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Box Art

Monday - September 12, 2022

Monomyth - Open Backer Beta

by Hiddenx, 17:50

Rat Tower has posted an update about Monomyth. The beta will be open to all backers who pledged for a digital copy of the game:

Monomyth - August Update

Current Progress | Open Backer Beta

Hi, dungeon-crawling fans!

another month has passed and it's time for another update! This one will be a bit shorter, for reasons I will get into in a moment, so let's start.

Current Progress

Monomyth is now in Beta Phase 1. The beta is basically split into six phases, where the first five are mostly content updates and the last is about polishing.

So the first content update was released in August and it contained demo content ported to the new codebase, as well as some extra areas and level mechanics. Beta testers have already provided useful feedback which I will integrate in the coming weeks.

Following this update, I originally wanted to work on the game's main hub and trading system. However, I decided to switch beta phases 2 and 3 around. I did this because beta 3 contains a major quest area that existed only as a gray blockout so far. I was concerned about this area and wanted to get to work on it as soon as possible because I felt that much of the original blockout would require a major overhaul. In fact, I decided that a large portion of it was a) not particularly interesting and b) not within the scope of the project. So I restructured the entire thing and now it is more manageable and still becoming one of the more complex areas in the game. It contains the part of your journey that leads you truly into the depths of the earth and verticality is a major aspect of it.

Unfortunately, I cannot show much of the work so far. As expected, this update is probably the most labor-intensive update out of the entire beta and I am in the middle of creating its content. The area's base geometry is almost complete and it should be fully traversable within the coming week.

This beta update will probably be released sometime next month. After that, I will continue working on the game's main hub, which is already significantly further along in development.

Open Backer Beta

At the moment, testers are already providing great and in-depth reports on various issues they find in the closed beta. However, as more content is added to the game, the current amount of testers will likely not be enough to properly cover all problems that may still persist.

That is why I have decided, that once most of the main quest has been fully patched into the game (roughly beta phase 5) I will open the beta for all backers of the "Pilgrim" level and above (that's everyone who will receive a digital copy of the game).

Like all other beta testers, these backers will receive a dedicated test key, which will be locked before the release of the full game (i.e., this is not the fulfillment of your pledge, and you will receive a separate key at release). I will provide more information on this in the coming updates.

Until then!

Thanks Redglyph!

Tuesday - August 09, 2022

Monomyth - July Update

by Hiddenx, 10:22

Rat Tower posted a dev update for Monomyth, with feedback on the beta and general progress information:

Monomyth - July Update

Hi, dungeon-crawling fans!

Another month, another update! Beta 1 is just around the corner and in the last few weeks, plenty of significant improvements have been implemented. So let's take a look at those!

Current Progress
As you know, Monomyth's beta has been out for about a month now. In this short period of time, there have been numerous hotfixes. Beta testers have been very busy reporting various problems and as a result, both major and minor bugs were corrected. One particularly nasty bug involved the functionality of NPC navigation, which, luckily, could be tracked to a simple, incorrect engine setting.

Besides fixing bugs, I have also been adding various features that would improve the overall experience of the game. NPCs will now greet the players via text messages over their heads. The same system is also used for idle chatter and combat taunts.

I have also re-introduced Offhand Actions, which were sort of a last left-over from the old codebase's feature list. This means you can now, again, press the middle mouse button and use your torch to light other torches in the game world (and set certain inflammable objects on fire as well).

Video - Offhand Actions

Some of you may have been unaware of it, but the Kickstarter demo also featured a shield-bash that could be activated in the same way. This feature is back as well, however, this time it is far more impactful. It can be used to knock enemies down or push them off ledges.

Video - Shield Bash

Combat AI has been improved as well and while it still needs work encounters are now more balanced. The rebalancing in the latest version of the game also affected weapon durability. A frequent feature request from the Kickstarter demo was the possibility to pick up the weapons dropped by enemies. This was an option in Arx Fatalis and Ultima Underworld. However, in Monomyth, this feature devalued some weapons, because of their sudden high availability. More precisely, it had an effect on the urgency of keeping an eye on your weapon's durability. This called the necessity for the durability feature into question (at least with regard to highly available weapons). Ultima Underworld circumvented this problem by permanently breaking weapons. This introduced an element of resource management into the game and reduced the effects of readily available weaponry.

