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Box Art

Tuesday - December 08, 2015

RPGWatch Feature - Fallen: A2P Protocol Review

by Myrthos, 22:19

Forgottenlor chimed in to make Fallen: A2P Protocol happen and recently played it, resulting in a review of the game, which he wants to share with you.

The difficulty of combat wavers throughout. The first two battles are relatively simple, but after that you face some of the more challenging battles of the game. The reason for this is that most opponents from the third mission onward carry grenades or some sort of highly damaging weapon like a sniper rifle or machine gun. At the onset two grenade hits can, more or less, wipe out your entire group. Also one amusing quirk of the game, is that your enemies are willing to hit both themselves and their comrade with grenades if they can damage your group in the process.  Most weapons come in three or four varieties, the better of which you come across as the game progresses. However, the damage increases progress much slower than the progression of your hit points, which are increased by leveling up and getting armour. This means that after the seventh mission the battles slowly become progressively easier. About 15 hours in the game I had little fear of my opponents on normal difficulty. One positive feature of Fallen A2P Alpha Protocol is that the difficulty can be changed at the outset of every mission.

Thursday - October 22, 2015

Fallen: A2P Protocol - Patch 1.1.3

by Hiddenx, 23:55

henriquejr spotted patch 1.1.3 for Fallen: A2P Protocol:

New Tutorial Videos and Alternate Movement in Patch 1.1.3

Hey there,

We wanted to share with you that we pushed another patch 1.1.3 to Steam with the following add-ons:

We added 7 Tutorial Videos that explain the basics on how to play the game.

Even though we always were very transparent that Fallen: A2P Protocol was made for fans and veterans of the genre. Which means most of you already know how to play the game right away and don´t have any trouble figuring out. We got some reviews and feedback from other people, not so hardcore players, that needed more guidance on how to play the game.

So thanks to the courtesy of the Youtuber Monterico, we have now 7 videos that explain in detail the basics on how to play Fallen: A2P Protocol. These videos are also available on Youtube and you can find them all here:

Fallen: A2P Protocol Tutorial Playlist by Monterico

Thanks again Monterico for doing this awesome Tutorial Videos.

Also in this patch we included an alternate way of moving around the map. This goes both for the missions and for the World Map.

The first time you run the game you will play the same way as you always did, but if you want to experience the alternate movement, you need to go to Options Panel and Deselect the "Old Movement" Checkbox. This will enable the right click of the mouse to Move around the map, both inside the missions and in the World Map. This will also solve all the problems some of you had when wanting to move and attacking instead an enemy or the other way around too.

So that´s it for this patch and please keep sending us feedback and your opinions on the game, we always appreciate that, even if you just want to say you like the game is nice to hear it as well :)

Thanks for your ongoing support and your time and have a great weekend.

Sunday - October 11, 2015

Fallen: A2P Protocol - Two Free Gift Copies

by Hiddenx, 09:41

Format92 and I give two free Steam gift copies away for Fallen: A2P Protocol. If you like post-apocalyptic, turn based, tactical combat and strategy games then

  • make one creative post in this thread until Tuesday October 13th 24:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time).
  • +1 other posts if you like them.
  • the writers of the two posts with the most likes get a copy :-)

Have fun!

Monday - October 05, 2015

Fallen: A2P Protocol - Gift Copy for Early Supporters

by Hiddenx, 23:28

Early supporters get an extra copy of Fallen: A2P Protocol:

Thanks for your Early Support! Please accept this gift copy from us.

Hey there,

It has been a while since we started developing Fallen (more than 2 years ago) and a while since we launched the first Early Access version, 6 months ago.

We are very happy on how things turned out with this project and we wanted to say thank you, to all our early believers and supporters.

Of course, since we launched the game, we had good and bad reviews, we exceeded some people expectations and some other people expected more, we had bugs that we could fix thanks to your feedback and most importantly "we shipped" the best game we could develop with the resources we had. Always being loyal to our initial vision and taking into account all the feedback we got from you.

