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Box Art

Sunday - January 20, 2019

Heroes of a Broken Land 2 - Early Access in August

by Silver, 08:45

The Steam page for Heroes of a Broken Land 2 is available and states that Early Access will be available in August.


Heroes of a Broken Land 2

The world has been shattered, destroyed by the corruption of the Wizard Council of old. You are one of the few remaining Wizards, it is your burden to correct the mistakes of the past. Trapped in crystal you cannot act directly, you must gather heroes to your cause and lead them in your quest to restore these broken lands.

Explore an Endless Land

Procedurally generated worlds means an nearly endless adventure. Customize the worlds you explore as small or as large as you desire.

Recruit a Team of Heroes

Manage multiple parties of heroes, recruiting only the best and bravest. Train them in dozens of classes to build the perfect party.

Build and Manage your Town

Build and customize your town to best train and equip your party and attract the most skilled heroes.

Wednesday - July 06, 2016

Heroes of a Broken Land - Review @Clay

by Silver, 01:52

This IS! Gaming With Clay reviews Heroes of a Broken Land.


Friday - December 26, 2014

Heroes of a Broken Land - Patch 1.10 Released

by Couchpotato, 05:41

Well it has been a while since I made post about the following game, and the news is about developer Winged Pixel releasing the next patch for Heroes of a Broken Land.

Version 1.10

  • Bears, Serpents, Zombies and more! 20 new monsters added.
  • Monster information is now per-Wizard, not per-Game
  • Monster quantity added to game customization options
  • Retroactively add core class skills (fixes skill changes to classes in previous updates)
  • New Steam Achievement, some achievement targets have been reduced
  • Add message when waiting/passing in a dungeon
  • Fix issue where battle can hang after merging parties
  • Fix arrow directions on descending dungeons

Tuesday - November 25, 2014

RPGWatch Feature - Heroes of a Broken Land Review

by Myrthos, 23:35

Forgottenlor takes the rol of demigod in the retro dungeon crawler Heroes of a Broken Land and penned down this review.

I chose a large-sized world (size four or six) and have played about 45 hours already, and am only beginning to come within sight of finishing. After so much gaming time, I've become increasingly aware of the limits of the game. I can forgive the painfully mediocre graphics, which have a hard time competing with Wizardry 6's 25 year old sprites. I can also forgive the repetitive and somewhat out-of-place sound track. For me that is part of playing an indie retro game.  However, for a game of this scope, which theoretically offers endless play, I would have hoped for more content. For example, there are skeletons, ghosts, rats, bats, slimes, and elementals in the game. Sure there are more than 10 different kinds of slimes, all with different colours and powers, but even so, after 40 hours I'm getting kind of sick of slimes. Also dungeons are divided into caves, mazes, towers, and mines. Even though the floor plans are random, I'm also getting tired of seeing the same tile sets repeat themselves.

Sunday - August 31, 2014

Heroes of a Broken Land - Review @ Chalgyr

by Couchpotato, 04:14

Chalgyr's Game Room has posted one of the few reviews available for Heroes of a Broken Land. and he came away enjoying the time he spent playing the game.

The score was 7.5/10 , and site calls the game good.

A stronger narrative coupled with better presentation values could have made Heroes of a Broken Land an absolutely unforgettable experience, but what is there is still really, really good. It blends genres beautifully and creates a unique-feeling experience in the process, which is capable of being played time and time again due to its randomized world.

Saturday - August 09, 2014

Heroes of a Broken Land - Released on Steam

by Couchpotato, 06:56

Heroes of a Broken Land has been released on Steam for $14.99.

Heroes of a Broken Land is a turn-based, dungeon crawling, town management RPG.  Explore procedurally generated worlds and dungeons with multiple parties of heroes. Ally with other towns to recruit new and more powerful heroes. Explore and loot countless dungeons on your quest to save the world.