I have been experimenting with a similar system in Monomyth's early game now. You can still repair your weapons at a forge, but if you don't pay attention to their durability you will risk losing them permanently. So far, at least in my experience, this little change makes the early game significantly more exciting. Obviously, this feature will be somewhat less relevant for rare weapons. These aren't readily available in the first place and some of them are indestructible anyway (they still wear off over time though, so they have to be repaired to fulfill their potential).

Video - Weapon Durability

I have also been thinking about the save system during the rebalancing process. At the moment free saving is the standard game mode on the basis of which the distribution of level-up shrines is balanced (these were originally used to save). I might actually turn this around and balance the distribution around the classic system from the Kickstarter demo. People will still have the option to turn on free saving during the character creation though.

I have also reworked the object carrying/placement system since I have noticed that players kept having problems with putting bread near a fire or into an oven. Therefore, I implemented a feature with which they can drop items from the inventory directly into their character's hands. Players can then precisely rotate and place the item with the help of a "ghost object". This is also very useful for stacking boxes.

Video - Obect Placement

Beta 1
The rest of the time, I have focused on closing the gap between the actual beginning of the game and the current beta content. This required a rework of the "Serpent's Bastion", an area you already know from the Kickstarter demo.

The patch integrating this content should be ready within the next few days. With its release, Monomyth will enter the "Beta 1" phase. Just like after the release of "Beta 0" I will then shortly focus on documenting and fixing various bugs found by the beta testers. Afterward, I will shift my focus toward working on the next beta patch. Going strictly by the plan from last month's update that would include the game's main settlement, I might, however, switch Update 2 and 3 around, since the latter still requires more work.

Either way, there is still a lot to do. I will keep you posted!

Best wishes,

Thanks Redglyph!

Tuesday - July 12, 2022

Monomyth - Kickstarter Update

by Hiddenx, 14:31

Rat Tower Software posted a new Kickstarter update for Monomyth:

Quick Update: Backer Content Rewards | Slacker Backer Option

Hi, dungeon-crawling fans!

Just a short update: I have sent out the e-mails for backer-created content rewards. If you have backed the project at the "Lysandrian Knight" level or higher, you should have received a short message with a form to fill out. If you have not received such an e-mail please get in touch with me via michael[at] You can take your time filling out the form since backer-created content will probably be added to the game last. I will notify you in time when the deadline is coming up.

Due to popular demand, I have also re-opened the slacker backer option, which can be found here:


All rewards are the same as on Kickstarter. The slacker backer option will be open until the end of the month. So if you know anyone that wanted to back the project last year but could not at the time, you can send them this link.

As for the project itself: The beta is going well. The testers and I are locating and fixing bugs almost every day. Since the last update, there have been numerous hotfixes, adjusting menus, gameplay mechanics, visuals, etc


Thanks Redglyph!

Thursday - July 07, 2022

Monomyth - Beta Start

by Hiddenx, 15:11

The beta phase of the dungeon crawler Monomyth has started:

Monomyth - June Update

Beta Start
Hi, dungeon-crawling fans!

Monomyth's closed beta has finally started! Those of you, who backed the game at the "Seventh Oath Cleric" level (€ 125) should have received their invitation mail by now. In case you haven't, please do not hesitate to contact me via

The first beta phase will still be a bit of a bumpy ride with many bugs and some missing features. It is mostly a focus test for the new code base and the first area of the game (hence the name Beta 0). What follows now is a constant loop of feedback and patches that will push the project closer and closer to a stable release.

In that regard, the game already received various hotfixes over the weekend. Among other things, these fixes included the following:

  • Slimes are no longer invincible
  • Various level design fixes
  • Swimming should be much less of a pain now (still not entirely painless)
  • Comfortability features + fixed bugs in container GUIs
  • Some adjusted/corrected dialogue options
  • Books should display correctly while being carried around
  • Torches burn longer and burnt-out torches are now placed in the inventory
  • The GUI for money should update correctly now
  • Fixed a bug that would respawn the player in a mysterious Ankh room
  • Fixed a collision problem that made leaning impossible
  • Visual updates to the environment

And so on. At least until next week, I will still focus on hotfixes of this nature. After that, I will start focusing on the first beta content patch. Speaking of which, the roadmap for the coming months looks as follows:

Update 1: To close the gap between the beginning of the game and the current beta content I will first reintroduce the "Serpent's Bastion" - the area you may already know from the demo. In the full version, this area will be slightly extended. In the same patch, item balancing will be overhauled as well.