Thanks to your feedback we could change a lot of things, features of the game as well as fixing bugs, tweaking the gameplay experience to what we believed was best for all of us that love this great genre.

For that Early Support and feedback we wanted to say thank you. But not only in the form of words, but also gifting you an extra copy of Fallen: A2P Protocol.

From now on, you will find a Gift Copy of Fallen: A2P Protocol on your Steam Account Inventory so you can send it to a friend that you think will enjoy our game, or trade it to another Steam user for a another game you want. It is up to you what to do with the gift copy.

This is our way of saying thank you besides...well... saying thank you!

Also we decided to extend this "gift copy" for a week on Steam, so if a new user buys a copy of the game until next Monday October 12th, 10AM PST he will get 2 copies of Fallen: A2P Protocol instead of just one, only for this week.

Friday - August 14, 2015

Fallen: A2P Protocol - Released

by Myrthos, 23:32

The post-apocalyptic turn-based game Fallen:A2P Protocol has left Early Access and is released now and can be bought with a 10% discount for a week.

Here is the launch trialer.


We wanted to share with all of you, that after working hard for several months with your feedback in Early Access, we are now officially releasing Fallen: A2P Protocol Full Release Version 1.0.0.

Also we just released the Deluxe Edition that includes a Digital Art Book where you can explore lots of concept art and some interesting facts on the development process and the Original Soundtrack.

We thank you all for your continuous support and feedback. Without you, this game would not have been possible, so thank you one more time to help us release this game and we hope we can keep making it grow together.

All in all, we started this project 2 years ago and it has been a wonderful ride.

We plan to keep working on the game for several weeks and hopefully with your support and feedback many more.

Thank you one more time and we hope you enjoy playing Fallen: A2P Protocol as much as we did developing it together.

Sunday - July 05, 2015

Fallen: A2P Protocol - Major Update#5 - Game Enters Beta

by Gorath, 17:05

In a detailed two parts update the developers announce that Fallen: A2P Protocol has entered beta:

Hey there,

Hope you are doing great!

We have been working a lot since we launched the Early Access several months ago on Steam. We listened to you, and other new members of the community and the feedback we got was -and still is- awesome!

We implemented a lot of the things you suggested. Some of these suggestions were already on our pipeline but some others were ONLY added thanks to you. So thank you one more time for participating in this open-development with us.

Our goal of doing a Kickstarter and Early Access to keep developing the game together was a complete success already! We hope you feel the same way and that you are satisfied with the changes we implemented so far, and how the game is shaping to its final form.

Speaking of the features we wanted to have in the game, we can also say it is almost done. With this new update we are releasing today to Steam we can say we are officially in "Beta". [...]

Friday - June 19, 2015

Fallen: A2P Protocol - Major Update #4

by Gorath, 00:26

The 4th major update for Fallen: A2P Protocol was pushed out.

Hey there, 

We wanted to let you know we just pushed another major update.
Here is what you will find:

New maps/missions

We implemented 3 new missions/maps. 2 of them with new winning conditions and an interesting twist to the standard missions.

There's much more. Check it out in the Steam community hub.

Friday - June 12, 2015

Fallen: A2P Protocol - Major Update #3

by Myrthos, 13:03

Another update for Fallen: A2P Protocol has been deployed.

We just pushed another major update to Steam a few minutes ago and here´s what you will find in it:

Unity 5

Like we told you on our last update we migrated the project to Unity 5. This improved the general quality of the lighting, shadows and general looks of the game, and hopefully you will notice the change. Although we haven´t started to optimize the performance yet, this new version of Unity is supposed to be much better with performance in general, so we hope that you are all gonna benefit from this change.

New bullet system

We changed the way all the ranged attacks are performed. Actually it changes how every attack is performed and resolved, but this update doesn´t make a drastic change on melee attacks. Before implementing this change, attacks could either hit the target or miss it, but when they missed they didn´t really affect in a realistic way the surroundings of the target.

