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Wednesday - September 14, 2022
Friday - September 09, 2022
Thursday - September 08, 2022
Sunday - August 28, 2022
Tuesday - May 24, 2022
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Wednesday - September 14, 2022

Jack Move - Review @ Gaming Trend

by Hiddenx, 08:33

Gaming Trend checked out the cyberpunk RPG Jack Move:

Jack Move review - Jack in, jack out

In 1997, a natural disaster destroyed all technology on earth. This event caused governments to collapse, replaced by corporations bringing even more advanced tech back to the masses. Decades later, Noa Solares works as a freelance hacker along with her partner, Ryder. When her estranged father is suddenly kidnapped by MonoMind, the two take the fight to the corps to rescue Noa’s dad and free Bright Town from tyranny.

Jack Move is a cyberpunk RPG where you only have a single party member: you. As a huge fan of all things RPG and cyberpunk, this obviously had my attention. While it certainly has a few issues, I think the game accomplishes most of what it sets out to do. As Noa, you’ll explore several locations just outside of Bright Town like a scrap yard, the slums, and the upper class zone owned by MonoMind. The “dungeon” areas use random encounters, but you can customize the encounter rate however you like by pressing plus, even turning it off entirely.


Jack Move is a fantastic and bite-sized RPG with some incredibly interesting character building. The story feels too jam packed and tonally inconsistent, but it and the characters are enjoyable for what they are. While I’m not a fan of the art style, it does what it sets out to do for the most part and is accompanied by some excellent jams.

Score: 85/100 

Friday - September 09, 2022

Jack Move - Review @ God is a Geek

by Hiddenx, 08:02

God is a Geek checked out Jack Move:

Jack Move review | Byte-sized RPG goodness

Jack Move is a lovely bitesize RPG that gripped me from start to finish, with a heartfelt story, fantastic combat, and a hell of a soundtrack. The random battles won’t please everyone, but with so little else to complain about this RPG is an absolute must play for anyone with even a passing interest in the genre.

Score: 9.5/10

Thursday - September 08, 2022

Jack Move - Release Day

by Hiddenx, 05:42

The Cyberpunk RPG Jack Move will be released today:

Jack Move

Take on the role of Noa: A young vigilante hacker from Bright Town. As the overreaching mega-corporation, Monomind, kidnaps her estranged father, Noa has no choice but to get him back, before it's too late. Help her find her dad, as she finds herself on the way.

Noa won't be alone on her journey. She'll be helped out by her best friend and tactical planner, Ryder, as well as her Martini drinking uncle and ex-corporate spy, Guin Blakely.

Cyberspace Battles
Jack Move features beautifully animated, exciting, and tactical turn-based battles.

Customize the software of your Cyber Deck to switch roles mid-battle, balancing offense, defense, and buffs. Choosing which software you load during battle is the key to victory! Hardware upgrades can help boost your stats, increase the amount of software you can install or give Noa extra abilities.


  • Gorgeous “Hi-Bit” pixel art inspired by retro RPGs and enhanced with modern techniques.
  • Battle your foes in cyberspace. Take them down using a multitude of sweet hacking software.
  • Explore the dangerous world of Monocity-1 and takedown Monomind, the evil mega-corporation that controls it.
  • Play as Noa Solares, a sassy hacker out to save her father and the world.
  • Fight your way through a bunch of dungeons filled with all sorts of cyberpunk villany. Street punks, gangsters, corporate militia, secret service agents, and horrific cyber-experiments-gone-wrong will all be battling against you!

Sunday - August 28, 2022

Jack Move - Release Date: September 8

by Hiddenx, 07:06

They Cyberpunk RPG Jack Move will be released on September 8:

Jack Move launches September 8. Watch new trailer!

Hey, everybody!

It’s time for some great news: we’re super excited to announce that Jack Move is coming to Steam on September 8! The game will cost 19.99 USD (please note that regional prices may vary). And, in case you’d like to grab a copy of Jack Move for your console, you’ll have to wait a tiny bit more: the console launch will take place on September 20.

Meanwhile, check out the brand new animated Jack Move trailer we’ve been working on for more than half a year!

We’ll be dropping more updates and other interesting stuff closer to the release, so make sure to follow the game, and, of course, add it to your wishlist!

See you in the cyberspace of Jack Move!

Tuesday - May 24, 2022

Jack Move - I.C.E. BREAKER available

by Hiddenx, 11:02

The cyberpunk RPG Jack Move: I.C.E Breaker is now available. It is a free demo for the game Jack Move, which will be released later this year. Dr. Incompetent checked it out:

JACK MOVE I.C.E. BREAKER | First Look in 2022



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Jack Move

Developer: So Romantic

SP/MP: Single-player
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