Update 2: This patch will include the game's main settlement as well as the updated trading systems. It will also include some portions of the game that may not be accessible until later but are possibly interesting for testing at this point.

Update 3: This patch will introduce the area below the heartlands, where players will really start their vertical descent into the depths of Ariath. Releasing this patch will probably take the most time because the area in it is still at a very early stage of development.

Update 4: This patch will introduce the most classic dungeon crawling experience Monomyth has to offer. Lots of dark hallways, lots of traps, lots of tough enemies. Stressful and my personal favorite at this point. The development of this area has already progressed nicely.

Update 5: This patch will introduce the final area of the game. This area is slightly smaller than the others. The core focus of testing here will likely be level mechanics, as well as the conclusion of the main quest.

Polishing: At this point in time the content creation phase should be concluded. After that, I might open the beta to all backers or go for a short early access phase before the final release.

And that's the entire plan for the beta. Some parts may still be adapted in terms of scope but overall this is how I will attempt to push the project forward. Something that will be helping me in this regard is a highly useful debug tool I implemented some time ago. This tool is, by the way, also available to beta testers. You can bring up the GUI by pressing "K".

Due to popular demand, I will also be re-opening the Kickstarter Encore (slacker-backer option). I will send out a short update about this later this week. The same goes for the backer-created content rewards.

Until then!

Best wishes,

Thanks Henriquejr!

Monday - April 04, 2022

Monomyth - Current Progress

by Hiddenx, 14:45

Redglyph spotted Kickstarter update #20 for Monomyth:

State of the Game: Current progress

Hi, dungeon-crawling fans!

Another month has passed and it is time for yet another update on the project! A lot has happened in terms of gameplay implementation, characters, and level design. So let's get to it!

Current Progress

NPCs were among the most important things I tried to improve during March. The essential motivation here was to iron out some issues with their controlling logic and how they interacted with one another depending on their individual factions.  All of this work was based on a perception system I implemented during the code refactoring I mentioned in previous updates. The perception system itself remained largely untouched during these improvements, which gives me confidence that, for now, it is in a good state. As a result of the work, NPCs can now actively fight each other without any big hiccups in terms of background logic. They properly recognize enemies (both player and non-player), orderly cycle back into their peace state after combat, and correctly perform subsequent actions. Especially the latter has been a constant source of headaches in the old codebase, which had an ad-hoc structure that was replaced by a more robust state machine architecture (see December update). 

There have also been multiple improvements with regard to character animations. As you may remember from one of the last updates, every character requires a "skeleton" to be animated. Thanks to the standard UE4 skeleton, which is now a core element of Monomyth's humanoids, various animations could be standardized across many different characters. As a result, NPCs now show behavior that makes them appear more realistic. For example, characters are turning their heads, following the (sighted) player, sheath their weapons whenever they are not in combat, and sometimes carry torches. These torches are not just for decoration but have an effect on player stealth.


Thursday - March 03, 2022

Monomyth - Dev Update #19

by Hiddenx, 16:56

A new Kickstarter update for the dungeon crawler Monomyth:

State of the Game: Current Progress | Beta Preparations

Hi, dungeon-crawling fans!

February went by real fast and Monomyth has made some good progress! This time around the update will be a bit shorter, but there is still a lot of important information I'd like to share with you, so let's get to it...

Current Progress

As announced last time I spent most of the month on detail passes, which means, fixing environments and making them presentable. I created new assets and overhauled some of the later areas in the game. 

Some of these are still "work in progress" and will be revised further as development continues. The placement of items, traps, and secrets is on the To-Do list. Some of the late-game content is still in the block-out phase, which I would like to change within the next few weeks. Earlier areas in the game are already further developed. 

