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Monday - December 26, 2022
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Wednesday - September 14, 2022
Saturday - August 13, 2022
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Box Art

Monday - December 26, 2022

Gothic 1 Remake - Music from the Old Camp

by Hiddenx, 09:03

Enjoy a sneak peak at the Old Camp of Gothic Remake:

Gothic 1 Remake | Happy Holidays 2022

Saturday - November 19, 2022

Gothic 1 Remake - Goblins!

by Hiddenx, 16:11

Henriquejr spotted the Goblins of the Gothic 1 Remake:

Here is a closer look at Goblins in Gothic 1 Remake!

These devious little creatures can annoy even hardened adventurers. For inexperienced warriors, they can even spell their doom! They can quickly surround you and attack all at once, armed with clubs, old rusty swords, or anything they can get their hands on!

Goblins are crafty and, above all, light-fingered. Remember our old friend Talas from the Sect Camp, who lost the Almanac to a gang of Goblin muggers? It's time to team up with him once again and retrieve it!

Wednesday - September 14, 2022

Gothic 1 Remake - Questions & Answers

by Hiddenx, 14:33

Game Director Reinhard Pollice und Audio Director Kai Rosenkranz answered some fan-questions from GameStar about the Gothic 1 Remake at the Gamescom (Video in German, please use autotranslate):

Was ist anders, was wird besser? - Antworten zum Remake von Gothic 1!

Short Summary:

  • Lost content and maybe even content from the planned (but never released) addon will be restored
  • Voice overs will be recorded again, with the old cast
  • Combat will get more options
  • Magic combat only will be possible (no need to change to close combat)
  • Later chapters get a higher quest density
  • Maybe you can stay loyal to the Old Camp or Swamp Camp and ascend as Heavy Guard or Guru
  • Old music melodies will stay and get enhanced, new ones will be added
  • All in all - stay true to the original and add things that were originally planned but later omitted due to time/resource problems

Saturday - August 13, 2022

Gothic Remake - Showcase Trailer

by Silver, 01:07

A new showcase trailer for Gothic Remake.

Before we can trust you, you'll first need to pass the TEST OF FAITH.

Can you handle that?

Prepare yourself for a visit in the Old Mine, a dangerous place full of vicious creatures. Descend to the bottom and find Ian - he's your man. Tell him that Diego sent you. If you come back alive with the supplies list, we can talk about you joining us.

That's all you need to know... for now.

Oh, and before you leave, ask Graham for a map. What are you waiting for? Get going!

Gothic 1 Remake is coming to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

All footage captured in-engine.

Friday - December 24, 2021

Gothic Remake - Happy Holidays

by Hiddenx, 07:58

Happy Holidays from the RPGWatch team as well:

Gothic Remake - Happy Holidays


Wednesday - December 01, 2021

Gothic Remake - General Update

by Redglyph, 10:16

Alkimia Interactive posted an update on Gothic 1 (remake).

General Update - Minecrawler Sneak Peak & Call for Community Manager Application

Minecrawler Sneak Peak & Call for Community Manager Application

Back in March, we released a render of the actual in-game Scavenger created for the Gothic Remake to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Gothic. Since it’s been a while, we thought we would post another update.
We really enjoyed the critical discussions and constructive feedback that came out of this post and so we will continue releasing key elements of the game that way.

Today we're bringing you a sneak peak of our interpretation of the Minecrawler.

We can assure you that they’re even more terrifying moving around in-game. We also came up with a small additional twist to these creatures, but there’ll be more on that in a later update.

Generally, we are very pleased to share that the development of the Gothic Remake is progressing on all fronts. We have assembled a team of over 35 specialized developers at our Barcelona office and are working with several contractors and outsources in addition. Gothic may be more than 20 years old, but the scope of this game cannot be underestimated.

We are also still looking for additional people to join our team. If you’re interested, you can check our open positions here:

Today, we want to put a special spotlight on the open position of Community Manager at Alkimia Interactive! We are looking for a versatile person to join us at our Barcelona office and help with coordinating our communication efforts and community presence, among other things. The most important part is to be passionate about Gothic and proficient in English and German (ideally Polish or Russian as well). You can find more details here:

Tuesday - May 25, 2021

Gothic Remake - Coming to GOG

by Silver, 23:19

Gothic Remake will be coming to GOG and has a store page there.

 Get ready for the comeback of an unforgettable RPG classic. Gothic 1 Remake is coming soon to GOG.COM!

Thursday - April 01, 2021

Gothic Remake - Features In-Game Store

by Hiddenx, 15:31

Finally you can get pets and heroe-weapons for Gothic!

Enhance Your Adventure – Gothic Remake to Feature In-game Store

Barcelona, Spain / Vienna, Austria, April 1st, 2021: Gothic has just turned 20 years old, and players around the world can’t wait to put their feet back into the Colony. As THQ Nordic and developer Alkimia Interactive promised, the development process for the upcoming Gothic Remake will be as transparent as possible. And therefore, the two companies are proud to present one of the exciting new features of the Gothic Remake: The G-Store.

