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Tuesday - July 25, 2017
Saturday - January 03, 2015
Thursday - February 06, 2014
Friday - June 14, 2013
Tuesday - March 27, 2012
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Tuesday - July 25, 2017

Mistborn - Canceled

by Myrthos, 09:22

There has not been a lot of news about Mistborn: Birthright, which probably was a sign as the latest news is that the project has been canceled and the rights to the game have been returned to Brandon Sanderson. TechRaptor found the info on the game's Facebook page.

First, we can now definitively say that this project isn't going to happen. Please know that it's not for a lack of effort. Even as a publisher, the video game industry isn't easy, and sometimes the best will in the world isn't enough.

Second, I want to thank all of Sanderson's fans who reached out with their feedback, encouragement and support over the years. It was truly a great experience to be adopted as part of the Cosmere community.

Lastly, I would like to thank Brandon, himself. He was a patient, great business partner, who produced an amazing story for the game. I still hope he finds a way to release the details or reuse it in some fashion.

Saturday - January 03, 2015

Mistborn - New Development Update

by Couchpotato, 06:34

Once again I've missed this bit of information on Mistborn: Birthright that was posted on Facebook last month. The good news is the game is still being developed.

Hi Mistborn fans,

Again, please accept our apology for the lack of information.

Little Orbit is now five years old, and over that time we have interviewed many fans and asked exactly what kind of Mistborn game they would like to see. Unsurprisingly we learned there aren't many developers in the world that can do Birthright justice. Even Little Orbit as a publisher has taken on larger and larger projects in an effort to mature and grow to a point where we could properly support a AAA Mistborn game.

We spent much of 2014 working with a couple developers to map out a game that fans would love. And while this project has taken much longer than we had anticipated, it is still moving forward.

- The game design is complete
- The game follows Brandon's original storyline which takes place in the early years of the Final Empire [edited - thanks!]
- The game is going to be on XboxOne, PS4, Xbox360, PS3, and PC
- We're targeting a Fall 2016 release

We hope to announce some significant details about the game and the new developer in early 2015. We appreciate your patience.

Thursday - February 06, 2014

Mistborn - Development Status Update

by Myrthos, 12:40

I've missed this bit of information on Mistborn: Birthright that was published on their facebook page last December. In case you have missed this as well here it is:

Hi Mistborn fans...

First, we would like to apologize for the lack of updates on Birthright.

Here is a little background:

About a year and half ago we had just started full production on the game when half of the development studio working on Birthright got sold to another major publisher. Losing that many staff forced us to put the project on hold, but our expectation at the time was to immediately move to another developer and resume production.

We've now spent over a year trying to put all the pieces back together, so that we could give fans an meaningful update.

While there still isn't a lot of official detail that can be revealed at this time, here is what we can say:

- We are still very much committed to getting the game made, but it's important that we choose the right developer and deliver a game we can all be proud of
- We're staying with Brandon Sanderson's original storyline that he created just for the game back in 2012
- Due to the addition of new console platforms, we've made the decision to start over from scratch to support Xbox One, PS4, X360, PS3, and PC
- A new developer has been selected, but contracts are still in negotiation
- We're now targeting a Fall 2015 release date

We will definitely post more information as the project moves forward.

Friday - June 14, 2013

Mistborn - Delayed To 2014

by Myrthos, 13:04

Our previous news post on Mistborn: Birthright was when it was announced in 2012, where it was mentioned that the game would be released later this year.
So it is time for a new news post to mention that it is delayed. RPGFan has learned that the game will be released in 2014 to make it possible for Little Orbit to spend more time on Young Justice: Legacy.

Tuesday - March 27, 2012

Mistborn - Birthright announced

by Garrett, 19:32

Little Orbit, a developer for mobile devices, has announced an RPG based on Brandon Sanderson’s epic fantasy series Mistborn for PC, PS3 and XBOX360:

Little Orbit revealed today that they will be bringing bestselling author Brandon Sanderson’s epic fantasy series Mistborn to games late next year for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Windows PC and Mac.


Mistborn is set in a dark world of ash, mist, and gothic fantasy creatures, dominated by a seemingly immortal villain known as the Lord Ruler. It also follows individuals who use a powerful rule-based magic system known as Allomancy that allows them to temporarily enhance their physical and mental abilities by ingesting and “burning” flakes of metal. Those who have the ability to burn a single metal are called Mistings, and those who can burn all metals are known as Mistborn.

The upcoming RPG video game will feature an original storyline created by Sanderson, set several hundreds of years before the first Mistborn novel, and will focus on a unique combat system that puts Allomancy into the hands of gamers. Players will suit up as Fendin “Fiddle” Fathvell, an arrogant young nobleman who must quickly master his newfound Allomantic abilities before forces at work can destroy his entire family.

“I’m a huge fan of the series, and I cannot wait to get this into the hands of gamers,” said Matthew Scott, CEO of Little Orbit. “Between the distinctive magic system, the story twists Brandon has planned for the game, and the rich depth of character skills, we’re creating something very unique for players to enjoy.”

Sanderson is no stranger to video games. He recently completed story development on the Infinity Blade II video game including the accompanying Infinity Blade: Awakening novella. In between writing his popular Mistborn and Stormlight novels, he is also finishing work on the final novel in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. Sanderson has been labeled “one of the most popular new fantasy writers to emerge in the last ten years”.

"As an avid gamer, I'm extremely excited by this opportunity,” said Sanderson. “The chance to write the story for a Mistborn game while working with a team of talented developers is, quite literally, living a dream."

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