  • First person, turn-based dungeon crawling action
  • Manage multiple 6 parties of up to 6 heroes each to explore the word
  • Manage towns, constructing buildings to upgrade your heroes and kingdom
  • Recruit heroes from the realm and turn novices into powerful adventurers
  • Each game is a unique world unto itself, with countless worlds and dungeons
  • Choose the size of your world: explore a small Fragment for quick adventure, or an enormous one for an epic quest

A Broken Land, shattered by the Wizards of old, the Fragments of the Old World are adrift in the Void. You must visit and restore each Fragment of the Void, only then can the World be rebuilt. However you are trapped in a crystal body, unable to act alone.

You must gather and recruit the many Heroes of each Fragment to act for you. You must explore each Fragment of the World. Delve into every dungeon to gather the resources and power needed to purify each Fragment. Expand your outpost to train and equip your heroes. Make allies with the other towns and settlements, convince them to join in your quest.

Sunday - July 13, 2014

Heroes of a Broken Land - Greenlit on Steam

by Couchpotato, 13:07

Winged Pixel announces the Steam forums their RPG dungeon crawler game Heroes of a Broken Land has nemm Grenlit on Steam.

Heroes of a Broken Land has been Greenlit!

Finally the day has arrived!

I hope to have more details about when exactly Heroes of a Broken Land will appear on Steam. I plan on adding some Steam-specific features (acheivements, cards) and will have to do some research before commiting to a release date.

So stay tuned!

P.S. I'd just like to be clear, than people who have already purchased the game from another site, you are entitled to a Steam key when the game launches on Steam.

Monday - May 19, 2014

Heroes of a Broken Land - Patch 1.6 Released

by Couchpotato, 05:35

Winged Pixel has released the next patch for Heroes of a Broken Land. Here are some of the patch changes taken from the games website.

Heroes of a Broken Land 1.6

A new update to Heroes of a Broken Land has just been released.  You can auto-patch right now, and It should start appearing on the various store downloads shortly.

Version 1.6 finally provides the Pegasus mounts that the Stables have always claimed to provide.  A fully upgraded Stable will now remove all terrain penalities, as you now fly over the world.

The complete list of changes is:

  • Added status icon to monster info
  • Level 3 Stables now provides proper pegasus mounts
  • Level 3 Stables now remove terrain penalities
  • Possible fix for “Dungeon Clear” dialog not going away
  • Ice Storm should have a delayed effect
  • Fix Storm (and other repeated spells) from being cast on certain characters
  • Fix {Creature} text in draining spells
  • Fix issue with enchanter adding duplicate enchantments
  • Fix world trainer/store scrollbars
  • Auto move can now properly move through teleporters
  • Can now deselect equipment by clicking on item stats

Monday - April 07, 2014

Heroes of a Broken Land - Patch 1.5 Released

by Couchpotato, 04:08

Winged Pixel has released patch 1.5 for Heroes of a Broken Land. Here are some of the patch changes taken from the games website.

Heroes of a Broken Land 1.5

A new version of Heroes of a Broken Land has been released!

Lots of fixes and improvements this time most notibly a minor change to how status effects are handled, where now the most powerful effect will take precidence (cast Poison and the Decay, the Decay effect will take priority).  Plus, there is now an icon for Haste, Chill and Burn statuses.  Also a lot of fixes and adjustments to Golem character building.
Here’s the full changlist for 1.5:
  • Add icons for Haste, Chill and Burn statuses
  • Healing spells now ignore resistance
  • Status inflicting skills now inflict the stronger version (Decay will override Poison)
  • Added more messages to battles
  • Golem could not learn Shock Proof
  • Golem stat cost increased
  • Golem skill level requirements increased
  • Golem stat adjustment UI improved (hold mouse down)
  • Fix bug where Golem could learn skills by adjusting level up and down
  • Added message to clarify Golem is delivered to home town
  • Added icon to show purified dungeons
  • Elemental lord messages updated, spawn near pillars
  • Rebalance monster types found in dungeons
  • Fix classes found in Jail cells
  • Reduce the amount of Adventurer recruits (new heroes only change class once)
  • Clairfy Gladiator class description
  • Clarify Storm spell descriptions
  • Fix incorrect wording in Trade Dispute event
  • Fix Void shrine giving XP to all parties
  • Thieves guild UI tweak
  • Tweak Ghost Rat stats
  • Improve slowdown on really large dungeon logs
  • Fix issues where objects would not fade properly during battle
  • Fix Frostbite being learned during battle
  • Fix upgraded skills remaining in Favorites list
  • Added self-patching to Linux versions (will take affect in future updates)
  • Change Sliver Slime to Silver Slime

