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After generations of peace, whispers of an ominous threat are heard on the streets of Mooncrest. Can a mismatched pair of heroines overcome the challenges of their enemies and each other or will all end in ruin?

Mooncrest–the premier RPG from KnightMayor–is an action adventure game featuring:

  • A Story of Sisterhood: An immersive story of fellowship where the interactions with your wayward companion propel you on an adventure of intrigue.
  • “Souls-style” Combat: Engage in tactical, real-time combat where your wits will matter as much as your reflexes.
  • Challenging Puzzle Solving: Tease your brain with intuitive puzzles that favor logic and reward your cleverness.

Mooncrest is brought to you by a seasoned team of former BioWare and pen-and-paper game designers. We have more than 20 years of combined game development experience and our goal is to bring back the single player, story-driven experiences we loved in the past.

A Compelling Story

Compassion is fundamental to becoming a paladin and none show greater promise or embody the virtues of the ancient order more than Sera. Raised in Mooncrest at the paladin temple from a young age, her perspective is idealistic yet naive. Having completed her trials, Sera has become a full fledged paladin where she sets out into the world for the first time.

Crossing paths with Pirotase–a streetsmart outcast–makes her question the dogmatic views of her order. While not the cause of all the troubles in Mooncrest, Pirotase sets Sera on a path that challenges her beliefs as they unveil a conspiracy that puts all of the city at risk.

Character Driven Story

At the heart of Mooncrest is an engaging story told through characters in the BioWare style. Instead of playing with an array of shallow companions, players will journey with Pirotase for the entirety of the story. This allows players to explore more depth with Pirotase’s character and develop a more intimate relationship with her.

Sera is noble yet callow while Pirotase is more worldly and chaotic. Despite obvious disparities in their personalities neither will be able to complete their agendas without the other’s assistance. Your interactions with Pirotase are key to the unfolding narrative and players will spend time navigating their conflicting personalities. Players will engage with Pirotase and the other characters through cinematic conversations.

Cinematic Conversations

While interacting with other characters in Mooncrest, conversations will provide a cinematic experience in which you will make choices that control the tone and flow of dialogue.

These choices, governed by Sera’s internal thought processes, help to reveal the breadth of her own character. The decisions you make will also shape and direct Pirotase’s growth as a student of the paladin order. The measure of her Discipline and Compassion are directly affected by decisions you make in conversations  which influences her capabilities on the field of battle.

Real Time Action Combat

The world of Nocturne can be a dangerous place. It will take more than quick reflexes to survive your enemies; you’ll need wits, courage, and the ability to adapt on the field of battle. Mindlessly hacking and slashing away at your foes will accomplish little in a system that rewards measured action. Inspired by the Souls series style of combat, those that carefully consider their movements will survive while the impetuous and short-sighted will earn only a place amongst the dead.

Moment to Moment Tactics

Combat in Mooncrest is driven heavily by the use of a stamina gauge. Most combat actions will drain a portion of it and, though it is constantly recovering, you’ll have to plot your actions and movements with your stamina in mind. Careless attacks can leave you unprepared to defend against an enemy’s renewed assault.

While the best defense may be a good offense, you will eventually find yourself in a situation where self-defense is the more prudent course of action. You can stop most damage from an attack with your own weapon and timing the deflection correctly will result in a more effective blocking action and may buy you an opening to strike back. If an attack looks to dangerous to stop, you always have the option of quickly evading past or through it to position yourself for a lethal follow-up!

Weapons of the Order

As a paladin, Sera is trained in the use of the longsword, mace, and axe. You’ll need to learn the ins and outs of all three if you want to survive the coming evils. They each different move sets, strengths, and weaknesses in combat; whereas the long sword is fast and has the advantage of reach, the mace is heavy, slow, and capable of staggering an opponent more easily. Choose the right weapon for the right job and crush those that stand before you.

Making Combat Your Own

In addition to developing your own approach to combat, you’ll gain skill points that allow you to unlock new active and passive abilities to further support your personal style when waging war. Interested in improving your blocking capabilities? Want to evade more effectively? Maybe you just want to break faces faster than before. There’s a skill for that.

Two Heads are Better than One

The way forward will be dangerous, but you won’t have to face your challenges alone! Pirotase is skilled with a bow and she’ll have your back, supporting with cover fire and snarky commentary about the state of the battle and providing insight into your enemies weaknesses. Timed carefully, you can also call shots to stagger your foes and leave them wide open for a crushing counterattack.

Your influence over Pirotase’s senses of Discipline and Compassion will also feed into her combat skills, making her an even more deadly archer than she already is.

Adventure Game Style Puzzles

It will take more than a sharp sword to unlock the deepest mysteries of Mooncrest. From guilds using trials to test the mettle of new recruits, to the affluent guarding their valuables with devious traps, to the machinations of a mad tinkerer who creates mind-bending challenges for his own amusement, there are plenty of secrets for you to uncover.

Mooncrest focuses on logic puzzles offering new twists on classic experiences as well as unique challenges. Our supplementary puzzles draw inspiration from adventure games by rewarding exploration. Rounding out the puzzle content are mini-games designed to bring variation to the gameplay. Puzzles are an aspect of gameplay that we feel has been lacking in current games and we are happy to be introducing puzzles to a new generation of players.

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