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Sunday - September 18, 2022

ELEX II - Review @ Kordanor's Gaming Lair

by Hiddenx, 14:18

Kordanor has reviewed ELEX II:

Elex 2 - Review / Conclusion [EN] by Kordanor


Conclusion & Rating:
While the story-transition from Elex 1 over to Elex 2 has a bit of a problem in regards of plausibility and some quests aren't exactly convincing and they kind of degreade in quality closer to the end, I think the story overall is rather well done. It's a bit of a shame that the English localization is way inferior to the the German original. It's not full of errors, but where the original has lots of humor and properly directed voice-overs, the English version is just bland in comparison, and has almost nothing of the humor left (you can especially see that if you understand German and compare the dialogue joining the Berserkers with the one of my German review).
The issues with the questlog aren't as much of a problem, although it's still annoying to handle and to find any resolved quests. Character development feels nice for the most part, but loses relevance after about the first half of the game and that's also true for most of the item system.
Despite of that the exploration aspect is the biggest strength of the game in my opinion. Because even if a lot of the items you are going to find, aren't super relevant, there are still some left which do have some value for the player, and besides of that it's also just fun to explore and discover all the locations the developers put together in so much detail. If you are traveling around in the world, it just feels like it's somewhat alive and it's not just consisting of different spots which were designed to tie quests together. You can often see that the developers went an extra step when they implemented these quests, really making them part of the game world.
While neither the controls nor the combat is great, they are manageable and aren't really standing in the way to enjoy the game.

My overall rating for the English Version of Elex 2 is a three quarter thumbs up. And I am explicitly mentioning the language, as I think that the significantly better Dialoges in the German version push that one towards the Full Thumbs Up rating.
Still, if you are mostly looking for Exploration and doing Quests in a vast open world then Elex 2 should be just the right game for you. If you are mostly interested into character development, combat and loot, then...this game is probably not your best choice.

For more details (and the answer to the question whether you should have played Elex 1 beforehand), check out the full video. 

Saturday - May 07, 2022

ELEX II - Review @ World of Elex

by Hiddenx, 07:14

World of Elex has reviewed ELEX II:

Elex 2 Review – Is the successor doing everything better?

It took a proud four and a half years for Elex 2 to finally be released. Fans have never had to wait this long for a new game from Piranha Bytes - a studio that polarizes like no other from Germany. Have the Piranhas used the long development time to improve in all aspects with Elex 2, or are the biting fish taking a bath with their ambitious vision?

By Ravenhearth and Dark Bauer

With Elex 1, the Piranhas dared to break styles in 2017 by mixing medieval fantasy and science fiction and giving the hero a name. Jax, meanwhile, lives as a hermit on a mountain after people failed to listen to his warnings about alien invaders. Elex 2 begins 6 years after the first game with the arrival of the alien Skyands on the planet Magalan, which was once populated by a modern civilization before a meteorite devastated it and brought the Elex to the world. The sudden arrival of the aliens in Elex 2 is presented in a nicely rendered intro and, of course, changes everything. The Skyands plan to reshape and subjugate the planet to their liking using a modified type of the Elex, the Dark Elex. Jax returns to the humans after the aliens destroy his hut, but is bitten by the creatures and infected with a disease on the way there in a second intro. The transition to this intro is a bit sudden, though, as the landscape shown doesn't match the in-game environment at all. One minute we're sneaking past the critters in a forested area, and the next, without warning, a video starts in which we see Jax being chased past cliffs in a desert-like region by these same beasts. Then we fall.

Piranha Bytes has chosen one of four endings for the first part. This can sometimes lead to confusion for players of Elex 1, because certain situations are forced upon you, which you didn't choose in part 1, because no savegame import was used. For example, in the predecessor we might have chosen a romance with outlaw lady Nasty - today we are in a relationship with berserker Caja and even have a son together. Piranha Bytes still manages to keep the newcomer from losing the thread, because the dialogue always offers the possibility to review what happened in part 1. However, you can't think too much about some things here either; as in all their previous games, the story isn't the most important aspect.


