ability to perform actions, including physical ones, as their brain is in a paralyzed-like state.

-New spells and new items have been added.

-Better visual feedback when you get hurt, gain new levels, etc. We’ve also added the gauges when you’re sleeping.

-The game is now paused when reading a book/scroll.

-You can now switch around the character’s positions. Front characters can now become back characters and vice versa, at any time.

-Added the ability to use items to cast spells, such as scrolls and staffs.

-Some other new features were added, but we'll let you discover them whilst playing, we don't want to spoil the surprise!

The next update will contain all of the features mentioned above, but we’ll take some more time to test them all first.

On the Level design side of things, we keep adding new levels, and we care about creating a lot of content for all the areas and not simply always reusing the same graphical elements. This is of course time consuming and we want to thank you all for your patience. We don't want sacrifice any content by rushing to push out levels that we are not satisfied with. This is why we have decided to schedule the full release for after the summer. Holidays are coming quickly, and instead of having the final release when many of our players are away, we'll wait until after the summer and take that time to polish the game.

Stay tuned for the next game update, we'll push it on to Steam soon!

Monday - February 29, 2016

Dungeon Kingdom - Update 0.9.926

by Hiddenx, 21:37

Changelist for Dungeon Kingdom version 0.9.926

Hello! We released version 0.9.926 of the game yesterday. Here's what was included in the update:

  • Added long ranged weapon system. Currently, a bow and several arrows were added in the temple. It currently requires a game restart, however, we'll make further changes so that you can get the bow and arrows without restarting.
  • Added two graphics options in the settings menu.
  • Fixed a lot of French spelling.
  • Fixed the water disappearing in the pool with the worms.
  • Fixed part of the giant worm not appearing.
  • Fixed an issue with saving, resulting in weird level changes with wrong object states.
  • Fixed the sleeping shortcut working from the main menu, having already left the game.
  • Fixed some carpets not burning when throwing a torch on to it.
  • Memorised spells can now be cast whilst the inventory is open.
  • Fixed mini statue puzzle not working correctly.
  • Fixed tutorial issues (shouldn't be possible to get stuck in the pit anymore).
  • Fixed the player getting stuck after taking the Olimenn stone and saving the game.
  • Various minor fixes.

Thanks Eye!

Wednesday - December 30, 2015

Dungeon Kingdom - Update 0.9.923

by Aubrielle, 04:13

Dungeon Kingdom has received another update.

Hello everyone,

The game has just been updated to version 0.9.923

This update fixes the Linux version crash, which occurred before arriving in the Main Menu. If you have any issues, please write to us, thanks :)

Release Notes:

- Autosave was improved: it is not limited to a single autosave slot. Each newly created autosave is added to the saved games list with a time-stamp and when possible it includes the saved game name that it's based on. The small issue a few players got when going back into the city is fixed, however it may still happen when using previously created saved games.

- The intro can be skipped more quickly (as soon as it starts, no more fading animation etc.) when pressing Esc.

- Fixed a bug that made dialog appear when it shouldn't (occured when starting a new game several times without quitting).

- Prevented sleep and inventory shortcuts from working during cut scenes.

- Renamed a couple of Heroes.

- No need to press enter anymore to validate character renaming operation when creating the team.


More information.

Monday - December 28, 2015

RPGWatch Feature - Dungeon Kingdom Interview

by Myrthos, 12:23

Farflame reached out to Hydro Games to talk about their dungeon crawler Dungeon Kingdom.

RPGWatch: What are the strongest elements of Dungeon Kingdom? Why should players play your game instead of other crawlers?

Frederic: In Dungeon Kingdom, we tried to not only offer great graphics, but also innovate with interactions. That's why we've used a real physics engine, and have added other features like being able to burn parts of the environment. The advanced interactions open the way for new kinds of puzzles. We've shown this a bit so far in the Early Access, but there's much more to come in the next chapters of the game. Also, we didn't want to send the player into the dungeon, wandering around without any plot. That's why we have a strong backstory. In fact, we have already planned several Dungeon Kingdom games. It's too early to know how many games we'll release, but we have designed the story and background in a way that makes it possible.