Directly beyond the Serpent's Bastion (the level you know from the Kickstarter demo) lies the "Heartland". This area is mostly controlled by the fortress of Lysandria. The environment in the heartland is rather diverse. You will find dark tunnels and underground lakes, as well as places of worship and agriculture (or rather the underground equivalent thereof). Most of the area has been fortified by the Lysandrians to defend against attacks from the surface. The whole level still has to be tied together by level mechanics and quests, which I will work on shortly.

Thanks to the musical talent of Isaac Vail, Monomyth now features a background score! Since numerous people valued the calm atmosphere in the demo we decided to keep it subtle, the only exception being the main theme. 

Significant progress has also been made with regard to world design. The individual areas of the game are now stitched together, making the game's world fully traversable from the first to the last level. As I mentioned, not all of these levels are ready yet, but it is another step to properly scale the project. A properly scaled project keeps things manageable and, more importantly, realizable. This step also helps me to test out quests that are spanning different parts of the game - most importantly the main quest. Testing such things early is of course very important, which brings us to beta preparations.

Beta Preparations

Just as we said last year, Monomyth's closed beta will start around the beginning of Q2 2022 (add maybe a month or so, depending on how things are going). Generally speaking, the beta will likely be held in three phases (B1-B3). The game's world is currently organized in a way that allows for a subset of all areas to be tested while leaving the main quest largely intact. This is due to Monomyth's modular quest design approach, which tries to stay away from a strict sequential order when it comes to the player's main tasks.

My plan is to have a fully working game that can be played from start to end in B1. In every following beta phase, there will be a major content update integrating further areas into the game, expanding the main quest.

The point of this is to stay flexible with regard to whatever priorities we will see emerging during the beta. It also allows for a quick transition into release preparations once the time for that has come. Personally, I feel that at a certain production phase you should keep a game (or any software for that matter) in a state where it could theoretically be released within a reasonable amount of weeks. I would like to achieve this state with the first beta phase. This does not mean the game has to be released that quickly afterward - that is not the plan - but it forces me to think about the core essential content first, to avoid feature creep, and to make sure the project won't get stuck in development hell. I understand that the latter is a major concern for many Kickstarter projects and I would like to avoid that.

Backer content (items, NPCs, quests, etc) will be integrated throughout the beta. I believe it is a good idea that people first get a sense of the world in which their ideas will exist. Of course, that is not mandatory, so if you don't want to spoil the full experience for yourself, no need to worry.

For the next month, I have more level design and gameplay programming planned. The goal is now to get everything into a properly playable state. As always, I will keep you updated! 

Best wishes,


Wednesday - February 02, 2022

Monomyth - Dev Update 18: Rooms & Encounters

by Redglyph, 12:01

Rat Tower Software posted a new dev update.

State of the Game: Current Progress | Rooms and Encounters

Hi, dungeon-crawling fans!

We are one month into the new year and it's time for yet another update on the project! January was a month filled with brushing up earlier work, tidying up workflows, and generally bringing things into a more presentable state. But let's go into detail a bit...

Current Progress

After a major refactoring in December I mainly focused on four tasks during January:

~ Asset Migration: This was mostly follow-up work of the refactoring. I ported some assets to the new code base and adjusted a few things. This is ongoing work.

~ Writing: Currently, most of the writing revolves around creating narrative assets.  That means, writing dialogue trees, quests, or item descriptions.

~ Detail Pass: I started with the detail pass of the first area in the game. In this phase, the blocked-out level concepts are made into presentable environments, filled with details. Some of these environments will receive further polishing in the lighting pass.

~ Character Design: I also did some character design, modeling, and texturing. The most important part here was to get the workflow right, especially with regard to animation and character modularity. Animation is (still) a tricky topic when it comes to the Blender/UE4 pipeline (even though it has improved drastically over the last few years). Generally speaking, it is recommendable to use the standard UE4 mannequin (respectively its skeleton and extensions thereof) as much as possible - simply due to the fact that it saves you a lot of work when it comes to humanoid characters.


Friday - December 31, 2021

Monomyth - Dev Update 17

by Redglyph, 23:04

@JDR13 spotted a new update from Rat Tower Software (thanks!), probably the last one of 2021 too. This time, we get some insight into the benefits of refactoring code, tricks of the trade like FSMs, and how they help implement immersive simulation features.