Ravenhearth's opinion: It's not easy for me to rate Elex 2. The game didn't become the hoped-for leap, but it's not a flop either. It does a few things better than its predecessor (jetpack, combat system, balancing, graphics, presentation) and retains some of its strengths (level design, scope, factions, companions). However, Elex 2 also disappoints with content regressions (story, quest design, world), making the game more of a sideways step. It's no Gothic 2, but it's no Risen 2 either. Those who liked Elex will probably like Elex 2, and those who were put off by Elex's inaccessible sides might like it too - especially when Piranha Bytes gets the technical problems under control.

Dark Bauer's opinion: I said at the time about Elex 1 that Piranha Bytes had built a good foundation with it. I still stand by that today, but unfortunately they didn't get past the first floor with Elex 2, where so much more would have been possible. For that, as you can read in the text, there are too many "buts" in places where potential was lost. They've improved a lot of things: combat system, character system, jetpack, graphics (excluding the no-gos like reloading objects and bodies, of course)... The techniques behind the game have all been modernized and improved. Flying is so much fun that I, who doesn't really like running around and uses fast travel systems where they exist, hardly wanted to use the teleporters. The quests themselves, which (too) often ultimately end in combat, are also fun and mostly don't feel like work. Unfortunately, not that much has changed on the content level, in some ways the predecessor was even better.

All in all, I'm sorry to say that while Elex 2 is definitely a lot of fun and does a lot of things better compared to its predecessor, Elex 1 remains the more well-rounded game in the end. Crashes, graphics errors or possible plot stoppers can really spoil the gameplay experience. Despite the already long development time, half a year longer certainly wouldn't have hurt. Perhaps Corona has also contributed to this. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to part 3, and for those who left part 1 behind because of the unfinished level system, the high difficulty or the spongy controls in combat and in the air, Elex 2 is definitely worth a try. For everyone else too.

Thanks Pladio!


Friday - April 29, 2022

ELEX II - Patch 4

by Hiddenx, 14:15

Pladio spotted patch 4 for ELEX II (a DX12 beta branch is available as well for better performance):

Patch 4 Notes

- Fixed some perk learn glitches
- Changed inconsistent naming of certain swords
- Changed fire texture size
- Fixed text errors
- Fixed certain graphics setting bugs
- Fixed too large VFX textures
- Bugfix in trade menu while reverting a sale when the player has no money
- Jax is now able to parry with twohanded weapons in certain situations
- Fixed certain GPU memory fragmention problems
- Fixed graphical issues
- Fixed text errors
- Fixed navigation issues of certain NPCs
- Fixed unwanted far distance visibility of Azok
- Fixed Hector not teaching thievery stuff
- Fixed Tilas not speaking with Marwin or Sid if the player had not spoken to him before
- Trolls roots are plants now
- Fixed Icon for damaged crossbow
- Jax is able to use the jetpack while falling after stumbling off a cliff now
- Fixed hit effects for rusty colossus robots
- Fixed graphical issues of certain meshes

Sunday - March 27, 2022

ELEX II - Wants to be Mass Effect But Its not Working

by Silver, 10:37

GamePressure has an editorial on ELEX II's apparent desire to be Mass Effect and how it isn't working. Please note that this essay contains spoilers on main plot points and characters.

Elex 2 be forgotten, Mass Effect be replayed

You can also find some similarities here. Doesn't the hostile lair look like a Collector's base? The conversation with the avatar of Jax's son is strikingly similar to talking to Catalyst – only thing missing are three different-colored endings. I was a bit amused to see Piranha Bytes try to emulate dark sci-fi, but using a story that seems like it's straight from pulp magazines.

Saving the world in Elex 2 is devoid of drama.

Even in terms of mechanics, the German studio wants to swing with the zeitgeist. Risen 2 allowed us to explore the world with a selected companion by our side, and the first Elex introduced a romance system, which used to be BioWare's signature. I have read in the announcements that the love threads would be deep – but unfortunately, the relationships with the characters have the cloying taste of naivety, and their adventures are void of any dramatic expression. This is, by the way, is the crux of the problem for Piranha Bytes, and they cannot seem to be able to deal with it. It doesn't tell the story on a grand scale, it doesn't let you really feel like you're facing an evil that's capable of destroying all of humanity, and it does not engage you emotionally. Where the writers try to introduce drama, they only expose the game's weaknesses.