And last but not least, we work very hard on each dungeon's conception, with replayability in mind, as well as freedom in exploration. There are often several ways to explore our dungeons. Simple examples are the abandoned area in the temple of Adwij with the multiple ways to access to it, or the Junction of the Ages, allowing the player to proceed with tests in any order. We are big fans of Chaos Strikes Back or EoB2 level design and some players during the Early Access have already confirmed that we are on the right track.

Monday - December 21, 2015

Dungeon Kingdom - Gets new Features

by Hiddenx, 11:59

Indie Retro News reports that Dungeon Kingdom gets some new features:

Yes indeed, one of my personal requests which was putting me off right from the beginning of development has finally be added. You can now traverse the dungeon levels, while keeping track of your every move and unexplored area, with a damn fine Automapping system, just by clicking the compass at the top left of the screen. Those of you who remember the AGA edition of Eye of the Beholder, will really feel at home with this feature.

But that's not all that's been added to this gorgeous looking grid based, exploration and loot finding crawler, as the developer has also announced a number of other additions, which are listed below!

  • Totally rewritten mouse ergonomic. Say good bye to dungeon Master mouse scheme and hybrid drag and drop: now you have to play the same way as in Eye of the Beholder (and so Grimrock).
  • Added Quick Menu (Open it by clicking on the button at top middle of the screen) to sleep, go to intermediate menu or open Adventure book.
  • Added Adventure book: simply read a book of scroll (including spell) and you can read it anytime from the adventure book.
  • Added Compass. Click on compass to open the local automap.
  • Added Settings Menu to the Main Menu
  • Added Help menu from the intermediate in game menu, to display mouse usage informations and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Hovering an item on inventory / hand slots now display informations about it (weight, protection...)
  • Added "Help/Hints" help from heroes (check the option when starting a new game. Previously created game will get the option automatically in Apprentice and Jouerneyman modes.
  • also includes fixes:
  • Shield protection now working again (and displaying +xxx protection value)
  • Fixed saved game issue preventing to reload saved game in temple in some case
  • Fixed creature walking on tiles that are already full.
  • Fixed broken walls fragments to prevent player to move away or walk on them.
  • Added Mouse wheel and third buton usage

...and countless other adjustments!

Monday - November 23, 2015

Dungeon Kingdom - Previews

by Myrthos, 13:50

Colonel RPG shares his impressions of Dungeon Kingdom in below video.


And Indie Retro News, does it in text.

Character progression is fully automatic, and the stats and class level of your characters improve automatically based on your actions. A character has four level types. Warrior, Ninja, Priest and Wizard. Repeated use of melee weapons increase the warrior level, while using ranged weapons increases the Ninja level and so forth. This makes sense for large open world games like Skyrim where you have tons of skills and abilities, but in games like Dungeon Kingdom I really prefer to have the classic levelling with point allocation system.

Currently the game lacks an auto-mapping feature. While I prefer to do my own mapping on paper, I see that this is something a lot of people will want to have. I've been told that this is being considered for a future update, so let's cross our fingers for that :)

Dungeon Kingdom suffers a bit from being Early Access, as you would expect. There are quite a few bugs and glitches at this point, and some features appear to be a little rough around the edges. The developers are very helpful and quick to respond to user requests. I've already seen changes and improvements made based on community feedback. I am confident that the developers will mold and nurture Dungeon Kingdom to be a game retro dungeon crawler fans should not be without.

Thanks Eye.

Thursday - November 19, 2015

Dungeon Kingdom - Steam Early Access is live

by Hiddenx, 20:37

Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon has been released on Steam in Early Access:


Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon is a modern real-time dungeon crawling RPG. Immerse yourself in a fantastic adventure in the lands of Pohe Fakesys and investigate the cause of the returning chaos and darkness.

Tuesday - November 17, 2015

Dungeon Kingdom - Preparing for Steam Release

by Hiddenx, 00:01

After a successful Early Access phase Dungeon Kingdom will be released on Steam:

Greetings brave dungeon explorers!

