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Thursday - August 27, 2020
Friday - June 19, 2020
Wednesday - October 09, 2019
Sunday - September 29, 2019
Thursday - May 31, 2018
Box Art

Thursday - August 27, 2020

Sense - Released, but...

by Hiddenx, 21:02

The cyberpunk ghost story Sense has been released, but it is not quite finished yet:


As we have mentioned in our latest update, we cannot recommend buying the game currently. We wanted to pull the game from release temporarily, but unfortunately due to valve regulations, we were not able to. As such, we are warning potential buyers that we do not feel the current build is reflective of our intended product. The game is currently playable through completion, but has certain flaws and bugs. Unless you are a fan of hardcore older horror games, we recommend waiting until these issues are fixed. Current issues being fixed:

  • Save System - Adding AutoSaves/Quick Saves
  • Better Explaining Controls & Gameplay In Beginning
  • Improving Key Bindings (inc. Esc key for pause rather than enter)
  • Fixing Resolution Lock Bug
  • Fixing "elevator" interaction logic
  • Fixing various small interaction bugs throughout the game

Friday - June 19, 2020

Sense - Aiming for August Release

by Silver, 10:38

Cyberpunk horror game Sense is aiming for an August release according to the latest Kickstarter update.

We still have a small number of assets to complete on the art end; some cutscene animations, props, and some remaining music/sfx, but we do not anticipate this taking any more than 2-3 weeks to finish up. Our plan is to continue testing until the first week in June while making daily updates to the testing build based on what we continue to find internally and the feedback we receive, and from there make a firm decision about our release date then based on the results. 

This means that we, unfortunately, will likely push back the PC digital release until August. The good news is that if such, the PC release will simul-release along the console versions, as they were already planned to release in that time-frame. Do not worry, we will still need to have the game complete and sent to the various platforms for their QA and approvals by early July to make sure that our logistics all work out as planned. Our publisher, Top Hat, has several releases lined up for July so we also don't want to crowd their release schedule, nor make other developers delay their own games because of our own scheduling. In full transparency, the August release is looking very likely, but I want to assure every one of you that this is not a "typical kickstarter game" situation. The game is nearly ready (hence why QA backers have received it already), we just want to make sure that our first impression is an amazing one, not one we have to fix with patches over time with. We are still operating under our original development schedule internally. This also still falls within the original plan to have console versions launch before the end of summer as mentioned above, which would be under an August release schedule. PSVITA release should be completely unaffected by today's news. We are still on our original schedule regarding PSVITA, and this has been discussed with EastAsiaSoft. If for whatever reason, however, we are able to launch in June we will let everyone know sometime around the 6th! 


Thanks Farflame!

Wednesday - October 09, 2019

Sense - Interview @TheGG

by Silver, 20:33

TheGG interviewed Benjamin Suzaku, developer of Sense - A cyberpunk ghost story, about Cyberpunk waifus, horror, and thoughts on censorship and cancel culture.

Robin TGG
What could you tell us about “Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story”? And how did you even come up with the idea for the game and title name in the first place? And is “Sense” a game that you have wanted to create for a long time?

Benjamin SUZAKU
Sense is a game I’ve wanted to make for nearly a decade. Fatal Frame is in my top three favorite game series of all time, and the sparse releases (particularly in the US) left this giant hole in my chest, especially after the butchered US release of Fatal Frame 5.

I wanted to make a game that wouldn’t just fill that void, but be something different that I personally would kill to play.  I loved Fatal Frame 4, and especially 5’s attention to the waifu player characters, and pushing that line further was always a core idea of mine.

The narrative, though, was meant to be a Japanese ghost story set in the cyberpunk world I had been creating.

No culture gets ghost stories better than the Japanese, and pulling as much as I could from literature, movies, and even manga I wrote something that was based on a true story from where I was living at the time.

It was my wife’s suggestion to switch the Japanese setting to Hong Kong, which is where she’s originally from.

We realized that Hong Kong is a rarely used setting in video games. Even cyberpunk stories, which pull a huge amount of their aesthetic from Kowloon and other older areas in HK, rarely go the full mile.

We also found almost no Cantonese culture presented anywhere in media. I fell in love with Hong Kong the first time I visited and wanted to share that with the world in my own way.

The other key aspect was the biggest and most unique thing, hence the title “A Cyberpunk Ghost Story”. Horror and cyberpunk are very rarely mixed, Observer did it 3 years after I started writing what’d became sense (and a few months after I began earnest development), but at the time Cyberpunk Horror was a totally untapped genre.

It was really exciting, and still is because almost no one’s doing it, and no one is doing an old fashioned ghost story in the setting but us.


Thanks Farflame!

Sunday - September 29, 2019

Sense - Interview

by Silver, 20:20

Noisy Pixel interviewed studio founder Benjamin W. about Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story.

AL: What does the future of the Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story series look like? Would you like it to become a series?

BW: Sense is absolutely a series. Sense 1 will focus on just one part of the main story in a much larger world. Because I’ve been at this for a while, in the past I’ve already started drafting Sense 2 as an indirect sequel that will evolve the gameplay to what I had actually envisioned, but had no ability to create on my own. Things like full 3D characters and environments, fixed camera angles, and even more cyberpunk.

This is years away for anyone that just got really excited, and Sense 1 will obviously have to do well enough to start funding our studio so we can hire the necessary expansion of employees. This in no way means that Sense 1 is “not good enough” or “not what I wanted”, but sometimes you have to pull back your dreams or expectations to reality and say “how can I make this the best version possible”. We didn’t want to get caught in a development trap and end never delivering the game, or constantly being held back by small imitations.

I think doing that with the first game forced me to focus on really important aspects like world-building, design, and a strong narrative. It will also be really cool for players to see an evolution of sorts when that day comes. They should also look forward to all the new waifus I am designing for the next game though, haha.

AL: You have a demo of Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story available on PC right now, are you also accepting feedback from those playing to possibly implement into the game?

BW: Yes! Feedback is hugely important to us, so if possible please hop into the steam community and be as harsh as possible! Feel free to join our publisher’s Discord as well, we have a channel there. There’s a link on their website.

Thanks Farflame!

Thursday - May 31, 2018

RPGWatch Feature - Sense Interview

by Myrthos, 17:03

Not an RPG, but it is a cyberpunk game. In this case a cyberpunk horror game named Sense. Farflame figured it might still be interesting for a number of our readers, so he conducted an interview with the developer of the game.
Sense is currently on Kickstarter.

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