Thanks Farflame!

Friday - March 25, 2022

ELEX II - Podcast

by Hiddenx, 17:10

The members of the Big Week in Gaming Podcast talk about ELEX II:

ELEX II Review - Is This Piranha Bytes Best RPG Yet?


Tuesday - March 22, 2022

ELEX II - Patch 3

by Hiddenx, 19:01

ELEX II got a new patch:

Elex II patch 3!

We have just launched the 3rd patch for Elex II.

Here are the patch notes -

  •  Fixed unwanted dialog break ups, which could cause potential plotstoppers
  •  Fixed wrong behaviour of Eva if Jax has committed a crime
  •  Fixed Gregor, who had strange behaviour after completing the "What doesn’t kill" you quest
  •  Fixed plot killers with some main characters who died by mistake
  •  Fixed incorrect kill quest amounts of targets
  •  Fixed plot killer at the gates of the main former, which remained closed after completing the main quest at this point
  •  Fixed situation, where Tilas and Marwin could not get back to work after their conversation
     Fixed some key bindings issues
  •  Fixed a situation, where Irissa could not talk to Jax after she has spoken to Skibor.

Please notice: In some cases where Skibor wasn't moving in front of the gates, he should now walk straight to Irissa. This might take a while and during this state Irissa won't talk to Jax. Just wait after Skibor reaches her and both had their smalltalk.

  •  Fixed certain items, that could not be picked
  •  Fixed some linguistic errors
  •  Prices were displayed in quantity popup and total cost did not match the actual price with the haggler skill
  •  Fixed parts of the destruction bar were visible on teach screen
  •  Fixed flickering of occluded highlighted objects
  •  Fixed damage value for plasma cannon MK 2 Normal
  •  Fixed wrong behaviour of Vivian due to committed crimes by Jax in certain areas
  •  Grenade launchers are craftable now
  •  Fixed a bug, where vegetation on meshes were missing
  •  Fixed a bug in Jax's hitpoints by adding and removing constitution points
  •  Fixed climbing issue, no jump when evading after hanging on a ledge
  •  Fixed climbing issue, let go when pressing the evade button
  •  Fixed deadly weather zones, no more resistances into account
  •  Removed rushed movements, when the target is not reachable
  •  Fixed improper loot of one of Craig's bandits
  •  Holding a shield will no longer make the back immune to projectiles.
  •  Fixed a bug, Jax might be unable to speak to Caja or she will not join back to the Sixth Power
  •  Fixed a bug, where Crony stayed in combat after a teleport
  •  Fixed a situation, where Vakis might get stuck at the gates of the Fort
  •  Fixed Khan is not stuck anymore after the dialog with Asmir in certain situations
  •  Savety fix for the 6th Power sub quests were not given when interacting with Adam
  •  Fixed problems, when Jax was hit while lockpicking
  •  Bugfix for "Text” may be displayed instead of icons, when the training menu is opened the first time
  •  Fixed improper cancel option during the end screen
  •  Fixed a bug, where user were able to upgrade any weapon without losing the two copies needed in the upgrading process
  •  Fixed incorrect behaviour of Tilas after smalltalk with Vakis
  •  Fixed Voice of Khan not interacting with Jax after he has spoken to Ruben and fulfilled his duty
  •  Added safety mechanism for Skibor if he did not go to Irissa after he had guided Jax to the depot
  •  Fixed wrong item name appearing, when pickpocketing a NPC
  •  Adjusted ditch check if subtitles should be visible if voice and text language are the same
  •  Added safety mechanism for NPCs with problem to continue their routine after cutscenes

Monday - March 21, 2022

ELEX II - Review @ Wccftech

by Hiddenx, 16:13

Wccftech reviewed the open-world RPG ELEX II:

Elex II Review – With a Rebel Yell

I've tried writing the opening to this review of Elex II about eight different times, each time going back over it and having to rethink it. I'm not even sure why because reviews are, by definition, opinion pieces. They are always subjective, with the reviewer simply having to explain why they think what they think about a title. Elex II is a game that I like against all odds and logical reasoning. As I look at my bullet-pointed notes and rummage around the ever chaotic thing I call a brain, I wonder why.