State of the Game: Current Progress | Refactoring & Game Design

Hi, dungeon-crawling Fans!

The year is coming to an end, but the work on Monomyth continues - a good opportunity for another update! This month we will focus more on the technical side of things, so, let's get started...

Current Progress

You may remember, in the last update, I mentioned that I'd do some coding for the first two weeks of December. I wanted to improve some of the game's systems and make it easier to include additional immersive features (work I would have otherwise done during January).

After the first two weeks, I saw that with a little bit more time I could turn the refactoring into a major code rework, which would immensely simplify future development and potentially save me a lot of time in debugging. So, I decided to take the chance and I dedicated another two weeks to coding. 

Alongside the removal of several conceptual problems with the AI, two major results came out of this process:

  • Improved Character State Machines
  • Improved Inventory System

These improvements allowed me to introduce a series of features, most of which were either requested during the Kickstarter demo or part of the "Expanded Immersive Simulation" stretch goal. In this update, we will deal with the inner workings of the improvements as well as their effects on the game design. It will be a bit more technical this time but don't worry, we will talk more about level design (and - as promised - dungeon rooms) in next month's update!


Sunday - November 28, 2021

Monomyth - Dev Update

by Redglyph, 15:52

Rat Tower Software found the time to post an update on their progress. A long update.

State of the Game: Current Progress | Creation of Level Sections

Hi, dungeon-crawling fans!

It's been a few weeks so it is time for another update! A lot of things have happened and the project is on a good way! So without any further ado, let's get started...

Current Progress

As you may remember, I am currently in the middle of the content creation phase or, more precisely, in the middle of the world-building process. This process has a few stages. It starts with the creation of the level designs "on paper" (or in planning software, as you will see later in this update). It then continues with a blockout phase, where the basic building blocks of the designs are put into place. The finished blockouts are then re-iterated on and eventually replaced with actual game assets (i.e., 3D models of the level geometry, mostly split up into modular parts). After that follows the so-called "detail pass", where detail assets (furniture, rubble, wall decorations, vegetation, etc.) are placed in the level. The whole process is then concluded with a lighting pass, audio assets, visual optimizations, and level logic.

Monomyth is currently in the re-iteration stage (here and there I am already adding details, but mostly I am trying to stick to one task). All areas in the game - from the beginning to the end - have been blocked out. This was an important step because it narrows down the actual scope of the project and keeps it manageable. The levels of Monomyth are no longer just "on paper" designs that could be changed at the drop of a hat. Instead, I am now dealing with a finite set of concrete work tasks, which is infinitely better if your goal is to get things done.

After reviewing my schedule I decided to take a little break from level design and do some game system refactoring (that is, a reworking of the code to make it more maintain- and extendable). That means for the next two weeks I will be doing some coding which I would have otherwise done in January. Level design is a comparatively straightforward challenge from now on and I am trying to prepone any tasks which may cause unpredictable problems. Coding has a tendency to cause such problems, even though I already figured out most of the refactoring on paper, so, fingers crossed! 

Once the code refactoring is done I will continue with the detail pass of the level design. This brings us to the main part of this update...


Monday - October 18, 2021

Monomyth - Dev Update

by Redglyph, 08:08

Rat Tower Software posted a long update on the development of Monomyth.

State of the Project: Final Funding | Current Progress | Level Design

Hi, dungeon-crawling fans!

It's almost been two months since the Kickstarter so today I would like to give you a little update on the current development status of Monomyth.

Final Funding

Unfortunately, I have to start with a bit of a downer: The Kickstarter money has been transferred, however, it turned out that one major donor has dropped their pledge (8k), by not updating their credit card information. Nevertheless, the final amount (plus €950 from the Encore) is still a very good sum that can finance a good bit of contract work. The money is already allocated but I will still try to activate additional funds and patch up the hole in the original budget. Either way, it won't have an effect on the planned development, the current goal of which is content creation.