After analyzing all the great RPGs out there, it became quite clear that players want to have a chance to enhance and customize their adventures. With the G-Store, Alkimia Interactive and THQ Nordic will offer vast options to do so. The store will feature new equipment for the hero – you can get the legendary weapons of Diego or all-new clothes to really stand out between all the other colonists. Also, the shop will offer a large amount of quality of life items, such as healing potions, XP-boosters or creature-type focused damage-enhancers, if you are struggling to slay a troll for example. Also, if the player has spent all their learning points or attribute points in a way that doesn’t please them anymore, a full respec is also available for a small fee.

And – for the very first time in the Gothic franchise – the G-Store will exclusively feature the most requested item-types ever: pets! If you ever felt a bit lonely while running through the wilderness, we have a solution: Get a pet! Be it a baby scavenger or a young troll, everyone will find a beloved companion.

Each transaction in the G-Store is done with G-Coins. These can either be purchased at a fixed rate as seen in the price list below or via viewing live streams of the game – for each hour watching the Gothic Remake in a stream, registered users will be rewarded with G-Coins. The exact offering of the in-game store depends on the community feedback and will be revealed closer to the game’s release.

G-Coins pricing overview:
• 2.500 G-Coins for EUR/USD 12.99
• 5.000 G-Coins for EUR/USD 24.99 (+500 Bonus G-Coins)
• 10.000 G-Coins for EUR/USD 59.99 (+1000 Bonus G-Coins)
• 20.000 G-Coins for EUR/USD 99.99 (best value and +2000 Bonus G-Coins)

"With the Gothic Remake, we do not simply want to make the old Gothic look shiny, we want to fully adopt the game and bring it up to 2021 standards (and probably beyond). We are all big fans of open-world RPGs in general and in almost all of them is a shop for the modern player: Hardworking in real life, earning a lot of money but having no time to spend it. For this kind of people, we offer THE perfect solution!
" says Reinhard Pollice, Studio Head at Alkimia Interactive & Business and Development Director at THQ Nordic, "we did a representative survey in our finance department and 100% of the people agreed, that this is a fantastic idea!"

The Gothic Remake is currently in development for PC, PlayStation®5, and Xbox Series X|S. There is no official estimated release window yet.

Thanks Henriquejr!

Monday - March 15, 2021

Gothic Remake - Steam Page Up

by Silver, 20:28

The Steam page for Gothic Remake is now available which has some screenshots.

The Kingdom of Myrtana has been invaded by an implacable horde of orcs.

King Rhobar II, in need of a large quantity of magical ore in order to forge powerful weapons, operates the Khorinis mines with all available prisoners. To prevent them from escaping, the monarch asks his best magicians to create a magical barrier. But something goes wrong. The magic gets out of control and a mutiny turns the mines into a wild territory now controlled by the most violent prisoners.
The King is forced to negotiate with the new owners, while the tension between the different factions of the mines increases. What no one expects is that the arrival of an unknown prisoner will change absolutely everything.


  • Faithful full remake of the original Gothic 1
  • Modernized combat system that takes the basic premises of the original combat system to the modern age
  • Return to The Colony, in a full blow remake of the popular and revolutionary game Gothic from 2001. Rediscover the world of the mining colony, its secrets and challenges
  • Play as the Nameless Hero – Manage the fate of a lifetime convicted prisoner who must survive in a world of wild animals, creatures and convicts of dangerous reputation.

Thursday - March 11, 2021

Gothic Remake - New Studio: Alkimia Interactive

by Hiddenx, 15:50

Yemeth spotted THQ Nordic's new studio Alkimia Interactive:

Alkimia Interactive to develop Gothic Remake

Barcelona, Spain / Vienna, Austria, March 11th, 2021: Today THQ Nordic announces the incorporation of its new studio, Alkimia Interactive in Barcelona, Spain. After the Gothic Remake project was greenlit the next step was to fully set up a studio subsidiary.

In Summer 2020 the studio started operations and began bringing together a team of passionate RPG developers. Since then, the studio has set up an office in the heart of Barcelona. The team is constantly growing and is still looking for developers to join the family. More information about Alkimia Interactive can be found on the official website – there are still a few positions open:

The team’s focus and ambition is to build high-quality RPGs, with its first project being the full development of the Gothic Remake for PC and Next-Gen consoles. Development is well on its way and the first results from all of the hard work the team has put in will be revealed in the next couple of months. “We strive to build Alkimia Interactive as a top-notch RPG studio”, said Reinhard Pollice, Studio Head at Alkimia Interactive. “Our ambition is to become one of the best addresses for PC/Console core game development in Southern Europe.”


Monday - August 03, 2020

Gothic Remake - Close to the Original

by Hiddenx, 17:09

Gamestar interviewed producer Reinhard Pollice about the Gothic Remake - the remake will be closer to the original than the playable teaser:

-> Link to the podcast (in German)


  • 25 people are working on it
  • mechanics/quests/story will be very close to the original
  • more quest details in later chapters
  • a little more content to improve the general game atmosphere, but not an addon
  • combat more tactical than pure action
  • freedom of choice in combat and in all game aspects
  • art design darker than in the teaser
  • Ruhrpott-charm remains preserved :)
  • NPC scheduling and animal life remain as well
  • the teaser got a score of 72/100 from the fans
  • they are trying to get the original speakers for voice-overs


Information about

Gothic 1 Remake

Developer: THQ Nordic

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Adventure-RPG
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: 40-60 hours
Voice-acting: Partially voiced

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· Expected: 2023-10-01
· Publisher: THQ Nordic