Honestly, I think I know why; Piranha Bytes. If you looked up "eurojank" in the gaming dictionary (is this a real thing?), it would understandably tell you to play any game by the developer. I've played every single one of them. I would say that issues people likely had with the Gothic titles continued, even if polished, in the Risen trilogy and have continued in Elex. It's not that I don't think Piranha Bytes have learned anything in the previous twenty years. They have; I don't think they care.


Elex II is a baffling game. The combat is clunky and can be very difficult, and the game has more than a few bugs, with other issues like a glacial pace. However, the game is genuinely interesting to explore and fun, for all its problems - and there are many. The story and its turns are engaging, and it's impossible not to see the care and enthusiasm from Piranha Bytes. Elex II is Eurojank, and I can't help but enjoy it because of (or despite, take your pick) that.


  • An interesting world to explore with a fair amount to do, little of which feels like filler guff
  • The stories - and quests - can be interesting and worth following
  • Visually, I find the world itself appealing and good to look at...
  • Jetpack!


  • ... however character design is pretty damn poor
  • Combat is still very janky, awkward and imprecise
  • Character progression can feel glacial
  • Some mechanics, such as lockpicking, are awkward as hell

Score: 7/10


Friday - March 11, 2022

ELEX II - Patch 2

by Hiddenx, 15:47

Patch 2 for ELEX II has been released:

Patch 2 for Elex II

We have just launched the second patch for Elex II on steam rest of PC platforms should follow shortly.

Patch notes are as follows -

  • Added alternative game camera
  • Fixed bug in certain quest with Crane
  • Bugfix for Skyands boss Haraac could not be found
  • Bugfixes for certain NPCs, who could not find their way, like Skibor
  • Fixed bug at Adam in terms of the quest of the 6th Power subquests
  • Fixed a bug where Chloe won't let the player proceed during certain quest situations

ELEX II - Review @ Mortismal Gaming

by Hiddenx, 14:30

Mortismal Gaming reviewed ELEX II:

Elex 2: Review After 100%


Tuesday - March 08, 2022

ELEX II - Patch 1

by Hiddenx, 15:42

ELEX II got the first patch:

Elex II Patch 1!

Hey everyone!

We have just launched the first patch for Elex II on steam

Patch notes are as follows -

  • Fixed problems with certain graphic cards (especially VEGA chipsets)
  • Fixed some screen tearing problems
  • Reduced mesh size
  • Increased mesh cache size
  • Fixed a bug where mesh cache got fragmented over time
  • Fixed a bug in controller support
  • Fixed various smaller bugs

We also released a patch on Playstation 4 and 5 that fixes the screen tearing

More information for other platforms will come in the future.

Saturday - March 05, 2022

ELEX II - Review @

by Hiddenx, 10:39 has reviewed ELEX II:


There should be a more extensive analysis/tribute/article on the games that have come to be grouped under the umbrella of the unofficial but noble genre known as Eurojank. What we're mostly interested in now, however, is the fact that Piranha Bytes as a company is probably the God-Emperor of this genre. The main Eurojank characteristics (games from central/eastern European studios with an overambitious concept, unforgivably increased difficulty compared to more "mainstream" games, mildly mediocre production values and often a plethora of bugs) can be found in pretty much all of the company's game series, and, like Gothic and Risen, ELEX could not be an exception. In this light, someone who chooses to play ELEX II, which officially launches tomorrow March 1st, is like knowing in advance the vast majority of the features he can expect from it. But is this really the case this time?