Monday - March 17, 2014

Heroes of a Broken Land - Patch 1.4 Released

by Couchpotato, 04:55

Winged Pixel has released patch 1.4 for Heroes of a Broken Land. Here are some of the patch changes taken from the games website.

Heroes of a Broken Land version 1.4

Version 1.4 is now out, addressing some important issues that have popped up since 1.3.  It also includes a few minor UI improvements such as showing if a door is open or not in your automap.

Here’s the full list of changes:

  •     Fix issues when exiting the Crystal Tower
  •     Fix flanking issues and monster facing issues
  •     Fix Level Up screen not accounting for Wizard powers
  •     Fix Fae Queen skill not being learned
  •     Fix dungeon generation bug with bad teleporters
  •     Make recruiting UI a bit more easy to understand
  •     Fix world interaction with multiple parties and none selected
  •     Open and closed doors now show on map differently
  •     Neutral damage resistance gives a chance to resist Stun
  •     Fix tool tip in help menu
  •     Reduce  Might Cleave  MP cost
  •     Tweak Ghost Rat difficulty again
  •     Make magic fountiains more common in the final dungeon
  •     Reduce tool tip time

Sunday - March 09, 2014

Heroes of a Broken Land - Patch 1.3 Released

by Couchpotato, 04:29

Winged Pixel has released patch 1.3 for Heroes of a Broken Land.

Heroes of a Broken Land 1.3 Released

Better late than never, since 1.3′s already been out a few days, but here’s the list of changes:

    Allow any Human class to become an Adventurer
    Mofify intro tutorial a bit, now build alchemist before entering hall
    Slightly improve Wizard ATK and DEF bonuses
    Adjust monster XP for new/hard creatures
    Adjust Ghost Rat difficutly (no more Hive rats, less duplication)
    Fix issue with certain custom difficulty games not saving properly
    Fix Wizard skill table, can now get level V Affinity/Focus
    Fix incorrect equipment stats adjustments
    Fix Explosion skill
    Fix building icons in help menu
    Upgraded Unity3D version, if strange stuff happens, this is the cause
    Misc type/spelling fixes

No new screen shots or anything this time, just fixes and tweaks!


Friday - February 21, 2014

Heroes of a Broken Land - Patch 1.2 Released

by Couchpotato, 04:10

Winged Pixel announces that patch 1.2 is available for Heroes of a Broken Land.

Heroes of a Broken Land 1.2

Heroes of a Broken Land has just been updated with a massive list of changes and content. Check out this little video showing some of the new major features added.

Saturday - February 01, 2014

Heroes of a Broken Land - Interview

by Couchpotato, 03:32

Hardcore Gamer interviews Andrew Ellem about his RPG Heroes of a Broken Land.

As a one man team, did you ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer ambition of heroes of A Broken Land?

From time to time yes, the sheer scope of the game could feel a bit overwhelming. At times it would feel like I’d never finish, but often that feeling passes and if you just keep taking one step after another eventually you can see that your goal is just around the corner.

The game seems to have it all. What was the most challenging aspect of creating such a diverse and expansive experience?

Balance was always my concern, with so many classes and game systems plus randomly generated worlds it was always a challenge to create just the right amount of difficulty. Basically just making sure the dungeon crawling, world and towns interacted in interesting ways and didn’t feel like 2-3 different games duct-taped together.