During the last few weeks, we have been sending out the Early Access build of Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon to some of our Indiegogo backers!
The feedback has been great and the players have done a great job in testing the game.
Thanks to you, we are now preparing for the release on Steam!
The next announcement will be about the availability of DK to the public, on Steam store and on this site! Stay tuned!

Until then, have look at this new screenshot featuring the new UI!

Sunday - September 06, 2015

Dungeon Kingdom - Steam Early Access available on September 25

by Hiddenx, 12:02

Hydro Games announced at Indiegogo that Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon will be available on Steam Early Access on September 25:

We are very excited to announce that Dungeon Kingdom will be available on Steam Early Access from 25th September. Since our last post, we have been working very hard to make this happen and we thank you for your support during its development. More from us soon, see you on the 25th!

Monday - June 08, 2015

Dungeon Kingdom - Screenshots

by Myrthos, 12:34

We have missed some updates for Dungeon Kingdom, so here is the link to their site which offers various screenshots, like the one below:



Sunday - March 15, 2015

Dungeon Kingdom - Interactions & Physics Video

by Couchpotato, 03:29

Hydro-Games studio released a new video for Dungeon Kingdom this month.


A short demo featuring some of the possible interactions and some realt time physics effects. The demo is played in the Temple of Adwij.

Friday - February 27, 2015

Dungeon Kingdom - Alpha Screenshots

by Couchpotato, 05:33

The developers of Dungeon Kingdom released a new update on Steam that shares a few new screenshots based on the Alpha version of the game.

Hello everyone ! Again thanks to the nice feedback we received.

Here are a few screens from DungeonKingdom: Sign of the Moon being alpha tested. There is much more innovations for the architecture, but i'll stick on classic area of Adwij's temple to not spoil too much.

Wednesday - December 24, 2014

Dungeon Kingdom - Post Campaign News

by Couchpotato, 15:52

The developers of Dungeon Kingdom releasd a new Update on Steam with information on the future of the game. I'm glad to see the game is still in development.

We have been very quiet on the official channels for a while. As you will have noticed, we didn't reach our initial goal. We believe this was mainly due to a lack of exposure in mainstream. This meant that we had failed to raise the required amount to work full time on the game and wouldn’t be able to follow our original plan. However, we have found an alternative solution, so not to worry; the game is still on its way!

So, what happens next?

- The perks: most of perks are ready to be sent; we are just waiting to receive the last pieces, and will send everything together.

- We have a partner that will give us a bit more funds, The partner's name will be announced later.

- We are currently focusing on the Desktop version of the game. We are still periodically testing the mobile version of the game, but we will release the mobile version AFTER the desktop version, probably one or two months later. That way, we can release the PC version earlier and then focus on the remaining optimizations for the mobile version.

- Most importantly: We intend to start Early Access in January! We hope you will be able to join us in making Dungeon Kingdom a great game!

So, from all of the Dungeon Kingdom Team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2015! We hope you will soon be able to spend a great amount of time in the corridors of Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon… and my little finger is whispering to me that Sign of the Moon is not the only story you'll face in 2015…

Thursday - October 23, 2014

Dungeon Kingdom - End of Indiegogo Campaign

by Couchpotato, 05:43

The Indiegogo Campaign for Dungeon Kingdom ended a few days ago, and the games developer has a new update with news how you can still support the game.

Thanks to all our supporters on Indiegogo! For the others, you can still help us to fund the game by using the “Make a Donation” button on the right , and of course, you can request the same perks as on the indiegogo campaign.

We are studying all options to raise a bit more funds. Don’t worry for the project, the game will be released anyway! Just a matter of time and content.

Thanks to our awesome community!

Saturday - October 18, 2014

Dungeon Kingdom - Greenlit on Steam

by Couchpotato, 03:02

The developers of Dungeon Kingdom posted a new update on Steam about the game being Greenlit. Also the Indiegogo campain has one day left to help make the game.