GUI revamp

We did a lot of stuff around the GUI to keep improving the user experience of the game. Most of the stuff we implemented were things that most of you were asking us to do, so here is the list:

- You now have 2 main different areas where the character can move to. The smallest is the blue one and the larger is the yellow one. If you move within the blue area means you can move and then perform an attack, and if you move within a yellow area, means you will not have enough AP left to attack but you can still move there.

- We also added the visual feedback of the path that your character will follow to reach the destination you are targeting with your mouse pointer.

- We turned off the glow overlay of the characters that had it all the time, and leave it only for the active character and for when you target an enemy.

- Other minor improvements on the GUI, like some explosions and effects.

In game A2P cells 

We implemented on the Battlefield the concept of active "A2P cells". This cells will have some useful A2P you can loot only for certain amount of turns until they get depleted. It is your call if you want to harvest those cells before they get depleted as a high priority or just want to keep focused with your mission goals and surrounding enemies.

3 new maps, missions coming soon...

Camera free rotation and zoom adjustment

Weapons Mastery

Secondary Stats

New type of items


Sunday - May 17, 2015

Fallen: A2P Protocol - Hotfix for Update #2

by Gorath, 23:01

A small hotfix for the latest Fallen: A2P Protocol update has been released.

Thursday - May 14, 2015

Fallen: A2P Protocol - Major Update #2

by Myrthos, 14:11

Red Katana has updated Fallen: A2P Protocol on Steam. Too much to list them all, so here are the metagame updates:

We implemented several features in the metagame and it´s all starting to come together. We still need a few more iterations, but we are happy with our progress here.


We equipped the caravan with the "Nutcracker", which is an upgradable high tech drill. This drill is able to perform searches all around the map for special items and loots, such as weapons and ammo. You can also pay to hear some rumors on specific coordinates where to find special treasures and weapons. Depending the quality and level of your nutcracker you will have more or less chances to find something and it will also affect the amount of loot you will be able to collect.


You can pay to listen to rumors on the different settlements and special locations. Right now, rumors only tell you where you can find special loot zones. But in the near future, we plan to add more, such as telling you where to find interesting weapons, ammo or caravaneers to hire + interesting side missions to earn a few extra scraps and loot. If you want to try this feature right now the only place to do it is Dramine City.

Caravan upgrades

You can now upgrade your caravan in many ways spending scraps. You can upgrade your caravans: speed, a2p cap, inventory cap, sleeping cap, nutcracker level, barter skill.

Wednesday - May 06, 2015

RPGWatch - Fallen: A2P Protocol Interview

by Myrthos, 13:38

In one of his last articles Couchpotato interviewed Martin Cao of Red Katana, about Fallen: A2P Protocol.

RPGWatch: I was curious what inspired you guys to make Fallen: A2P Protocol? I know you mention X-Com as one example.

Martin: Yes, we at Red Katana and specially myself love turn based strategy and tactical combat RPGs. We noticed there were not as many titles as we would like to play. I mean, if you take X-COM as an example, I don´t even remember which was the last game published before the last Enemy Unkown of 2012. Also to give you other examples Shadowrun Returns, Wasteland 2, Jagged Alliance, all these titles are great comebacks of classics that were released several years ago. And there are a few more of course, but not as many as I would like at least. What I noticed as a fan of this genre is that if you finished playing one of these games, then you will likely have to wait a long time to play something similar from the same genre. So we wanted to do our own vision and story with Fallen: A2P Protocol.

Monday - April 27, 2015

Fallen: A2P Protocol - April 21st Update

by Couchpotato, 05:43

Developer Red Katana posted an update last week for Fallen: A2P Protocol with news about the Early Access update, and talk about Steam Trading Cards.

Hey there,

We wanted to give you more information on the update we pushed to Steam today, April 21st. This is our first update since we launched the Early Access publicly 2 weeks ago.

Please be advised, in order to see all this new stuff you need to start a NEW game, you cannot resume your old saved game. We are trying to find a way where you would be able to resume your saved game, while getting the new content and features, but we couldn´t do that yet. Despite being able to make it possible to resume your old saved game in future updates, please consider in some major updates starting a new game will be required and recommended to see all the changes and don´t run into any issues.

