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Gatheryn is a free-to-play advanced casual MMORPG from Mindfuse Games, bringing together simple, accessible gameplay with all of the rich characters, stories, and social experiences of an online world. Set in a lush 3D environment inspired by Victorian steampunk fiction, Gatheryn is a game where players can forge new lives, climbing the social ladder in a technologically advanced island nation and unearthing its many mysteries -- or simply enjoy a wealth of addictive, engaging mini-games.

The tale of Gatheryn begins on the docks of Elymia Island, where players assume the role of Elymia's newest citizens. There, they will discover what makes the islands such a privileged place to live: Thanks to their mastery over the power of steam, the people of Elymia enjoy prosperous, bustling cities, and carefree, idyllic lives in the lush island countryside... or do they?

What is it that makes Elymian citizenship so rare? How have they managed to do so much more with steam power than the other nations of the world? Why do the merchants of OutWorld constantly flock to the Elymian shores for the crafts and products of its residents? Players of Gatheryn will have the chance to see the luxuries of Elymia for themselves -- and discover what boils beneath the surface.

Played alone or with a group of friends, Gatheryn combines a deep, rich story, steeped in the romantic atmosphere of the Victorian era, with RPG-style character development and engaging, casual gameplay. Dig into the hidden history of Elymia and learn the story of Gatheryn -- or create your own, forging your own identity within the limitless social possibilities of this massively multi-player Steampunk world.

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Developer: Mindfuse

SP/MP: Massive
Setting: Steampunk
Combat: Unknown
Play-time: Unlimited
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
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· Publisher: Unknown