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Wednesday - June 23, 2010
Box Art

Wednesday - June 23, 2010

RPGWatch Feature - HoMM Online Hands-on Impressions

by Dhruin, 12:04

Ubisoft has controlled the Might & Magic franchise for a few years now with underwhelming results.  The announcement of a Heroes of Might & Magic multiplayer browser game developed in China didn't exactly inspire excitement, either.  While we don't actively cover MMO games any more, VoxClamant's offer to tell us about the beta for HoMM Online sounded interesting.  Here's the introduction of his impressions after over 30 hours of play:

Be prepared to be surprised if you try Heroes of Might & Magic Online – this is actually a pretty good game.  By the time the open beta is finished it might well be a very good game.  For so many of us who still enjoy and replay the Heres oo Might & Magic series, the online version is surprisingly robust and addictive.  It is faithful to the original (right down to the music) with a few good enhancements and only a couple significant disappointments.

Read it all here.

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Heroes of Might & Magic Online

Developer: Unknown

SP/MP: Massive
Setting: Fantasy
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Unlimited
Voice-acting: None

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· Platform: PC
· Released: 2008-05-30
· Publisher: Ubisoft