As you´ll see, we already implemented some of your suggestions and feedback on this build, so please keep the conversation alive, we are listening.

Monday - April 13, 2015

Fallen: A2P Protocol - Early Access Update

by Couchpotato, 05:06

Developer Red Katana posted another update for Fallen: A2P Protocol with news about the game on Steam Early Access, and talks about Trading Cards & Achievements.

Hey Backers, It has been 3 days since we launched the Early Access version on Steam and it feels it was almost a year ago. :)

We wanted to keep you updated on our progress and tell you more about our next major update. The estimated date for this update is around April 21st.

We are working on several ends to improve the game while adding content at the same time.

The feedback we are getting from you here, on the Steam Forums and also from our new members of the community that joined the Early Access is absolutely great!

We are very happy to see that this feedback continues to grow and is being implemented already on the game.

We wanted to share some of the new characters we plan to integrate on the next build. How do you like them?

Thursday - April 09, 2015

Fallen: A2P Protocol - Early Access Released

by Couchpotato, 01:37

Another game I forgot about has been released on Steam Early Access this month. The game I'm talking about is called Fallen: A2P Protocol , and was funded last year.


Hey to all,

We are happy to let you all know we have officially released the Early Access a few minutes ago, Please if you want to have more information on the current state of the game and our planned scope you can browse the Store Page.

We will be doing regular updates and we look forward to your feedback,

Thanks for your support and patience,

The games kickstarter page also has a few more updates.

We wanted to let you know we decided to set a u$14,99 price point with a 10% discount for the first week. Depending how the game evolves during the early access stage we will very likely make the price point higher for the final release. 

Setting the right price is always difficult and it can change depending on the time you are making that decision given the other games available, the amount of content you were able to pour into the game and much more.

As for all our Backers that pledge u$15, although you were able to access the game sooner than all the other people, we wanted to give you an extra reward of the Original Soundtrack and Wallpapers which was included in the next tier of u$20.

Saturday - February 14, 2015

Fallen: A2P Protocol - Back Story Video

by Couchpotato, 05:29

Red Katana posted two more updates for Fallen: A2P Protocol since the last news-bit on our website. The first update talks about the back story with a new video.


We wanted to share with you, more information on the Story and the different characters you may find in Fallen: A2P Protocol World.

The second update shares a few images, and screenshots of the games creatures.

This time we wanted to share with you some of the creatures we are designing and bringing to life in the Fallen: A2P Protocol World and also keep you posted on what we are working on right now.

Saturday - December 27, 2014

Fallen: A2P Protocol - Development Update

by Couchpotato, 05:59

Red Katana released a new holiday update with information on the development of Fallen: A2P Protocol. They also shared a new video with some game-play footage.


It has been a while since our last update. We have been working hard on the game to include all the features and content we want for the Early Access planned for April next year. We wanted to share this Alpha version with all our Alpha Backers and above, and also a video showing some gameplay so those who cannot play it or don´t have the time to do so can have a glance at where we are at now in development.

Monday - September 29, 2014

Fallen: A2P Protocol - Work in Progress Update

by Couchpotato, 05:32

Red Katana's latest kickstarter update for Fallen: A2P Protocol shares a new video for everyone to see how the game has progressed since getting funded.

Work in progress...

It´s been a while since the campaign ended, almost 20 days that felt like an eternity for us.

We wanted to share some work in progress with you of how everything is coming along. Below you can watch some footage from our current build and inside the core turn based combat mission. We would love to hear your thoughts and comments,

We will be updating the page with more news. 

We had some issues with the forum receiving a lot of Spam, specially from Poland, so we had to block that IP and make the registration only with approval from an Admin. If you are from Poland or you have problems accessing the blog, please write to and we will work it out.

We want to share some thoughts and open the discussion with you through the forum as we progress in development, so please take a look and register if you want to join the conversation.

