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Saturday - October 03, 2009
Tuesday - August 11, 2009
Wednesday - December 03, 2008
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Saturday - October 03, 2009

Mytheon - Character Class Trailer

by Myrthos, 21:32

Two days ago a trailer featuring the three classes in Mytheon was released.

New Trailer Showcases Warcaster, Elementalist and Eidolon in the heat of battle

GOA, Orange’s games unit, and True Games Interactive, an international multi-player online game publisher, in conjunction with renowned game developer, Petroglyph, today released the official trailer highlighting the three unique character classes in its upcoming online multiplayer action-RPG game, Mytheon. The companies recently revealed key features of each of the distinct classes and this trailer now highlights all three in action. In the trailer, players will the see the powerful Warcaster in action as he summons companions to fight alongside him in a battle against deadly foes. The Elementalist brandishes his abilities to channel the forces of nature to quickly bring down enemies, as the Eidolon demonstrates his prowess at conjuring companions, buffs, and debuffs to heal allies and weaken opponents. Mytheon fans can view the new trailer and much more on the game’s official website:

Mytheon offers a unique game play experience that combines elements of action, role-playing and strategy, with an emphasis on collectability. Players will challenge legendary mythological gods by wielding potent and unique “Power Stones” that transform into spells, structures and companions. Players can loot, forge, buy, sell and trade these stones among a thriving online community, then cast the stones during epic battles that play out in a visually stunning 3D mythological world.


Tuesday - August 11, 2009

Mytheon - Interview @ Ten Ton Hammer

by Myrthos, 21:38

Mytheon's lead designer, Chris Rubyo answers some question to Ten Ton Hammer, such as:

Ten Ton Hammer: Your official site features a pretty prominent display of Poseidon (or Neptune, depending on your favored mythology). What can you tell us about some of the interaction with gods we’ll find in Mytheon? Is it simply about kicking the crap out of them, or are we going further than that?

Chris Rubyor: In short, The Fates have determined that man is ready to take control of his own destiny. They've given man the power to challenge the gods outright, and that's where these power stones come into play. The player sets out on journey to collect these power stones which will be used to kick some godly butt: Zeus, Poseidon, Hephaestus, Hades, and more.

At launch, Mytheon is all about challenging the Greek and Egyptian pantheons.

Ten Ton Hammer: With the expanding of the game, are you looking at other pantheons that you might explore? Everyone loves the Norse pantheon...

Rubyor: I can tell you that the core design behind Mytheon was built in such a way to seamlessly integrate new pantheons.

Wednesday - December 03, 2008

Mytheon - Interview @ Big Download

by Myrthos, 00:41

An interview with Peter Cesario, the director of product development at True Games about their recently announced game Mytheon can be found at Big Download.

Mytheon plans to use established mythologies as its basis. Why go this route instead of creating your own mythologies?

Well the team has a real affinity for different mythologies. Using established myths gives us an incredibly rich and diverse amount of source material to pull from to create a fun and unique game. Using established mythologies also provides players with an instant degree of familiarity. Where we are putting our own spin on these mythologies will be in the way they are woven together and in the way players are able to interact with the different mythological creatures.

Why were the Greek myths chosen for this first release and what other mythologies do you have planned for adding?

As well as being extremely rich in content, Greek mythology is arguably the most widely known of all the worlds' mythologies. Because of these two important factors it just seemed a natural starting point from which we can eventually branch out to several unique and interesting mythologies from around the world.

Mytheon - New Game Announced

by Myrthos, 00:36

Publisher True Games Interactive has announced a new MMO game from Petroglyph, named Mytheon.

True Games Interactive, an international multi-player online game publisher, in conjunction with renowned game developer, Petroglyph, today announced their new online action strategy game, Mytheon. Developed by the team best known for the award winning Star Wars: Empire At War and Universe at War real-time strategy games, Mytheon is Petroglyph's first online micro-transaction game. Several members of this prestigious developer also played a key role in creating the original Command and Conquer series while at Westwood Studios. Mytheon will launch in Fall 2009.

For more information, and to register for news updates on the game, visit

Mytheon is an online micro transaction game that uniquely combines the best elements of action, strategy and RPG game-play with a heavy emphasis on collectability and combat. This visually stunning title is set within a fantasy universe steeped in unique mythologies from across the globe. Players will first embark on a rousing journey through the extensive lore of ancient Greece; with ongoing expansions to follow that will delve into exotic mythologies from the far-flung corners of history. With real-time combat and extensive customization features, Mytheon will offer infinite replayability through group, PVP and solo play as well as an integrated social networking feature set.

"There really isn't a game on the market today that someone could compare to Mytheon," said Jeff Lujan, Founder and Chairman of True Games Interactive. "The game truly creates an entirely new genre offering a combination of features that gamers would normally have to play several different games to get. There is no doubt it is an ambitious project, but Petroglyph has routinely delivered AAA quality, genre-defining games and Mytheon continues that pedigree."

In the game, players will collect and customize a vast assortment of "Power Stones" which are used to conjure devastating spells and summon faithful minions in climactic battles against monsters and other players. Mytheon will offer three distinct character classes, each specializing in a specific "Power Stone" type, such as summoning or healing.

"The passion and energy behind Mytheon has been tremendous at Petroglyph. This is exciting new territory for Petroglyph to explore" said Chuck Kroegel, CEO and General Manager of Petroglyph. "We are making a compelling and addictive new genre that will have you fully immersed and entertained. We couldn't have asked for a better partner than True Games to take this journey with us and I'm certain that together we'll deliver a long-lasting new franchise."

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