Did you set out to redefine the turn-based RPG by injecting so many different genres into the core-concept?

Not at all! The design for Heroes of a Broken Land simply came from the idea of wanting to combine some of my favorite games of the past. I was disappointed that turn-based dungeon crawlers weren’t being released anymore, because I wanted to play one! It was really just about trying to create a game that I’d want to play.

Andrew Ellem

Wednesday - January 29, 2014

Heroes of a Broken Land - Review @ IndieRPGs

by Couchpotato, 03:00

IndieRPGs Craig Stern takes a look at Heroes of a Broken Land in a new video.

Based on what I’ve played so far, I give this a cautious recommendation–the full recommendation will have to wait, pending a full playthrough or two. Either way, though, I think you have to concede: the mere fact that a game like Heroes of a Broken Land exists is pretty remarkable. This gives me some high hopes for the cRPG genre.

Wednesday - January 22, 2014

Heroes of a Broken Land - Now Available

by Couchpotato, 03:50

Winged Pixel annouces that Heroes of a Broken Land is now complete, and available for purchase. Here are the details.


Heroes of a Broken Land is Out!

A year in the making, Heroes of a Broken Land is finally done! Combining the best of old school dungeon crawling and large world strategy, plus prodedural generate for a new adventure each time you play, Heroes of a Broken Land is not to be missed!

You can learn more about the game, or grab the demo.

Purchase the game directly from Winged Pixel
Purchase the game from Desura
Purchase the game from Gamersgate

The game is also now on Steam’s Greenlight, and hopfully with you help will one day be available for purchase from Steam.  Don’t forget to vote Yes, it’s appreciated!


Monday - December 30, 2013

Heroes of a Broken Land - Game Updates

by Couchpotato, 03:24

Winged Pixel has news that Beta 7.9  has been released for Heroes of a Broken Land.

Another week, another update!  Beta 7.9 is mostly fixes, not a lot of new stuff.

Check out the demo and more info about Heroes of a Broken Land.

One major fix is the restoration of numerous world objects, which were missing from newly generated worlds.  This restores access to 3 of the elite classes.

They also posted a new FAQ about what to except in version 1.0, and beyond.

When will Heroes of a Broken Land be released?

The current plan is to release Version 1.0 in mid-January. I’ll announce an exact and official release date in early January.

What will change between the latest Beta (7.8) and 1.0?

Not much. I’ll be continuing to improve the game by fixing bugs and polish the game, but there’s not much left on my task list. Beta 7.9 will possibly be the last Beta version.

As the game stands, I’m quite happy with the experience delivered.  Heroes of a Broken Land provides a light but deep, old-school dungeon crawling experience.  It provides countless worlds and dungons to explore. Combined with the town building, world events, and multiple parties, I believe that Heroes of a Broken Land has a good balance of new and old.  A part of me would be happy to stop here.

Monday - December 02, 2013

Heroes of a Broken Land - Beta 7.6 Released

by Couchpotato, 05:06

Winged Pixel has released a new update for the Beta version of Heroes of a Broken Land.

Heroes of a Broken Land – Beta 7.6 Released

Another week another version!

Firstly the game now has difficulty levels! The current difficulty is now called Normal. Because the difficulty does affect the world generation you can only select the difficulty at the start of a new game. Time will tell if the new difficulty levels are balanced or not.

Plus, I’ve finally gotten around to adding a full history when exploring dungeons.

Full list of changes in Beta 7.6:

 - Magic affinity now affects all spells and reduces by a % of MP cost
 - Heroes can now be dismissed at the Town Hall
 - Fix bug in stat modifiers display
 - Dungeon message history log added (click on the compass)
 - Damage number colors added
 - Weapon mastery skills descriptions fixed
 - Fix UI breakage when returning to the world map under certain conditions
 - Fix incorrect Town icons on sidebar when switching worlds (by loading a game)
 - Fix auto map switches in multi party dungeons
 - Difficulty settings added to game creation (chosen on world generation)
 - Fix various spelling mistakes

Friday - October 11, 2013

Heroes of a Broken Land - Beta 5.0 Available

by Couchpotato, 00:14

Winged Pixel has released a new update for the Beta version of Heroes of a Broken Land.