Great New ! We are Greenlighted !!!

We got the Graal! We are now greenlighted on Steam ! Thanks soooooo much to all the community for support and the votes for the game !!! This is a major step in a fantastic adventure!


Tuesday - October 14, 2014

Dungeon Kingdom - Campaign Update

by Couchpotato, 04:43

The developers of Dungeon Kingdom posted an update on Steam. Also as a reminder the game still needs more funding on Indiegogo to help fund the game.

Some people asked us if it's still important to contribute on the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, even though we may not reach the goal of 9000 euros: the answer is simple: YES! Our campaign is flexible, and we'll get the funds even if we don't reach this goal of 9000 euros. So each new contribution will help the project greatly!!! So feel free to pledge, even at the last remaining minute! Thanks!

Friday - October 10, 2014

Dungeon Kingdom - Sign of the Moon Trailer

by Couchpotato, 04:00

Hydro-Games studio posted their first trailer for Dungeon Kingdom. Don't forget the game still needs more funding on Indiegogo. So give a look and pledge. 

Monday - October 06, 2014

Dungeon Kingdom - Indiegogo Campaign Update

by Couchpotato, 05:37

Well it's time for another another update for Dungeon Kingdom. The game has earned €2,518 of the €9,000 goal with 13 days left, and has some new updates.

Time for an update! We are currently working hard on the new video for Dungeon Kingdom. We have plenty of assets created by 3D artists, but it takes some time to make them "ready" for the game’s fully dynamic environments. We have made some great progress and we are confident that you will enjoy the results. We are very excited about what you will discover in the trailer.

It's safe to say things are not looking too good right now.Cry

Wednesday - October 01, 2014

Dungeon Kingdom - New Project Update

by Couchpotato, 04:47

The developers of Dungeon Kingdom posted an update on Steam. Also as a reminder the game still needs more funding on Indiegogo to to help make the game.

Time for an update! We are currently working hard on the new video for Dungeon Kingdom. We have plenty of assets created by 3D artists, but it takes some time to make them "ready" for the game’s fully dynamic environments. We have made some great progress and we are confident that you will enjoy the results. We are very excited about what you will discover in the trailer!

Sunday - September 28, 2014

Dungeon Kingdom - Indiegogo Update #5

by Couchpotato, 12:14

Wekll it's Time for another another update for Dungeon Kingdom. The game has earned €2,235 of the €9,000 goal with 21 days left, and has some new updates.

Thanks to you, we have so far reached 24% of our initial goal. At the same time, we have reached 93% of the way to the top 100 on Steam. We very much appreciate all of your help, support and contributions! We have 24 days left before the Indiegogo campaign ends, and we'll fight hard to promote the game. At the moment we are working very hard on a new trailer, which we think will be awesome, and we hope you’ll agree! Let's tease a bit with a small picture, featuring two new environments that will be included in the game.

Tuesday - September 23, 2014

Dungeon Kingdom - New Indiegogo Update

by Couchpotato, 06:19

Time for another update for Dungeon Kingdom. The game has earned €2,090 of the €9,000 goal with 26 days left, and the developer also posted a few short updates.

Check out some of the music you will hear during your journey in Dungeon Kingdom:

Friday - September 19, 2014

Dungeon Kingdom - Cheaper Access Offered

by Couchpotato, 01:57

The developers of Dungeon Kingdom have posted a new update with information about a cheaper pledge for backers who want the extra game items.

We got a few requests for cheaper access to game related item perks. So I've added a 30 Euros pledge, with which you will receive a printed postcard and badge, and of course a digital game copy.

Wednesday - September 17, 2014

Dungeon Kingdom - Next Indiegogo Update

by Couchpotato, 04:26

So it's been another week and Dungeon Kingdom has earned €1,458 of the €9,000 goal with 18 days left. The developer also posted a few short updates.

Today i'll show you a screenshot showing a special version of Dungeon Kingdom: the Virtual Reality headset "Oculus Rift" verions:

The 3D feeling when moving in Dungeon Kingdom world with an oculus rift Virtual Reality Headset is fantastic ! Note that the version for oculus has some gameplay changes: while you still play a team, you won't have to care about your heroes to fight, they'll handle it themselves, make it easier to play.

