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Monday - November 10, 2014
Thursday - October 30, 2014
Wednesday - October 29, 2014
Friday - October 24, 2014
Thursday - October 23, 2014
Friday - October 17, 2014
Box Art

Monday - November 10, 2014

Everstar - Kickstarter Funding Canceled

by Couchpotato, 06:04

Psycho Sorted's latest update for Everstar has information the kickstarter is canceled, and if you read my interview the developer said they will look for a publisher now.

It's a shame none of the larger news sites even bothered covering the game.

Hi everyone, unfortunately we have decided to cancel the Everstar Kickstarter project and refocus our efforts elsewhere. 

We failed to get any coverage whatsoever by the larger media outlets which, given the high funding goal we needed to build out Everstar as a crowd funded game, has basically left our project dead in the water. 

Still we are incredibly proud of everyone who contributed to the Everstar project, our fun actual gameplay, and the promise our game holds for the future of truly next-gen RPGs. We will continue to work on Everstar where possible and will do our best to bring the game to you when (and in whatever form) we can!

To all our backers and those who helped spread the word: thank you so much for your interest and support during the Everstar Kickstarter campaign!

Thursday - October 30, 2014

Everstar - Interview @ RPGamer

by Couchpotato, 16:03

RPGamer also had the chance to interview Jeremy Townsend from Psycho Sorted.

MAC: Lots of Kickstarter success stories seem to have focused on stirring up nostalgia. Everstar looks to do more than copy games of old, so do you feel at a disadvantage being stuck between being a retro-throwback and new gen RPG?

JT: That's a good point and a smart observation. Our theory was that if we showed some exciting, working gameplay that people might be more interested than in just a nostalgic concept and some early paintings. We'll see if that's the case or not!

MAC: While I'm a fan of the art style, I've read some comments that say it looks too cartoony or generic. Why did you choose this style? Do you feel it fits the theme of game? I think it looks very impressive for a Kickstarter project, but considering many people look at graphics before diving deeper these days, do you feel like the visual style will work for you?

JT: It's funny - we settled on our character style because we didn't just want to do generic photo-real-ish fantasy, so we went for a more stylized look. I guess you can't please everyone!

What we are showing in our Kickstarter is prototype art - the final art look will be quite a bit more polished and stylized. We figured this would be another risk in showing game footage that is mostly arted, but not at all polished - that people would think this is our final look.

So given that one of the reasons we are doing the Kickstarter is to raise our visual bar, we think it looks pretty good too!

MAC: Could you talk a little about co-op? Will it be drop in, drop out at any time? Just curious what kind of hoops players will need to jump through to join another player's game mid-session.

JT: Everstar supports co-op play in the main story campaign. Co-op play has been working in Everstar since the beginning of the project. You can drop in and out whenever you want, and the only thing the host has to do is assign character(s) to each player. Each player can control as many or as few characters as the host decides.

Also don't forget to read the latest kickstarter updates.

Wednesday - October 29, 2014

RPGWatch - Everstar Interview

by Couchpotato, 04:54

Couchpotato has an informative conversation about Everstar with the friendly people at Psycho Sorted. Here is a sample to get you all started. So read on.

Couchpotato: Thanks for agreeing to the interview! So to start off, can you tell us a little bit of information about yourself, and about your game studio Psycho Sorted?

Jeremy Townsend: I'm Jeremy Townsend, Director of Psycho Sorted.  I've been working on AAA games since I graduated from college as a producer/designer/tech designer.  I started at EA Games and EA Sports, worked at Zenimax for a while, and most recently was the MP & balance designer for Command & Conquer.  Our team is composed of wonderful and talented people I've worked with over the years, really great, passionate folks who love games and wanted to try something that a larger corporate studio would never go for.

Friday - October 24, 2014

Everstar - The World of Everstar

by Couchpotato, 05:23

Psycho Sorted posted the second update for Everstar with more information on the gam world. Funding is still going slow, but still has time to pick up.

Everstar is set in a unique fantasy world where monsters are rumored to stalk the nights while nations clash with steel and thunder and the fate of the known world depends on a few students and their teachers.

Most of our game happens in the Morningstar Academus, a school where students learn how to do battle with weapons mundane and magical.

The school’s royal charter is to educate the best and the brightest to a new standard of military-oriented excellence. Children from families of means low and high are recruited based on academic or physical potential and trained by the finest scholars and military minds in the nation. One major difference between the Academus and other schools in that it allows children to pursue the martial studies according to their interests.

The pinnacle of all this training is the Sparcross Games, the most celebrated events of the school. These games are sports events where student teams battle each other, competing to win the Tourney Cup.

Thursday - October 23, 2014

Everstar - First Update & PC Controls

by Couchpotato, 05:40

Psycho Sorted posted the first update for Everstar with a video that shows how the games PC controls will work.I will have a new interview with the developer in a few days.

When we captured the 13m video ‘The Cendant Heist’ of Everstar using an Xbox One controller we didn’t think anything about it – we had developed our PC controls first and had grown accustomed to testing the recent addition of gamepad controls. 

Since then we’ve gotten a lot of questions (and even seen a few snarky comments) about whether the PC version is an afterthought or just a cheap port or something. No way! We love the PC and in fact playing on keyboard & mouse is a distinctly pleasant experience – it tends to be more tactical and involve less pausing when manipulating your party. In fact the PC version allows you to pause and unpause in either direct control or tactical mode – on the controller pausing is tied to the tactical mode. 

But don’t just take our word for it, today we captured some combat footage entirely controlled with keyboard and mouse.

Friday - October 17, 2014

Everstar - Tactical Party-Based RPG

by Aubrielle, 03:58

Everstar, a party-based 3D action RPG in the style of Dragon Age: Origins, has launched a Kickstarter. The developer Psycho Sorted is asking for $850,000 to get funded.

Everstar is a fully 3D, party-based action-RPG featuring co-op campaign play developed by industry veterans.

Our dream is to make an epic fantasy game where you and your friends have a party of adventurers who do battle in a physics-rich 3D world - a game that you can play tactically or as an action game.

Everstar is a game about a class of teenage gladiators who will charm and surprise you, follow you into danger, face their worst nightmares, and eventually tear down the world and stand atop the rubble in victory.  

  • Everstar is a cutting edge realtime 3D RPG for PC, PS4, and Xbox One 
  • You control a party of up to 6 characters at once 
  • Each character's gameplay is deeply customizable with job and kit swap systems 
  • The full campaign can be played with online co-op - invite up to 5 friends or go it alone - your choice 
  • Be a battlefield general in Tactics mode, or get your hands dirty on the front lines in Action mode. Both styles of play support either a keyboard/mouse (PC only) or gamepad (all platforms) 

You can think of Everstar as: Harry Potter drama meets Dragon Age squad action with a dash of the school simulation of Persona 4.

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Developer: Psycho Sorted

SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Tactical RPG
Combat: Pausable Real-time
Play-time: 20-40 hours
Voice-acting: Partially voiced

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· Platform: PC
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· Publisher: Unknown