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Friday - February 13, 2015
Saturday - January 31, 2015
Friday - January 30, 2015
Wednesday - January 21, 2015
Wednesday - January 07, 2015
Thursday - December 11, 2014
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Friday - February 13, 2015

HOMM III HD - Review @ Chalgyr's Game Room

by Couchpotato, 00:40

Chalgyr's Game Room published a new review for the new Heroes of Might & Magic III - HD Edition that was release last month, and gave the a final score of 8/10.

Boiling this down to a simple yes or no, I would say that you should get this version of the game. The exception here would be unless multiplayer does nothing for you, in which case you should pop on over to, save yourself 5 bucks, and get the two expansions alongside the base game.  But either way, the Complete set or the HD Edition, make sure that you get yourself a copy of this game, and do it sooner than later. Heroes of Might & Magic III - HD Edition is still one of the finest strategy titles ever.

Saturday - January 31, 2015

HOMM III HD - Short Review Roundup

by Couchpotato, 05:20

I found three new reviews for the recently released Heroes of Might & Magic III HD.

Softpedia - 9/10

Many see Ubisoft's decision to remaster Heroes of Might & Magic III as a cash-grab move. Perhaps, but I prefer to think of it as a tribute the French publisher has decided to pay to a long-lasting franchise.

I'm aware that some of the latest HOMM games are nowhere near what the third game in the series is, and I absolutely agree that that is Ubisoft's fault.

But reviving one of the best games launched more than 15 years ago will never be a bad move, in my opinion, if the improvements are visible and worth the money.

Gamezone - 7.5/10

In every way, the Heroes of Might & Magic III HD Edition is better than its 15 year old predecessor. I foresee this game only really appealing to those who actually played the original though. Since there have been three games in the franchise released since Heroes of Might & Magic III’s original release in 1999, with another coming out this year, there are newer options available. Heroes of Might & Magic III HD Edition plays and looks exactly like a re-release of an older game, with some much needed optimizations. While that is a pretty obvious statement, it’s important as far as expectations go; it’s either a good thing or a bad thing depending on your desires. Sort of how there is a mix of regret and liberation after seeing an ex you haven’t seen in years.

Gamewatcher - 8.5/10

With the release of HoMM3HD following hot on the heels of Avernum 2: Crystal Souls, it feels like revamped versions of old-school fantasy games are the flavour of the month – and we’re not complaining. As with Avernum, HoMM3’s sheen has not been dulled by the vitiating properties of time; instead, its unique blend of roleplaying and strategy is just as alluring 15 years on.

Friday - January 30, 2015

HOMM III HD - Available Now

by Couchpotato, 04:10

Ubisoft announced today that Heroes of Might & MagicIII: HD Edition is now available.



The high definition epic title is back in stores

London, UK – January 29, 2015 – Today, Ubisoft announced Heroes® of Might & Magic® III – HD Edition, the anticipated title built from one of the most renowned games in the Might & Magic series, is now available on Windows PC and for the first time on tablet (iOS and Android).

The fifteen year-old title comes back with a full HD lift thanks to the refined work done on graphics. Players will relive the iconic Heroes III adventure as they strive through seven campaign scenarios and 48 skirmish maps. The game also includes a local multiplayer mode, a map editor and a Steam lobby (only for PC players), in which players can share their experiences with other fans of the franchise.

For more information about Heroes® of Might & Magic® III – HD Edition, please visit:

For the latest news on Ubisoft collectible merchandise, please visit and like the page

Wednesday - January 21, 2015

HOMM III HD - What New Stuff is Included?

by Couchpotato, 03:12

A small gaming website by the name of FixthisGame posted an article with information on what new content Heroes of Might and Magic III HD Edition will have on its release.

So what is Heroes of Might and Magic III HD Edition bringing? It provides the same exact gameplay with 7 campaigns, more than 50 different skirmish maps, map editor, local multiplayer and all the things that were already in the game. What changes here? Well, the graphics will be brought up to date and the game will be optimized to run on higher, HD resolutions. There’s also some support for HD compatibility, as well as another new addition in the form of an online multiplayer lobby.

It seems that Heroes of Might and Magic III HD Edition will be a Steamworks compatible title, and Steam will manage the online lobbies.

From what we expect, the game will resurrect the passion we had for this genre, passion that we lost due to some bad entries in the series after this one was released. Still, Heroes of Might and Magic III HD Edition looks to bring us a lot of stuff, so we are excited to see its release at the end of January.

Wednesday - January 07, 2015

HOMM III HD - Pre-Orders Available on Steam

by Couchpotato, 02:29

Steam announces you can now pre-order Heroes of Might and Magic III HD.

Heroes of Might and Magic III HD Edition is Now Available on Steam!

Do you remember all those sleepless nights spent fighting Black Dragons and Archangels, Demons and Necromancers? Were you a true fan of Heroes® of Might & Magic® III? We have great news for you!

The most popular Heroes® title of all time is back in HD! Fifteen years later, rediscover the epic tale of Queen Catherine Ironfist, as she re-embarks on her critically acclaimed quest to unite her ravaged homeland and re-conquer the kingdom of Erathia.

Forge the destinies of mighty and magical heroes, leading fantastic and ferocious creatures in a game that still stands today as the landmark opus of the Might & Magic: Heroes’ franchise.

Heroes® of Might & Magic® III is a turn-based strategy game, originally released in February 1999.

Thursday - December 11, 2014

HOMM III HD - Arrives in January

by Aubrielle, 08:45

Heroes of Might and Magic III is getting the HD treatment, along with Steamworks support for online multiplayer.  You'll be able to play in January.

Heroes of Might and Magic III was originally released in 1999 to wide acclaim. According to Ubisoft, it is in fact the most popular turn-based strategy game in the HOMM franchise. And why would it say such a thing? Because it's putting together a high-definition version for release early next year.

Heroes of Might and Magic III HD will remain "faithful" to the original, with seven campaign scenarios, 48 skirmish maps, a map editor, local multiplayer, and a Steamworks-powered online multiplayer lobby. But it will look a whole lot better too, with upgraded graphics supporting higher resolutions and widescreen monitors.

"Community is at the core of the Might and Magic series, and we wanted to thank their everlasting support by bringing back the epic tale of Queen Catherine Ironfist," Might and Magic Creative Director Erwan le Breton said in a statement. "We wanted to keep the heart of what made Heroes III one of the most renowned titles of the series, while providing an enhanced visual experience and offering the possibility to also play the game on tablets."

Based on the description, it looks like the HD release will only include the original game, and not the Armageddon's Blade or Shadow of Death expansions. Heroes of Might and Magic III HD is scheduled for launch on January 29, 2015. Find out more at

Original article.

Official website.

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