Friday - September 12, 2014

Dungeon Kingdom - Indiegogo Update

by Couchpotato, 04:48

Dungeon Kingdom has earned €1,117 of the €9,000 goal with twenty three days left. The developer also posted a few short updates to read if you're interested.

Together we’ve raised over 1,066 euros in less than a week. It continues to rise and we need your help to make sure it stays that way! :-) Keep in mind that the more people contribute, the more room we will have to make Dungeon Kingdom : Sign of the Moon a fantastic Dungeon Crawler game.

Please continue to help support our project, as every bit will make it that much better. Keep spreading the news of our campaign on your favorite blogs, forums, or to your friends really helps, so please continue to do so.

Thank you so much for your help and support!

Friday - September 05, 2014

Dungeon Kingdom - Indiegogo Campaign

by Couchpotato, 04:46

The team of developers for Dungeon Kingdom have announced the game is now looking to get funded on Indiegogo. The amount asked for to get funded is €9,000.

Welcome to the crowd-funding campaign for Dungeon Kingdom : Sign of the Moon, which is a Role Playing video game in a fantasy world, and more precisely a Dungeon Crawler

Some of you may ask, what is a Dungeon Crawler ? Well, it is a type of game that allows you to create a team of heroes, explore dark dungeons infested with creatures, solve puzzles, and discover hidden treasure! You won’t want to stop playing!

...But that's not all ! Dungeon Kingdom is a 3D dungeon crawler  with an immersive first person view and is played in real-time.  Some games of this type won many awards two decades ago, and there are still a lot of players playing to that kind of games !

At this point it might be good for you to watch a video of the game. It's a bit rough, with unfinished level design and sounds. I am playing on an Android tablet (Note: it also runs on PC/Mac/iOS):

So, why create a "dungeon crawler"? Well, firstly, as players, we LOVE dungeon crawler games. Secondly, the game market lacks great real-time dungeon crawlers since the good old days of Dungeon Master, Ishar, Eye of The Beholder...!  Apart from Grimrock, there is an almost total vacuum since that time, nothing to feed the fans of this game genre. On mobile devices this is even worse! We aim to fill this void with Dungeon Kingdom, a game that inherits many features from the classic dungeon crawling games from the last 20 years.

Wednesday - September 03, 2014

Dungeon Kingdom - A Dungeon Crawler RPG

by Couchpotato, 02:38

I recived news from the devolopers of a new Dungeon Crawler RPG called Dungeon Kingdom on Steam Greenlight. I made a post about the game last year.

Here is the latest video, and game description.

Dungeon Kingdom is a Dungeon Crawler RPG game walking in the tracks of Dungeon Master and Ishar games. We love Dungeon Crawlers, and Dungeon Kingdom is our tribute to these fantastics games such as Chaos Strikes Back, Eye of Beholder, and all others ! We have spent a lot of time on details for the best in-game experience , atmosphere and ergonomy. We work hard, and give our best to entertain you !

Some of the features are:

  • Multiple environments !!!
  • Dungeon Kingdom's world is made of contininous levels, there's no fading or loading between levels, except for major environment changes.
  • Cross-platforms game save sharing : start on one device, resume on another one ! Start on PC or Mac, continue on your iPad or Android smartphone.
  • Advanced and optimized Graphics on any platform.
  • Dungeon Kingdom use real Physics engine powered by PhysX, opening new opportunities of puzzles.
  • Unlike many Crawlers, Dungeon Kingdom has advanced AI and navigation systems.
  • Modern features such as achievements.
  • Different play modes are available to fit best any player experience of Dungeon Crawler style games.
  • Strong story design, created with a sequel in mind.

Information about

Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon

Developer: Hydro Games

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Dungeon Crawler
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: 10-20 hours
Voice-acting: Partially voiced

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· To be announced
· Publisher: Hydro Games