Perhaps, in the end, reviews of this kind are slightly unnecessary for games developed by companies like PB, and can be completely replaced by specific short sentences: "fans of open-world RPGs will be more than entertained by this", "fans of immersive AAA experiences expecting an extremely polished product with Hollywood-level production values will be discouraged", "fans of PB will love it". We live in a Eurojank world. Let us remain here, my friends.

Score: 84/100

Thursday - March 03, 2022

ELEX II - Review @ GameSpace

by Hiddenx, 12:10

GameSpace has reviewed ELEX II:

ELEX 2 PC Review

A familiar romp in an open world

My experience with Piranha Bytes’ ELEX released in 2017 is not great, all I know is that it’s an open-world RPG that combines a post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting with more standard fantasy elements and memorized gameplay seen on streams. This also means that I’m not entirely sure if I’m the target audience for the game’s upcoming sequel, as even a few hours of playing ELEX II left me with a strong impression that the game is largely geared towards those who have already spent a lot of time playing games from this studio.


Playing ELEX II left me with a strong impression that the game is largely geared towards those who have already spent a lot of time playing games from this studio. If that's you, your take from the game may be different than someone new to the series and you'll likely have a blast, especially if you loved the first game. If you're new to the series, you may want to bone up on YouTube videos about ELEX I before diving into an interesting, multi-faceted world albeit one fraught with performance and graphical issues. Chances are things will improve with time and patches so maybe it's best to wait a while and let the dev team catch up to the game's potential.


  • Poke all the secrets of the open world
  • Equip and upgrade characters
  • As much freedom as is possible in a game
  • Perfect for Gothic fans
  • Better-than-average action combat
  • Stellar voice acting


  • Not well-polished
  • A somewhat archaic combat system
  • Somewhat lacking story

Score: 7.5/10

Tuesday - March 01, 2022

ELEX II - Review @ C4G

by Hiddenx, 16:17

C4G checked out ELEX II:

Elex 2 | C4G Review After 120+ hours


ELEX II - Release Day

by Hiddenx, 15:41

The open-world RPG ELEX II will be released today:

ELEX II - Release Trailer


Monday - February 28, 2022

ELEX II - Review @ ACG

by Hiddenx, 18:32

Angrycentaurgaming checked out ELEX II:

ELEX 2 Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?" - In Progress


Tuesday - February 22, 2022

ELEX II - Explanation Trailer

by Hiddenx, 16:40

Learn some more about ELEX II:

 ELEX II - Explanation Trailer


Thanks Moriendor!

Saturday - January 22, 2022

ELEX II - Interview With Piranha Bytes

by Redglyph, 11:56

Farflame spotted an interview of Piranha Bytes by Game Pressure. Thanks!

Elex 2 Is The Biggest Game We Ever Made. Interview With Piranha Bytes

There's quite a treat coming for fans of Gothic and games by the Piranhas - Elex 2 - the sequel to the studio's latest IP. We've asked two of the devs, Bjorn and Jenny Pankratz of Piranha Bytes, about what it was like to develop a game like this.

Piranha Bytes’ games are quite popular among certain Western RPG fandoms, all thanks to the crude classic, Gothic, with which many a player back in the day discovered the genre. They only remaining trace of the former glory, however, is mostly the fact that the fandom is willing to shrug off more bugs and mistakes than people are generally willing to accept in AAA blockbusters. We just ignore stuff like clunky animations and weird behavior of characters, instead taking in the atmosphere, heroes, and the game world.

The following is a conversation with two main developers of Piranha Bytes – Bjorn and Jenniifer Pankratz – where we asked about their ideas about Elex 2: what did they like the most about making th game, what was the process, where does the signature Piranha style come from, and how is it possible that the game was rated T in Germany (at least 12 years old).

Dariusz Matusiak: What was the best thing in the first Elex game? What were you proud of the most and is it the same in Elex 2 or maybe it’s something different this time?

Bjorn Pankratz: I think it is always the team we are proud of. But when I think of our previous game, I think it is the fact, that we have achieved 95% of what we wanted to in it. Most of our ideas found their way to the game in the end. And it is the same with Elex 2, because the features we planned, i.e. the jetpack upgrades or the new combat system – we finished those things, so we are proud of that as well.

