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Sunday - July 23, 2017
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Sunday - July 23, 2017

Pillars of History - Interview & Kickstarter

by Hiddenx, 09:21

Mrozie interviewed the devs of Pillars of History - a historical RPG with an early medieval Balkans setting. The game is on Kickstarter right now:

Interview on Enklawa Network:

An action-RPG adventure on Balkans in 8th century. Creators of the Pillars of History answers our questions

For the first time I heard about Pillars of History a few months ago. A Bulgarian developer called Tritan Studios caught my attention with a concept of action RPG based in times of First Bugarian State, which puts a lot of pressure on historical accuracy and education of history. Currently Pillars of Eternity is trying to raise funds on Kickstarter, so it's a great time to learn more about this promising game. Bozhidar Bakev, one of co-founders of Tritan Studios, agreed to answer some questions about this promising game.

Michal Mroz: As of now Pillars of History is fairly unknown to our readers. For a smooth start, can you describe your game in a few sentences?

Bozhidar Bakev: Pillars of History is a RPG game, based on the early Medieval History of Europe and the Balkans in the 8th century. The game is a next-generation type of hybrid between entertainment and education. While enjoying the game, the player will learn a lot of interesting historical facts. Of course the action, that is a major feature of every RPG will be strongly represented.

Pillars of History offers a realistic journey through the lands of the Eastern Roman Empire (known as the Byzantine Empire), the First Bulgarian State, The Avar Khaganate and numerous Slavic Tribes in the flesh of a full-scale RPG game.

The player will be able to embark on a fascinating journey by choosing one of the four unique characters, or he/she may create his/her own character. Each of the starting 4 characters has its own storyline, so the players are presented with plenty of replayability options.




Welcome to 8th century Eastern Europe. A time of endless turmoil, diplomatic trickery and bloody wars. The great Byzantine Empire is forced to repel the Arab hordes, who managed to lay siege to the mighty city of Constantinople. Along the Danube River the incoming Bulgars formed an alliance with the Slavic tribes and established a new state. The raiding Avars were pillaging the lands, while the diminishing numbers of Illyrians were struggling to keep their identity.

You are blessed or cursed to be born in that hostile and yet amusing world. Your journey begins in the rural areas of the Balkan peninsula as you bear the heavy burden of proving your valor before your people and fighting for your survival. Your heart is brave and your mind is clear, and you can’t stand the sloth of all the people around you who are confined in their daily chores.

You crave more! You desire adventures, perils and unknown lands. The blood of your proud ancestors runs through your veins, so you pick up the family sword and while you put it in its sheath you can hear the terrified screams and sense the blood dropping on your hands.

You have to cross the vast lands of the Balkans looking for your fortune, while absorbing the historical knowledge gathered for centuries, and if you fail to do so you will be doomed. If you fail to learn the lessons taught by history, you will die in vain.

Armed with a sword, a couple of waterskins and some pieces of dried meat, you set off, not knowing what’s ahead. Pay attention to every act of yours, because history honors only the brave. Heed the call of history!

Thanks for the Info Mrozie and Farflame!

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