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Saturday - November 26, 2022
Saturday - October 29, 2022
Friday - October 28, 2022
Sunday - October 23, 2022
Saturday - June 18, 2022
Wednesday - December 22, 2021
Sunday - June 27, 2021
Box Art

Saturday - November 26, 2022

Live by the Sword: Tactics - Review

by Hiddenx, 09:20

Softpedia checked out Live by the Sword: Tactics:

Live by the Sword: Tactics Review (PC)

My wizard has an ability called Supernova, allowing him to essentially sacrifice his own life to take out a bunch of enemies with him. I drop that from his loadout because I plan to get through this fight with my party alive. I give him a flame wave to deal with groups of enemies and a classic fireball, although I tend to sometimes affect my own characters with it.

On the battlefield, I use my warrior, backed by a medic, to draw in most of the enemy group, while I try to flank with the wizard and a brawler that can deliver two attacks each turn. My final party member is the archer, set up to take advantage of heights and deal killing blows.

The Good

  • Classic tactical RPG feel
  • Old-school look
  • Adventure mode

The Bad

  • Some difficulty spikes
  • Too many slowdowns
  • Limited characters

Live by the Sword: Tactics will be a great experience for gamers who fell in love with the role-playing tactics titles of their youth and are susceptible to the draw of nostalgia. The story mode has solid battles, although the narrative does not impress. Adventure mode puts an interesting new spin on the core mechanics.

But the game is unlikely to draw in players who don’t already like what it has to offer. It needs a stronger narrative hook or more innovation and accessibility. Live by the Sword: Tactics is a nice project for a small development team and fulfills its core promise of delivering a good classic tactics RPG experience.

Score: 4/5

Saturday - October 29, 2022

Live by the Sword: Tactics - Review

by Hiddenx, 15:30

BestNerdLife checked out Live by the Sword: Tactics:

Live By The Sword Tactics Preview Review | BestNerdLife

Friday - October 28, 2022

Live by the Sword: Tactics - Released

by Hiddenx, 15:06

Live by the Sword: Tactics has left Early Access:

Time to save the Kingdom

The day is finally here, after 15 months of Early Access we are fully releasing

Hello everyone,

The day has finally arrived it is launch day and with it the excitement of getting the game out to you all. So many of you all have contributed to the game in one way or another through the use of the in-game feedback system, this would not have been possible without you so please pat yourselves on the back because you are also part of this game.

Seriously, I can't get over how amazing a lot of you all have been. If you can, please leave a steam review, they are so important to the health of a game.

What started as just a board game a few years ago has transitioned into a game that has taken some risks with bucking trends and trying to do something new in the genre. While it may be tough to see at first we promise that if you stick with the game we have so much more to offer and provide. All of us here at Labrador Studios are committed to the development of new content and making the experience even better over time.

Over the next few days as you play please send in your feedback, let us know what you like, what you don't like, what you'd like to see more of. This is your game as much as it is ours, let us know your thoughts, we can better serve you all with more information. Use the in game feedback system or post on the forums or even shoot us a message in Discord. Any way works for us.

To show our dedication we have created a content road map with the first update coming this winter in December.


  • I love you all
  • Leave a steam review please
  • New content on the way
  • Voice your opinion to us
  • Please like and share this update

Sunday - October 23, 2022

Live by the Sword: Tactics - Release Date: October 28

by Hiddenx, 06:30

Live by the Sword: Tactics will be released on October 28:

Launch Day Preview and Next Content Update

Learn about what changes will take place on launch day and what future content you can look forward to.


We wanted to give you a full list of all the changes going live on release (October 28th) as well as what content is coming next. If this looks great to you please share it with friends!

Release Patch Notes


    Act 3 of Story Mode added!

  • Online Multiplayer Cross-Play added! Play against random foes from around the world via Steam, Nintendo Switch Online or Xbox Live.
  • Cross-play for Online Custom Games, which will allow you to face off against your friends regardless of what platform you're playing on, will be added in a future update.
  • Four new boards added for Skirmish and Multiplayer, with the old "Peaks" board retired.


  • Panicked Shout no longer affects characters diagonal to the Medic.
  • Abilities where characters jump forward (Superman Punch, Rush etc) can now target characters on the same height level when the Heavy Feet debuff is active.
  • Fix for Charged Draw still working with the Bear Hug debuff on the Archer.
  • Fix for Phase buff also preventing Basic Attacks being used against the Medic.
  • Fix for Fireball AOE not staying within 1 height difference of the main target.
  • Fix for Ricochet and Healing Aura retaining targeting information if the action wasn't completed before the player ran out of time for their turn.
  • Fix for characters which should be killed due to Share Pain damage from multi-hit attacks not dying if there was a miss before the killing blow.
  • Fix for using a Basic Attack removing the Crotch Kick debuff (Steam only as of writing).
  • Fixes for some abilities not removing the Crotch Kick debuff after being used (Steam only as of writing).



Saturday - June 18, 2022

Live by the Sword: Tactics - Release: Q3 2022

by Hiddenx, 07:39

Live by the Sword: Tactics will be released in third quarter of 2022 - it will feature several game modes:

Live by the Sword: Tactics - Game Modes and DLC Trailer

Live by the Sword: Tactics is a new Tactical / Strategy RPG launching in Q3 2022, featuring a Story Mode, Adventure Mode, Tactician and online and local multiplayer. LBTS allows for newbies of the genre as well as veterans to pick up the controller and have fun while not being overwhelmed.

Wednesday - December 22, 2021

Live by the Sword: Tactics - Act 2 available

by Hiddenx, 19:03

Act 2 of Live by the Sword: Tactics is now available:

A massive Story Mode update is here! Play Act 2 now!

Play the newest part of the Live by the Sword: Tactics Story Mode. Experience even more battles and cutscenes!

Act 2 available to play as of today!

The middle act of the Live by the Sword: Tactics Story Mode is now available, adding more cutscenes and battles which follow on directly from the dramatic conclusion of Act 1. Having uncovered a sinister plot, more will be revealed about our band of heroes as they face off against multiple challenging encounters on their path to save the kingdom.

This update puts us three quarters of the way through Early Access, plus we have some exciting announcements we're looking forward to sharing with you next year.

Thanks again for sticking with us through development and we hope you enjoy Act 2!

Sunday - June 27, 2021

Live by the Sword: Tactics - Early Access Release

by Hiddenx, 07:03

The Early Access version of the tactical RPG Live by the Sword: Tactics has been released:

Live by the Sword: Tactics

Live by the Sword: Tactics is a Tactical-RPG that puts you in charge of a group of adventurers. As the Kingdom rebuilds after a devastating war, people are slowly returning to their normal lives. During this time a plot is discovered that threatens to throw the Kingdom back into further ruin. You must prevent this from happening at all costs.


Multiple Game Modes
Live by the Sword: Tactics features many ways to play:

  • Story Mode that features a group of adventurers who discover an evil plot.
  • Roguelite Adventure Mode that has you building the world as you explore it.
  • Ranked and Unranked online battles between two players.
  • Local and LAN battles between two players.
  • Tools to create custom battlefields.

Information about

Live by the Sword: Tactics

Developer: Labrador Studios

SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Tactical RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· Released: 2022-10-28
· Publisher: GRAVITY GAME ARISE Co., Ltd.