Jennifer Pankratz I also think that we are very proud of that we could show in Elex that we are able to do a really huge open world with this game as we had one big landscape – and yes – it will be similiar in Elex 2. And another thing we were really proud of was that we had some nice story twists, which is something we are also going to continue in the second part.


Tuesday - January 11, 2022

ELEX II - Combat Trailer

by Hiddenx, 22:33

Here's a new combat trailer for ELEX II:

ELEX II - Combat Trailer (english)


Invaders arrived. Started taking over the world, transforming it. Pre-order now and stop them before it's too late!

Monday - December 20, 2021

ELEX II - Interview @Twinfinite

by Silver, 19:50

The developers of ELEX 2 have been interviewed by Twinfinite and discussed Star Wars influences, improved combat, and finding a niche.

We had a chance to chat with ELEX II’s Creative Director, Björn Pankratz, and ELEX II’s Game Designer, Jennifer Pankratz. So, without further ado, let’s get into it, shall we?

Dylan: ELEX has an unusual aesthetic, which is obviously part of its appeal for many players. What was the thought process behind mixing fantasy and sci-fi? Was it simply a case of wanting to stand apart from the crowd, or is there something deeper you wanted to convey?

Piranha Bytes: We had the idea of the ELEX-Universe many years ago. The idea was to create a science fantasy role-playing game that shows the evolution of mankind. Original cavemen versus advanced users of technology and the connection between the two is created through the magic of the Elex.

Of course the story had to be more like a science fiction fairy tale, similar to the force in Star Wars. So we created a world, where every faction is an advancement of the residents of the world before the meteor impact, but with different views about morality, history and the right way in the future. Inspiration of this were, besides Star Wars, of course, Dune the desert planet and Equilibrium, for example. This idea allowed us to implement things, that the players know about our games and create new things and ideas, like hard surfaces or modern weapons, for example.


Dylan: While the open-world freedom of ELEX was impressive, the real-time combat occasionally felt a little underdeveloped compared to other AAA games like The Witcher and Dark Souls, for example. What have you done to enhance the combat in ELEX II?

Piranha Bytes: We wanted to improve, and we reacted to player feedback. Therefore, we have put a lot of effort into the new combat system, to make it feel more dynamic and react directly to the players’ input. It is much more responsive now than in ELEX. We have gone through several iterations, have made a lot of tests to bring it to the next level.

One of the strengths of the combat system is the flexibility – melee or magic, range or reinforcements. You can lure any enemy into a bunch of guards around the corner or fight them from above or use quick attacks & dodge. There are always many different ways to overcome an enemy. Our goal was, to offer the players an entertaining experience and not to punish them for not reacting in exactly the right way.

Monday - December 06, 2021

ELEX II - Preview @ Wccf Tech

by Redglyph, 16:57

Wccf Tech posted a preview of Elex 2.

ELEX II Hands-On Preview – Spread Your Technological Wings

Piranha Bytes is a development studio that requires no introduction, especially to fans of role-playing games, as it is the studio behind the Gothic and Risen series. Back in 2017, the studio branched out from its two series with ELEX, an open-world role-playing game that did worldbuilding and role-playing right, but not much else, as the gameplay wasn't particularly inspired. A few years later, and with more experience under their belt, Piranha Bytes is ready to bring players back in the world of Magalan with ELEX II, a game that stays true to the studio's roots but that also tries to move the series' experience further.

To be completely honest, ELEX II doesn't feel very different from the original, although the many tweaks made to the open-world formula make the experience feel considerably smoother. Jax's new adventure to save Magalan from yet another threat coming from outer space, however, still feels markedly "Eurojank": animations, while smoother, are definitely not on par with modern AAA productions, and the presentation, while improved on multiple fronts, still screams low-budget at every turn. But this isn't inherently bad, as ELEX II, like many similar titles out there, is not without its charms.



EDIT: More Elex II news, thanks @Pladio and Techraptor!