Current Progress

As you know, I have been busily designing levels over the last one and a half months. During the first month, I was still getting used to the new mode of operation but by now it's a very smooth process from concepts, to blockouts, to final results. I have had my own way of going through these steps for a while, but I also went ahead and complemented that with some reading material I had lying around for some time: 


Saturday - September 11, 2021

Monomyth - Save System Updated

by Silver, 20:53

Rat Tower Software have updated the save system for Monomyth according to the latest Kickstarter update.

Hi, dungeon-crawling fans!

If you backed the project at the "Lysandrian Guard" level or higher, you should have received an e-mail with instructions to claim your access to the "Inner Sanctum" Discord channel. This channel will contain frequent updates on the development status of the game, news on the closed beta build, general coordination between high-tier backers, and more. In case you haven't received your e-mail, please do not hesitate to contact me ( Please also check your spam folder.

The last three days I spent implementing free saving & loading, a much-requested feature during the Kickstarter. In future versions of Monomyth, you will be able to save and load freely at any point in the game. I decided to implement this feature because Monomyth, much like its inspirations, is a game that invites players to experiment with spells, items, and NPCs. Permanent consequences may prove counterintuitive in this regard. The shrines that were originally used for saving are still intact with all of their functionality, however, they save in the autosave slot.

As a side note: Today starts the content/level creation phase, so from now on, no new features will be implemented until the end of the year, unless they are directly related to level design or improvements/fixes of existing features.

Thank you all again for your great support!


Best wishes,


Thanks Farflame!

Saturday - August 28, 2021

Monomyth - Kickstarter Encore

by Redglyph, 16:32

Rat Tower Software tweeted and set up a page to extend the crowdfunding of Monomyth until September 26th for people who wanted to pay with PayPal, which is not supported by Kickstarter. A warning though: the tweet seems legit enough, but the page is not part of the Kickstarter process, is not on their site, has no user authentication and its access is not even secured (https).

So caution is advised to those who are interested! Make sure the information on PayPal is correct and points to the expected product and seller.

Kickstarter Encore

The Kickstarter campaign for Monomyth has ended with a fantastic result!

Due to popular demand, you can now support the project via PayPal. All rewards are the same as on Kickstarter.

You can pick a backer level and check out via the button below. An overview of the rewards can be found at the bottom of the page.

This page will be active until the 26th of September 2021, 5:00 pm (UTC), which is 29 day(s) 0 hour(s) and 37 minute(s) from now.

All rewards will be distributed digitally. Estimated delivery date: June 2022


Friday - August 27, 2021

Monomyth - Kickstarter Campaign Successful

by Redglyph, 06:42

Rat Tower's Kickstarter campaign for Monomyth has ended successfully, with €38,975 pledged of €16,500 goal (236% !) and 3 stretch goals secured: expanded soundtrack, expanded language support and expanded immersive simulation.

The estimated release date is June 2022.

Congratulations Michael!


Hey, dungeon-crawling fans!

Monomyth's Kickstarter campaign has officially ended with 1050 backers and 236% of its original funding goal!



Best wishes,


Wednesday - August 25, 2021

RPGWatch Feature - Monomyth Interview

by Myrthos, 20:29

Farflame reached out to Rat Tower Software to talk about their game Monomyth, a dungeon crawler in the spirit of Ultima Underworld and which can still be backed for a few hours on Kickstarter.

RPGWatch: Could you briefly compare the world of Monomyth with common fantasy worlds? For example, are there some of the usual fantasy races present? (and will they appear in the game?) Is it low / high fantasy? Do avatars of gods roam the realm?

Rat Tower: Monomyth is set in the world of Ariath. Unlike most fantasy worlds, Ariath is in the process of drawing its last, long-winded breath - at least, from a cosmological perspective. From a human perspective, there is still plenty of time to conquer a broken world that is slowly becoming more and more hostile to its inhabitants. The everlasting storms and ash rain make life on the surface very difficult. This forces people to live underground in isolated fortresses. Many of these fortresses form their own cultures and languages, even though they are just a few miles apart. Some fortresses are better connected than others - for example via extensive systems of caves and tunnels. This naturally makes them better equipped to deal with the dangers that lurk in the underground as well as on the surface - at least as long as they stick together. Conflict and intrigue are fairly common between allied fortresses and some have been wiped out for good as a result.