Last but not least, please remember you can keep pledging on the project and helping us through development thanks to our friends from Humble Store. (Paypal and Amazon Payments are accepted)

We added a few of the options of the KS, but all that are not Early Birds still apply, so if you want to pledge for a different amount just change the amount by pressing the plus sign next to the fixed amount and that´s it. Remember to add u$15 for international shipping outside the US, for physical rewards starting at u$100 Tier.

Thursday - September 11, 2014

Fallen: A2P Protocol - Preview @ Gamers FTW

by Couchpotato, 02:18

Gamers FTW has a new preview of the funded kickstarter game Fallen: A2P Protocol.

The game focuses around the turn-based strategy style, allowing players to choose actions for each character including attack, reload or scavenge. The game play mechanics are extremely reminiscent of X-COM, one of the games that inspired the team at Red Katana. Characters can be moved anywhere within a highlighted grid of their current location, allowing players to control their engagements by using cover, finding lines of site and tactically positioning their squad. The attack system itself is based on a percentage scale and is affected by environmental factors such as range, cover and even the weather. This is the same attack style we have seen from titles such as Fallout but with an added level of dynamic depth due to the changing weather and destructible environment. All the action takes place in a vast and inhospitable world, complete with hostile weather and vision impairing day-night cycles, requiring careful exploration to recruit allies and gather scarce resources whilst customising and upgrading your characters along the way.

Monday - September 08, 2014

Fallen: A2P Protocol - Funded on Kickstarter

by Couchpotato, 05:58

Red Katana sent out a new press release with news their new kickstarter game Fallen: A2P Protocol was successfully funded. Here is the news from the press release.

September 6th  2014, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Good news for all the fans of games such as X-COM, Fallout and Shadowrun as the game Fallen A2P Protocol paying homage to those titles, has just been Greenlit on Steam and is only missing 900 USD out of 75000 USD goal, with 11 more hours to go!

You can support the game here:  Fallen A2P Protocol Kickstarter Campaign

Fallen A2P Protocol takes place in the near future, in a drastically altered dystopian world. In 2125 mega corporation  GENKORP unveiled A2P, a new power source to fuel humanity’s thirst for expansion and satisfy the needs of an ever-growing global population. GENKORP quickly rose in influence and fashioned itself the ultimate military-industrial complex, controlling access not only to the primary source of global energy but also crafting a military force that easily dwarfed all others.

Although touted as perfectly safe and environmentally friendly, there were those that foresaw the danger of A2P and an unchecked corporation. Known as  ARKANE, and quickly branded as ‘terrorists’, this opposition group organized around a common principle: stopping the unchecked growth of GENKORP and halting A2P.

Too little was done too late, however, as A2P’s dark side quickly manifested: Earth’s weather was altered forever, with ‘natural’ disasters ravaging the planet, reshaping it and turning much of the world into a what is now simply known as ‘The Dust’, with some reinforced but devastated cities and military strongholds scattered throughout.

Fierce fighting persists endlessly between GENKORP and ARKANE, adding to the wholesale destruction. Meanwhile, those that have not aligned with either faction are viewed as bandits and outlaws. Independently and in small groups they fight for their day-to-day survival, etching out a difficult existence in ‘The Dust’.


• Would-be survivors must master  strategic planning and employ a wide range of  turn-based tactical combat factors, including destructible environments and limited ammunition

• A vast and  inhospitable world, complete with  hostile weather and vision impairing  day-night cycles, requires  careful exploration to recruit allies and  gather scarce resources

•  Character progression and customization, as well as  armor and weapon upgrades, showcase player-focused RPG elements and offer a  high replay value

• A dark, dystopian lore provides a  rich backstory to create a world in which the  player’s actions have lasting impact, with the fate of humanity determined by their personal choices and combat capabilities

The developer is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for the game further development with the goal being set at $75,000, 900 USD missing out of the total goal and only 11 more hours to go!

You can also learn more about the development process by reading Q&A with the team available:  HERE.

More details about the team and the game available at the official website: http://www.redkatana.comFacebook and  Twitter profiles.