Wednesday - November 17, 2021

ELEX II - Faction Trailer

by Hiddenx, 19:43

You can choose your faction in ELEX II:

ELEX II - Faction Trailer (english)


Wednesday - November 10, 2021

ELEX II - Release Day: March 1, 2022

by Hiddenx, 18:16

It's official: ELEX II will be released on March 1, 2022:

Pre-order now!

ELEX II - Collector's Edition.
Available March 1, 2022


ELEX II is coming soon to PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S|X and Xbox One.

Sunday - September 26, 2021

ELEX 2 - Gameplay and first impressions

by Redglyph, 16:13

Karak (ACG) gives his first impressions on a 28-minute gameplay of Elex 2.

ELEX 2 May Be the Jetpack Assisted AA Game This Year | Impressions | Walking the Walk #33


Friday - September 17, 2021

ELEX 2 - Gameplay @ Gronkh

by Hiddenx, 20:44

Gronkh is playing Elex 2 right now.

Story Trailer


Saturday - September 11, 2021

ELEX 2 - Interview @Gamingbolt

by Silver, 20:50

Gamingbolt interviewed Piranha Bytes about ELEX 2 and asked about side quests, choices, combat, and more.

The first ELEX is definitely a bit of a cult classic, in that even though the game had some issues, there are a lot of people who enjoyed it thoroughly. With ELEX 2, what are the biggest ways you’ve looked to improve upon the first game. At the same time, what aspects of the first game did you decide to bring over as is, or with minimal changes?

The ability to fly is the new feature, everyone will notice. And the increased flying possibilities have a strong impact on the game world – as in ELEX 2 the whole world is simulated, we had to make sure, even if the players are reaching areas where they are not supposed to be (yet), the world and the people in it react to that in a believable way. Also directly tied to this feature is the aerial combat. This includes melee and range combat in the air and of course it comes with specifically designed enemies. Although this will only become available while you play and not from the very beginning, flying will become an important part of your adventures in ELEX 2.

We’ve seen that there is no need to make the world bigger than it was in ELEX but to put even more interesting stuff into it, to increase the density of content. Also, we’ve improved the pacing. There is now a well-guided central thread you can follow to experience the storyline for those players who asked for more guidance and who want to follow the main story. On the other hand, we still only offer it – the players don’t have to follow it but can still wander around Magalan and explore the world as they like. Another learning was to offer more and more detailed difficulty settings, to make all players able to play the game as they like it best. ELEX 2 will be a typical Piranha Bytes game.


What can players expect from ELEX 2’s side quests? Will they tie into the main story in significant ways?

We have more characters in the game, we have more dialogues, more quests and overall more content – but all in a game world of similar size. The players will have the feeling that there is much more to do, just because there is indeed much more to do. We’ve doubled the number of companion quests and yes, this has some impact on the main story – especially, what faction you join, what companions you choose etc. – but of course the main story arc will happen in the main story quests.

Thanks Farflame!

Source: GamingBolt

Friday - September 03, 2021

ELEX 2 - 10 Years of THQ Nordic

by Hiddenx, 17:05

THQ Nordic are celebrating their 10th anniversary on September 17 - new info about ELEX 2 will be revealed:

10 Years of THQ Nordic

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we are throwing a digital party! Join us for the first, official THQ Nordic digital showcase event on September 17th at 9 pm CEST / 12 PM PST / 8 PM BST / 10 PM MSK on YouTube, Twitch, and Steam.


The showcase will be hosted by Geoff Keighley, executive producer and host of The Game Awards, and will feature six new games. Witness the return of legendary franchises and sequels to beloved games. We hope you are ready, kids!

Additionally, we will also release new information and footage for our upcoming games, ELEX II and Expeditions: Rome. If you tune in early, you might also get a glimpse of what our friends at HandyGames have been up to!

All content creators are invited to co-stream the showcase on their own channels. THQ Nordic is cooperating with Twitch and YouTube to make sure that all licensed music can be part of the stream. If you’d like to participate or have any questions, please reach out to:

Thanks Pladio!

Wednesday - July 14, 2021

ELEX 2 - Q&A - Responsive Combat, Deeper Romances and Other Improvements

by Silver, 23:52

Wccftech had some questions for the ELEX 2 developers.