Demi-humans, are a rarity and often (voluntarily) live in separation. Due to historical reasons, their relationship with humans is quite strained. Nevertheless, some of them - most prominently the dwarvish varieties - act as mediators and messengers between human factions. You will encounter at least one of these individuals in Monomyth.

The gods play a major role in the world of Ariath. Just like languages and cultures, distinct religious sects form in almost every fortress. There are plenty of legends and rumors about deities revealing themselves to mortals or even speaking directly through them. It is a matter of speculation how much of this is true though.

Sunday - July 25, 2021

Monomyth - Coming to Kickstarter July 27th

by Silver, 09:24

Monomyth will be on Kickstarter July 27th according to this announcement.


MONOMYTH is an immersive, first-person dungeon crawling RPG in the vein of Ultima Underworld, Arx Fatalis, and the King’s Field series.

Coming soon to Kickstarter! (including a Demo)



Greetings, dungeon-crawling enthusiasts!

Today I bring you some great news:

Monomyth will be coming to Kickstarter on the 27th of July, 2021, at 7 pm CET / 1 pm EST.

As a part of this Kickstarter campaign, you will be able to try a demo of Monomyth yourself! In this demo you will travel to the Serpent's Bastion, an outpost of Lysandria, and a bulwark against the many dangers that lurk in the wastelands surrounding the ancient fortress.


Wednesday - January 13, 2021

Monomyth - New Year's Update

by Silver, 01:21

The New Year's update for Monomyth explains current plans and announces an intention to go to Kickstarter.


A short update on what's been happening with the development of Monomyth.

Thursday - December 19, 2019

Monomyth - Closed Alpha Sign Up

by Silver, 07:33

The closed alpha is available for Monomyth for those that want to genuinely help with its development.

...Alpha testing is organized in different stages. The plan is to involve more and more people in every stage and eventually open the alpha build for the general public.

Please fill out the following form to register for the closed stages of alpha testing. Your data will be handled with utmost care and won't be forwarded to any third parties. Once your testing stage starts you will be notified through mail (a Discord invitation will be shared with you for technical questions, direct feedback and similar).

Estimated start of the first alpha testing stage: January 2020

Monday - November 26, 2018

Monomyth - Steam Page Up

by Silver, 08:44

Monomyth is a first person dungeon crawler being worked on by one person and releasing sometime in 2019. The game now has a Steam page.


As the sun sets on the empires of mankind and civilization crumbles under great storms ravaging the world's surface, the people of Ariath retreat to the underground.
Amidst the chaos of this dying world, you are sent to the fallen fortress city of Lysandria to retrieve a sacred object. In the ruins of the city's clerical district stands an unremarkable chapel, holding a seemingly plain stone.

It is that stone your contractor wants, but the fortress is not as deserted as it seems...


An action packed first person RPG
Swing your sword, cast spells, dodge, parry and block. In MONOMYTH you move freely over the battlefield, using a rich arsenal of deadly weapons and powerful magic.

A living, breathing world
Within the ruins of Lysandria you will find a highly interactive environment, filled with items, puzzles, monsters and a variety of peaceful inhabitants. Talk to characters using a detailed keyword-based dialogue system and combine items to interact with your surroundings in interesting and explorative ways. Trade, pick locks, break doors, disarm traps or throw objects! You can even bake bread!

Free character development
In MONOMYTH you are free to develop your character in any way you want. Invest into eight different character attributes unlocking dozens of different playstyles. Will you be a nimble assassin, a dreadful battle mage, or maybe something completely different? The choice is all yours!

Open-ended level design
Lysandria is a vast, interconnected environment. Seamlessly wander from the highest towers to the lowest caverns, find secret chambers, uncover hidden passageways and explore a multitude of differently themed areas. All without loading screens!

Unique setting
Set in an apocalyptic fantasy world, MONOMYTH combines magic and technology into a new, unique setting. Open the gates to a dark, mysterious realm, beset by horrifying monstrosities and discover the secrets of the fortress city of Lysandria.

Information about


Developer: Rat Tower

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Action-RPG
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: 20-40 hours
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
· Expected: 2022-10-10
· Publisher: Rat Tower