Thursday - August 14, 2014

Fallen: A2P Protocol - Run Out of Bullets?

by Couchpotato, 03:00

Red Katana released another update for Fallen: A2P Protocol about the games combat.

Run out of bullets? No problem, you can always find another way to make your point.

First, a quick recap on the progress for the KS and Greenlight: 

Almost 85% on Steam Greenlight TOP 100 race. Keep voting YES! and will make it happen soon :)

Almost 25% funded on KS, and still 24 days to go! We can make it! Please help us spread the word and with your help we can reach our goal and why not dream about the stretch goals!

We wanted to share with you something more about the gameplay.

Since Fallen: A2P Protocol happens in a post-apocalyptic world, resources will be scarce. And so will be the bullets, so you will have to manage your ammo wisely. You may want to think twice before making that shot. And if you don´t have enough ammo to keep firing your weapon you can always use melee weapons. 

In Fallen: A2P Protocol you can find some high tech cool weapons and some others more rustic but well, cool too . Take a look at some concepts and in-game pre-alpha assets... What do you think? Do you like melee combat?

Tuesday - August 12, 2014

Fallen: A2P Protocol - More About the Beginning

by Couchpotato, 05:50

Red Katana's next update for Fallen: A2P Protocol talks about kickstarter stats, and shares a few more new images of the game. The game has 25 days to get funded.

Something more about the beginning

We hope you had a great weekend.Let us share some updates regarding the progress of this campaign: We are a little bit over 10% funded and still 26 days to go so we need your help to keep going and spread the word so we can reach more backers and make it happen.

Also we are almost 70% on the way of the TOP 100 for Greenlight on Steam in just 5 days. Today we wanted to share some early inspirationals. 

We started creating this world and story long time ago...

At first we were thinking of doing something more contemporary post-apocalyptic where you would find only the current technology, but then we decided to make it happen around 2125, where you would find also some cool high tech gear. Climate disaster was always on our minds from the start and one of the main causes of this world going to hell. So that´s why you will find ships and submarines in a desert or some other place without water :)

Weather changes and events are one of the important features of the game, that will force you adapt your strategy if you want to be successful on the different missions.

Sunday - August 10, 2014

Fallen: A2P Protocol - Sharing the Process

by Couchpotato, 08:12

Red Katana's latest update for Fallen: A2P Protocol shares some information about funding,and gives us a a look at the early development of the game.

Sharing some of the process...

We are very excited about making this game and have you on board. We still have a long road ahead, and need your help and support to make it happen. Remember Kickstarter is an all or nothing approach, so we need to reach our minimum of u$75,000 in about 29 days to achieve the goal.

If you are a Steam user also remember to vote us on Greenlight. We achieve almost 50% to reach TOP100 in just 48 hours! So please keep voting us and we will be getting to the top soon :)

We created an amazing story, and tons of concept and inspirational art to make this game. We are working hard to translate that into in game content.

We wanted to share a few images that show the process on how we are doing to translate from sketches to in game prototype. We still need to iterate, polish and work a lot in the final graphics, the GUI, effects, etc. but take a peak.

Friday - August 08, 2014

Fallen: A2P Protocol - Kickstarter Now Live

by Couchpotato, 07:28

Fallen: A2P Protocol is a new game on kickstarter from a developer called Red Katana and they are asking for $75,000 to make the game. Here is a short game description.

Turn-based tactical combat and strategy game set in a rich post-apocalyptic world paying homage to classics like X-COM and Fallout.

And I'll throw in the reason why the developer choose to make the game.

We felt there weren’t enough contemporary choices to bring back some of the great nostalgia we felt when playing the original X-COM, Fallout, Shadowrun. So we decided we would create our own, paying homage to some of our favorite titles while innovating and adding some of our own spinto the genre.

So are you interested yet? Discuss the game in the comment section.

Information about

Fallen: A2P Protocol

Developer: Red Katana

SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Sci-Fi
Genre: Tactical RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: 20-40 hours
Voice-acting: Partially voiced

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· Released: 2015-04-06
· Publisher: Red Katana