Will romances be deeper and more involved in this sequel?

Piranha Bytes: Yes! There are more characters with whom Jax can get into a romantic relationship and the storylines of these characters are also more complex, giving more room for romances.

Will choices matter more in ELEX II? How many different endings can players expect?

Piranha Bytes: The world reacts heavily to the player’s choices, even entire battles are happening or not happening because of what the player did. Some consequences will be happening directly, some much much later, spanning over different acts. The choice of the faction you join is an important part of that experience, too. As for the endings: there are many. Depending on what faction you joined, what companions you chose, how you acted within the moral system, and several other choices in the game will lead to a specific ending, telling you what your actions have meant for the fate of the world and its characters.

The official website mentions a 'massively improved control system'. Does that mean combat animations will be smoother, delivering a less clunky experience?

Piranha Bytes: We wanted to improve, and we reacted to the player feedback. So, we have put a lot of effort into the new combat system, to make it feel more dynamic and react directly to the players’ input. It is much more responsive now than in ELEX. We have gone through several iterations, have made a lot of tests to bring it to the next level. One of the strengths of the combat system is the flexibility – melee or magic, range or reinforcements. You can lure any enemy into a bunch of guards around the corner or fight them from above or use quick attacks & dodge. There are always many different ways to overcome an enemy. Our goal was to offer the players an entertaining experience and not to punish them for not reacting in exactly the right way.


Thanks Farflame!

Thursday - July 01, 2021

ELEX 2 - Gameplay @ PC Games

by Hiddenx, 20:25

PC Games presents some ELEX 2 gameplay (video in German - use auto-translate):

 Elex 2 | Preview


Some highlights:

  • 5 factions + a special one
  • attributes are more important again
  • higher quest density
  • monsters can attack you in the air
  • kids are in the game (with quests)

Wednesday - June 16, 2021

ELEX 2 - Is Coming @ C4G

by Hiddenx, 15:24

C4G makes some predictions about the gameplay, storyline and factions of ELEX 2:

Elex 2 Is Coming! | Reworked Gameplay, Air Combat, More Choices than Ever & A lot More!


Tuesday - June 15, 2021

ELEX 2 - Announced

by Hiddenx, 10:30

ELEX II is coming soon to PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S|X and Xbox One:

ELEX II - Announcement Trailer


Thanks Yemeth!

Monday - May 10, 2021

ELEX 2 - Nearly finished?

by Hiddenx, 19:50

In the fan question section of their current video Piranha Bytes' devs Jennifer & Björn Pankratz said that their "current game in development" (=ELEX 2) is already completely playable and they are fine tuning it. There's still a lot of work to do, but QA is already testing it and errors get eliminated all the time.

Sounds like the end-phase of development for me!

Friday - October 30, 2020

ELEX 2 - Announcement delayed to 2021

by Hiddenx, 18:24

Due to the Corona-situation ELEX 2 will be announced next year:

Elex 2 won’t be announced this year due to coronavirus delaying work in PB



Thanks Couchpotato!

Tuesday - December 17, 2019

ELEX 2 - Announced for 2020?

by Hiddenx, 20:24

Piranha Bytes has indirectly announced ELEX 2 for 2020:

We at Piranha Bytes are currently working high motivated with the entire team on a new RPG. At the moment we are focused on our own work, because we develop RPGs with passion and are looking forward to show you our own game. The announcement is scheduled for 2020!

We are not involved in the development of the Gothic Remake. The developers of the remake are THQ Nordic Barcelona. Since the studio asks for fan participation and feedback, you can check out the early prototype here (if you already have a PB game on Steam):
-> Gothic Remake at Steam
-> You can then give your detailed feedback here.
If you send your wishes and expectations for the Gothic Remake to the developers, so that they can take it into account, you can end up with two RPGs that you can look forward to.
Of course, we will continue to announce news about our own projects on our social media pages.


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Developer: Piranha Bytes

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Post-Apoc
Genre: Adventure-RPG
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: Unknown
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· Released: 2022-03-01
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