Lots of improvements all around, tons of new world events that give quests, some involving multiple dungeons, giving you a much more lively world. Plus the much-requested auto attack button, for those easier encounters.

List of Changes:

  • Fixed a bug where multi-floor dungeons could change on reload
  • Auto-attack toggle added, automatic melee attacks for easy encounters
  • Added basic mini-map feature to the world
  • World monster made more dangerous, damage is % of total gold, monsters are more agressive
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now user-configurable
  • You can now select your party by keyboard (1, 2, 3, etc)
  • Added basic Dungeon generating events – random dungeon creation w/reward
  • Fix potential crash with certain events on Tiny sized worlds,
  • Tiny worlds are a little bit bigger
  • Rescue quests/events added
  • Treasure hunt quests added
  • Artifact quest added
  • Custom portraits

Wednesday - September 25, 2013

Heroes of a Broken Land - Beta 4.0 Available

by Couchpotato, 00:53

Winged Pixel has a new update for the Beta of Heroes of a Broken Land.

Once again Heroes of a Broken Land has been updated and now downloadable.

Upated builds should be available on Desura and GamersGate “soon”

What’s new in Beta 4.0?

  • Game now downloads new versions automatically (full auto-patching still TODO)
  • Fix Spell Focus and Healing Prayer skills to properly boost damage/healing
  • Event system upgrade – multi-stage events, world awareness (karma, danger levels, etc)
  • Undead Hoards & Rat Plague Events added – quest spawing events
  • Alchemist Huts can now be found on the world map
  • Fix bug where reloading on turn 1 would give a new party
  • Higher level recruits may now be from Elite classes

Thursday - September 12, 2013

Heroes of a Broken Land - Is Now in Beta

by Couchpotato, 00:53

Winged Pixel announces on the games website that the game has now entered Beta.

Beta is a major milestone for the game, but there’s still lots to do!

The game is also now on Steam’s Greenlight, and hopfully with you help will one day be available for purchase from Steam.  Don’t forget to vote Yes, it’s appreciated!

Between Beta and the Final version dungeon variety will be improved, with new traps and interactive objects. The game needs some balancing work, espeically with non-human classses and the end game.  Of course all bugs must be squashed and there are 100s of little issues to address before the final version can be released.


  • World tiles art updated
  • Farm & Inn art updated
  • Downloadable demo version added, Demo versions have level cap
  • New music, longer loops
  • Credits screen added
  • Message log ordering & fade tweaked
  • World Generation settings tweaked (larger worlds mostly)
  • Fix crash when party is defeated in first dungeon, on first turn
  • Fix Witch’s Hut
  • Fix Weak spell castable outside of combat
  • Fix 1st level recruits not having selectable classes
  • Fix corrupted save game issue
  • Fix issue with doors and switches disappearing (hopefully)
  • Fixed bug when switches share a wall
  • Numerous minor bugs and tweaks

Sunday - August 18, 2013

Heroes of a Broken Land - Preview @ IndieRPGs

by Couchpotato, 00:36 plays the alpha build of Heroes of a Broken Land, and give us a look at the first-person dungeon crawler.

As you can see, I quickly died, then had much more success after restarting:

The game is still early in development, but it’s clear to me that there is a ton of potential here. The sheer scope and ambition of the game is pretty remarkable. With an improved GUI, more varied content, a nicer graphical presentation on the overworld map, and some relatively simple improvements* to combat, I think this could turn out to be something very special indeed. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one as development continues.

Information about

Heroes of a Broken Land

Developer: Winged Pixel

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Unlimited
Voice-acting: None

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· Released: 2014-01-20
· Publisher: Winged Pixel