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An indie development.  From the website:

So what is Legends? It's a project that I've been working on for a number of years now, the aim being to create a role-playing game set in an original world that mixes aspects of fantasy literature with elements of early medieval history. To do this the first step has been to create the Legends CRPG engine that gives the player a three dimensional first person view of the world. For all the technical details of what makes up the Legends engine please refer to the Development Page. If you are more interested in what type of gameplay you can experience with Legends then please read on.

As the Legends game has developed the goal has been to create a role playing environment where the player can shape his or her avatar as desired. Characters may become a thief not through selecting a class prior to starting the game, but through their actions. Just as character classes are not explicitly selected, characters statistics will not be explicitly shown. While status bars will show fatigue, strength, etc there will not be pages of numbers stating that a certain character has an intelligence of 18 and a level of 12. Weapons will not be described as a 'Sword +3' for example, it being assumed that the player (with feedback from NPCs in the game) will be able to work out that mail armour is more resistant than leather.

Legends is not intended to be a hack and slay exercise in mouse clicking as it is my belief that role playing is not a simple matter of killing 50 monsters and advancing a level. Nor is the world purely black and white. Different people living in the world of Legends will have different goals and will try to enlist the player in achieving these goals. It is up to the player to decide if the Order of the Guardians can be trusted or not. Are the Stone People friendly? Again the player must discover this, possibly after learning how to speak the Stone People's language.

The first Legends adventure is being set in a pseudo-medieval fantasy world, but every attempt will be made to avoid using the stereotypical Orcs, Elves, Wizards and Dragons, the intention being to create something new and original, even if many things will look familar.

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